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My Girlfriend is a Gumiho DVD interview: Shin Min Ah [ENG]

Hoi Hoi!  Anyone still miss the Hoi Couple?!  As promised, following the awesome Lee Seung Gi DVD interview [ENG], here’s the Shin Min Ah interview from the DVD for My Girlfriend is a Gumiho.  We were only going to translate/sub the Seunggi parts, but since the notoriously shy Minah has shown SO much love for Seunggi AND talked so frankly and honestly about her thoughts on him, the entire interview was done.  Yay!

My fave part @15:15-17:30 ~ What was it like acting with Lee Seung Gi?  Aw, I love how Minah really appreciates and respects Seunggi, even though he’s younger and she’s more of a veteran actress.  So cute when she giggled and said~ Even now, he feels like Lee Seunggi to me, not like Seunggi dongseng!  Aww~~ so sweet!

Minah interview + drama cuts [ENG]

(Video: xu88) Thanks to the awesome Beedance07 and 9TF Subteam~~!

International broadcasts of the drama are getting a lot of love, Yay!  Still annoyed Hoi Couple never got to promote abroad because of busy schedules, but I’m still HOPING we’ll get to see a Hoi Couple reunion sometime, somewhere soon… Hoi Hoi~~!

See DVD BTS Making videos at Leeseunggiworld’s vimeo links:

Making #1, Pt 1Making #1, Pt 2Making #1, Pt 3Making #2, Pts 1-3

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16 Responses

  1. Wow, thanks you guys! Really. Beedance and Ann and everyone! You guys are the best!

  2. thanks for the subs anne!! i’ll download and watch it. by the way, not to be off topic or something but have you seen seunggi’s guesting at Chanel? i think i died a little…

  3. Omg thanks LSGfan, Beedance07 and 9TF Subteam !!!
    Nomu nomu nomu miss Miho & Daewoong super alot!
    Thanks!!! :D

  4. Thanks again for video!
    Hoi Hoi Daewoong – Miho!

  5. Thank you so much for sharing the Shin Mina video with Eng subs ^^
    Thank you xu88, Beedance07, and 9TF for all your hardwork in translating this video. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart as a Mina fan ^^

  6. Gosh, I still cried watching the scene when she said just think of it all as a dream…This drama will stay with me always. It never fails to amaze me how much thoughts, after-thoughts, second guessing etc. great actors/actresses went through in their acting. In the case of Miho, since she is such an ‘instinctive’, animal-like character, I thought Mina just played her ‘naturally’ and with such a easy charm. Now of course it is not easy at all. And she still regrets for not having enough time to get the finer points across…

    Just cannot say enough thanks to Ann and the sub-team. You are wonderful.

    Hoi Hoi forever!

  7. Wow, thanks so much for sharing this… it was really nice.

  8. It’s been a while since I last watched MGIG. Watching this interview makes me want to rewatch the whole drama all over again! Thanks guys!

  9. I really LOVE MGIG.
    The Hoi Hoi~ couple is just sooo cute and sweet!
    Every time I a come across a video of MGIG, I would be hooked and hence I have re-watched and still re-watching MGIG for really countless of times!
    I hope that they are able to reunite and promote MGIG overseas and maybe partner each other again for season 2 or a new drama! :)
    Seung Gi oppa FIGHTING!!!
    Can’t wait for your next drama/movie!!!

  10. hi ann! that’s why min ah fans love you as well. :) as well as the whole subbing team! a million thanks!

    i heard MGIAG will be shown in china via not cable channel anymore?
    i hope they will get to promote. now that seunggi’s concert is over. or perhaps a reunion in 2011 SBSDA to present the best couple award.haha! :)

    hoi hoi!

  11. I decided to do some blog hopping since at this moment I’m done watching 1n2d episodes still waiting for the subbed version of the last 2 eps and anticipating King2H.

    I loved the interview. Everything about MGIAG was perfect! My favorite korean drama of all time, MGIAG and the other one was Coffee Prince.

    I will save this interview in my mobile since I want to reminisce to some parts of the drama. And this part of interview have those memorable parts. I am about to watch the Seung gi’s part….

    Thank you for subbing it :)

  12. I really wanted to watch this interview, but why the video doesn’t exist???? :(
    Can someone please fix it for me? Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaseeeee!
    I really wanted to download it.
    Thx b4

  13. guys can you please reuplaod the video and other broken links

  14. Nomu Nomu Nomu choa… :D MGIAG

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