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Seunggi volunteers in Sharing Warm Winter, mentions special affection connected to KB Bank and his parents [2011]

Nov. 29, 2011.  Sharing a Warm Winter volunteer event sponsored by KB Financial Group.  KB President Uh Yoon Dae, CEO Lim Young Rok, other KB senior executives, 100 KB volunteers, Korean Social Welfare Services president Bae Yoon Kyu, and KB endorsement model Lee Seunggi all participated in the Sharing a Warm Winter community service event to pack warm necessities for the elderly.  Ten items including socks, gloves, blankets, pillows, scarves, and other essentials were assembled into 1080 individual boxes to support the elderly living alone.

President Uh said “Our hearts were warmed up even more since we were able to assemble warm accessories to face the cold winter for the elderly living on their own.  Welfare for the elderly is one of the core aspects of KB’s contribution to community, and we will continue to share our hearts through warm volunteer service.”  Seunggi also expressed happiness about participating in the event and mentioned:

I have a special affection for KB Bank.  Because my parents became an office couple while both of them were working at KB Bank’s predecessor, the Housing & Commercial Bank, I was made.

LOL at him saying he was literally “made” because his parents became a couple while working!  Aw, KB advertisement reps couldn’t have written a better storyline!

KB President Uh and Seunggi meet again…

OMG, he looks so natural and chill among these big wig finance guys~~!

Going up to say a few words to get things started

Seriously, there are only a very few celebs who can communicate to the general public with a certain real genuine sincerity!  And only a few can look so poised, natural, and unforced doing so!  They say the eyes say so much, who that person is~~

Assembling the Sharing Warm Winter boxes.  Photo-op with President Uh, and a bunch of senior executives.  OMG, Seunggi totally looks like some fresh-faced KB recruit being groomed for senior rank in the company!  Hehehe~!

How perfectly appropriate that fashionable-socks loving Seunggi was in charge of packing these bright cute SOCKS for the elderly grandmas~~!  So cute.

Personalized messages for each box.  Nice touch.

Woah, major congrats to the very happy grandma who got Seunggi’s message box!

Loading the gift boxes into the truck.  Omg, I NEED to see Seunggi play a cold-hearted business suit in his next drama!!   Who of course transforms into a good guy!  Ha.

Photos with the volunteers.  But how come they’re all female?  Where are the guys?  Finance companies are usually way more male, and especially so in Korea!  Some of the ladies are probably DAUGHTERS and WIVES of KB employees?  Hehehe~~

Via AsiaToday, Enewstoday, Naver
Images: As labeled, y_wing87.blog.me

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2 Responses

  1. Dear Ann,
    Love this post!
    When you are in SG’s fashion purgatory again (in the near future I’m sure), please think of the cute lips that uttered the ‘I was made’ speech, and the busy & able hands that packed grandmas’ socks. Say ‘look past the hair’ three times and call me in the morning.

  2. I wish I could get 1 of the box with his message…but oops, it would have means I have to stay in Korea & very poor…

    Standing beside those big shots, he definitely looks very natural among them, it’s like he is 1 of them… It looks like he will be trained to be the next president of KB, haha…. President Lee, ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ..

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