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Wondergirls Sohee + Seunggi talk things out on Strong Heart

From the Strong Heart broadcast with the Wondergirls [Nov. 29, 2011]

(Videos: SBS,  English: LSGfan)

VIDEO – Sohee’s version of her make-up-less gym encounter with Seunggi

S- Recently, I was very embarrassed. Unlike my make-up appearance for stage performances, I usually wear very little makeup. And when I go to the gym, I go even more comfortably. But that day, I woke up late, just washed my face and went with my face all swollen. Swollen to the point that even my instructor was shocked!
Boom- Like a big mandoo?! (LOL)
LSG- Her face is turning red now… like kimchi mandoo. (LOL) Just teasing!

S- My gym teacher said let’s just workout quietly in the corner. But I looked over and saw someone I’d seen a lot before working out.
LSG- Someone you were familiar with?
S- Yes, but there are a lot of celebs that go to my gym.
ALL- So he’s a celeb!
S- Yes, someone who my mom, my parents, people of all ages like… a Hallyustar.
(Everyone gets very excited about who the guy may be!)

S- Since I couldn’t show my face, I tried to avoid him, but then he approached me first… He said~ Hi Sohee.
Boom- And your face was swollen and you had no eyeliner?!
LSG- Sohee, do you tend to look different with and without makeup?
SunYe- Her face tends to swell a lot in the morning.

S- Anyway, I was so embarrassed so after he said hi to me, I said hello, but avoided him by turning my head to the side. I thought he would just say hello and go, but then he said~ Oh, so you’ve been in Korea?
LSG- Wait, I think I may know the guy~~! But let’s hear a bit more.
S- So I answered yes and couldn’t even look at his eyes. I thought he would then say have a good workout, but he asked~ You must be working on your album right now?

Boom- He kept interviewing you?!  ALL- Wow, he’s totally tactless!
LSG- He has no tact, no tact. (Ha, omg Seunggi so funny!)
Gagman- How’d he become a hallystar without such tact? (LOL)
S- I was worried he’d ask me more questions so even though I was actually working on the album, I said I wasn’t.
LSG- Because he might ask you more questions.

S- He greeted me so sincerely, but I felt like I was so cold, so I wanted to share why I was like that and apologize to him today.
ALL- But who is the guy?   Teuk- Is he an actor or singer?
S- A multi-entertainer.
Boom- There aren’t many multi-entertainers.  Hyuk- What’s his image like?
S- When he laughs, his mouth opens wide very refreshingly. (LSG cracking up!)

Boom- Not many people like that, with a super refreshing smile. Lee Seunggi, Ryu ShiWon, Kim Hyunjoong. (Teuk adds in Choi Siwon).  But hmm… Seunggi, your mouth is so very refreshing…  LSG- We should ask Sohee who the guy is.

S- Lee Seunggi.
(Major LOL because obviously some guests had NO clue it was Seunggi!)
LSG- So you guys were saying I’m tactless?! (Gagman apologizes)
Hyuk- You all probably know this well. But with Yoona too, Seunggi’s really good at talking to girls first! It’s no joke! (LOL! Omg, Eunhyuk + Seunggi = LOVE!)

VIDEO – Now, Seunggi’s HILARIOUS version of  what happened

LSG- I thought she was a high school student, but it’s 1pm, why would a student be here now. I’m working out and she looks like someone I’ve seen a lot before.
Boom- But you notice that kind of thing when you’re working out your arms?

LSG- When you’re working out like this, you look at your forearms and you can’t help but to glance over your arms as well. (Everyone LOLs like~ No Way!) So I think, all the way up to her cheeks it’s Sohee, but the eyes were not!
(Omg, Sohee so cute. She buries her face in her hands!)
Boom- Because no eyeliner!

LSG- The eyes were not her. But it seemed to be Sohee. So I said hi to her and Sohee’s facial expression was not happy. (omg, Sohee so cute again with her reactions!). I thought she was really annoyed. I didn’t know her face tends to get swollen, so in my eyes…

LSG- She wouldn’t even look at my eyes. But to leave it like this would make this totally more awkward and weird. Since this friend seemed so uncomfortable because of me. So I added~ So, you’ve been in Korea. And she responded yes, but like this…!

(Omg, Seunggi having too much fun teasing Sohee!)
LSG- She kept avoiding my eyes so I thought~ Does she not like me?
Hyuk- That’s the first time you experienced that right?
LSG- YES! (LOL, LSG never met someone who didn’t like him!)

LSG- I asked if she was working on her album, and she said she wasn’t. But then, a week later, it was the Wondergirls comeback! (LOL) So until today, I thought Sohee must really not like me.
S- It was a misunderstanding. I hid and worked out that day.
Teuk- Did you see Seunggi leave or did you leave first?
S- I saw him leaving and then came out to workout.
LSG- So Sohee must think that I didn’t see her after that?
Hyuk- I told you, Seunggi watches out for everything!
(Omg, Eunhyuk’s like he’s such a player!  And LOL at the hilarious cartoon that Strong Heart staff came up of Player Seunggi at the gym! Puahahahaha!)

LSG- No it’s not like that. I quickly left and went to workout somewhere else.
(Aw, Sohee so embarrassed again at well-mannered Seunggi!)

(Cut to lovely Shindong as “Mandoo Sohee’s” unni~ Mandoo Soh (Soh = Cow) Ha!)

Seunggi teasing and imitating Sohee was too CUTE!  He was having way too much fun.  Totally like an older brother!  Is that how he treats his real younger sister?!

Reminded me of Clockgirl-Wig Seunggi mission from 1N2D.  It was during Brilliant Legacy and there was supposed to be a super mellow scene airing that same week, and he was not happy about looking silly walking around Seoul in a wig, holding a big clock, and yelling out the time on the hour!  But made the best of it~!

VIDEO – Trying to entertain himself, saying he’s like Sohee!

VIDEO – Trying not to die of embarrassment walking the streets of Seoul!

(Videos: unomylife)

Never followed Wondergirls before, but after seeing them on Kneecap Guru with JYP a while back, made me really admire them for all they went through being the first of the girlgroups to break into the American music market.

(I’m such a sucker for SINCERE, unforced variety talk!  This is how it is with K-variety shows and why it’s SO important to K-celebs and K-entertainment!  If DAEBAK, you go straight to #1 on online search lists.  And a GOOD showing makes the public love you, while an OOPS makes netizens post mean Anti-like comments!  Yuck.)

How can you NOT like this girl?!  SunYe’s reveal about dating was cute and just how she talked about the others was so sincere and oh so very leader-like!

And Seunggi looked FAB on this Strong Heart ep!  And sporting what I think is a suit from the upcoming Heritory 2012 S/S collection.  I’m pretty sure now that Heritory is going with the red-white-blue insignia label for their brand.  Seunggi’s been sporting Heritory-ish looking clothes with the same tri-color insignia on 1N2D recently too.

Rare BTS photos of MC Seunggi from this Strong Heart ep~!  Walking around in a bathrobe-like sweater as if the SBS studio is his home!  Love it!  And going over to the guests’ waiting room to say hello.  Aw, too considerate~~

And woah, can’t wait for this next daebak Strong Heart ep~~~!

(video: Tryp96)

Major Guest lineup – YB’s Yoon DoHyun and Huhjoon, Shinhwa’s Andy and JunJin (first TV appearance post-military duty!), Choi Phillip, Seo Inyoung, Sidekick guitar guy from Kneecap Guru, Trax members, Others~~

(Images: SBS, Korean press, Naver blog, DCLSG, LSGfan)

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11 Responses

  1. Sidekick guitar guy from Kneecap Guru! Please talk about Ho-dong! Thanks for this, Ann!

  2. You are right. Sincerity comes through loud and true. An embarrassed and shy Sohee was so cute and endearing, and so different from the cool performer that she is on stage.

    SG had so much fun in this exchange. Tactless, hahaha. Maybe it’s the emceeing disease Teacher teased him about, or, out of concerns for his album, he’s checking out a competitor. Most likely, methink, he just enjoys chatting up pretty girls. He has sharp eyes, if not exactly knowing how to read people’s minds.

    Can’t wait to see SG reunited with YDH!

  3. love the translations, thank you. By the way what do they mean with his mouth is refreshing? is it because he laughs loud with his mouth open? why is it refreshing? sorry it must be a korean expression? i keep picturing hodong and how they would laugh almost in sync with each other at SH.

    Wish I could watch some eng subbed SH episodes, yay! Thanks anne!!

  4. refreshing = shi-won-hae.

    Adjective is used a lot in Korean (as a compliment) to describe a person’s smile or personality. the literal translation is “refreshing” but it’s more about a feeling that gives off – bright, happy, positive, good energy, all that warm-fuzzy good stuff!

    So Seunggi’s smile (mi-so) is VERY shi-won-hae! :)

    • thanks for that anne! it’s nice to know what these expressions mean. I would agree about that smile, sigh. I’m still hallucinating about that bashful smile in the steamy shower room in the last 1n2d episode haha!

      thank you guys, you are all so very helpful, thank you!!

  5. just want to share, this ep already has engsub…
    check this link http://www.kshownow.net/2011/12/strong-heart-episode-106-english-subs.html

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