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Seunggi packs food boxes for hungry children at Chung Jung Won and Heart Heart volunteer event

Nov. 30, 2011.  Delicious Happiness through Sharing.  The community service event was sponsored by Chung Jung Won parent company, Daesang, in association with Heart Heart, a Christian non-profit organization aimed at aiding children in need.  Volunteers assembled Chung Jung Won gift set boxes to be delivered to poverty-stricken, under-nourished children all over Korea.

Dasang President Park Sung Chil, CEO Myung Hyung Sup, Executive Director Joo Hong, endorsement model Lee Seunggi, and many company employees took part.  Heart Heart reps included board chairman Shin In Sook, SS501’s Kim Kyu Jong, gagwoman Kim Hyun Suk, and actress Oh Yoon Ah.

Currently in his second consecutive year as main CF model for Chung Jung Won, a top premiere food company known for its natural, wholesome products, Seunggi followed in the steps of previous CF models Jung  Woo Sung and Jang Dong Gun with a very haute first Chung Jung Won CF 2 years ago!  But too bad Jung Won-sshi seems to only prefer a cute CF Seunggi since then!  I still miss that 1st CF Seunggi!  (even though it was slightly inappropriate?! Ha) Please bring him back soon~~!!

A cold and rainy day for the community service event, things brightened up soon…

But Seunggi quickly donned a volunteer vest jacket over his suit and joined Daesang President Park, CEO Myung, and other reps in assembling gift boxes…

Reps from Heart Heart (black vest jackets) and Daesang each said some brief words to energize the volunteers and commemorate this event.

They officially commemorated the community service event by breaking into the big ricecake box to mix things up and eventually made jumok bap (rice balls).

Aw, what a a fantastic and warm touch to things!  The jumok bap went into pretty little individual containers, which I’m assuming were shipped out with the food gift boxes.  Koreans are seriously awesome at sweet and cute packaging!

Candid photos.  Hehehe.  Always the best~~!!!

A volunteer photo blog account said Seunggi was unable to stay for the entire event but she was totally galvanized and strengthened to work hard after seeing him.  She said it was cool to see all the celebs, but that she was MOST excited to see her fave Seunggi.  keke.  She said Kyu Jong worked really hard too.

I’m repeating, but stars lending their celebrity and time to charitable causes, even if it’s associated with CF or public service contracts = Good thing!  Anyone who’s done volunteer work helping the less fortunate knows how much the experiences change us and keep us grounded, grateful, and humble.  EVEN if our parents forced us to, our schools and universities required us to, or we needed it to pad our resumes!  We still learned so much and it made us want to do more!

Celebs can bring out the press and shed light on good causes!  (sure there’s also self-centered celebs who are mostly about themselves, but we can tell the difference!)

The same volunteer said she hadn’t expected much press to be there, but with Seunggi being there a lot showed up to report on the community service event…

And wow, I just LOVE this photo of polished suit Seunggi showing up!  Feels like winter!  Like a scene straight out of drama.  Man, I need to see Seunggi in a drama ASAP!  Looks like 1n2d friend-turned manager Kyung Hwan was busy that day…

Via Naver News1, Naver News2
Images: As labeled, DCLSG, Naver blog

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