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HERITORY site launches, promotes musician Lee Seunggi

HERITORY.com is basically launching its brand as Lee Seunggi’s Heritory.  Very much a compliment, but omg, the pressure!  Launching anything is a challenge, but parent company Sejung Group has an all-star line-up of established brands.

Clear branding, messaging of their concept looks good so far.  Nostalgic, clean-cut, preppy feel has a Ralph Lauren, Brooks Brothers, J-Crew vibe, but will probably be less expensive.  And I know Koreans love our Burberry, but surprised by the emphasis on “British.”  Maybe it’s more like the British ideal of “civilized” and “mannered.”

Website videos and images make it even more evident that Heritory plans to launch its brand on the Lee Seunggi image.  Nice focus on Seunggi the musician to promote his concert.  Curious as to whether photo quotes are from Seunggi or Heritory reps…

Video – British. Classic. Modern. Traditional. 1946. Lee Seung Gi. Lee Seunggi’s Heritage Story. Heritory. Heritage + Story. 2012 S/S Coming Soon!

Video – Please welcome Heritory model Lee Seunggi!
LSG: Happy to see you, I’m Lee Seunggi. I am the Heritory model, so first off, I’m very happy to see you. I will give it my all and work hard as the model to make Heritory a top brand. So, everyone please support and show a lot of love for Heritory. Thank you.

Videos: leeseunggi01, English: LSGfan

Video – Heritory Invitation. Heritory and Lee Seung Gi’s stylish encounter. 2012 S/S Launching. British Classic Casual. Heritory and Lee Seunggi invite you to the 2011 LSG Hope Concert. Go to Heritory.com now. And leave a message to get tickets. Concert: December 11 and 12.

Loved how they used those great photos from Seunggi’s Japan fan meeting and his 5th album! (OMG, Hook could really take a cue!  Yes, I’m STILL fuming over that ridiculous image concept up on Seunggi’s official website!  Still there! Unbelievable!)

Anyway, clothing brands usually don’t include photos of other brands, so I’m kinda thinking that all those clothes may be Heritory?  The press release did say it had 4 style lines in the works:  Casual, Sporty, Business Casual, Chic Dandy.

These photos from Sept 2011 Japan Fan Meeting look very Heritory-ish?~~

BTS photos from Heritory Launch Event, Oct 6, 2011

I think the event was closed to the press (which is a good thing because the fan photos from the event of per usual questionable hair and somewhat ill-fitted jacket and pants were on full display from Crazy Cody).  The 2 photos I liked…

I think the only photos released to the press were from the fashion show.  A slight peek at what to expect for the 2012 Spring/Summer launch collection~~ Nice~~!

Taewoong and SuAe were there (as well as actresses Han Hyejin, Oh Jiho, others) since they are endorsement models for other Sejung Group clothing brands.

Aw, I can only imagine how nervous he was~~  being the main person with all eyes on him.  Even taking to the podium to say a few words.

Can’t wait for the official ads and CFs with Seunggi in Heritory~~!!

(Images: Heritory, DCLSG, As labeled)

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8 Responses

  1. Hwaaa!!! I love them so much!
    Ann, don’t you think it suited seunggi so much?

  2. Yep, totally a perfect suited for Seunggi! I’m SO excited but also nervous. Seriously, launching a totally new brand in this economy and a crowded business market is NOT easy! But the clothes looks very classic and time-less… well that’s how Heritory describes it. hehehe.

    I think LSG’s already been wearing the clothes. I think the striped red-white-blue insignia might be a Heritory tag. It’s on some of the clothes he’s worn recently and was visible on that super awesome grey suit he wore for the Wondergirls Strong Heart epi.

    Just please keep Crazy Cody far far far away~~~~~!!!

  3. oh anne, i told you, his suit during that launch event was very disappointing. Crazy cody should stay put- preferably where the sun does not shine especially on special events, heheh- and let seunggi really shine the way he should.

    And I don’t mean to be such a pooper but what’s up with his hair, really?? I remember dramabeans saying, how can a boy so universally loved by everyone, rich, famous, good looking has such hair issues? I mean I even prefer his hair on the first early 1n2d episodes, it was straight and neat. or when he went back from having the swine flu at 1n2d, he looked really really good!

    he’s tall, he’s got the body of a model, he’s got good posture, great skin and teeth and he is oh so cute!! But the endless roller coatster of hairstyles, oh my. and clothes. Oh well I guess someone so nearly perfect should have at least a few quirks like that makes him more relatable.

    Ok before I get cursed and cussed for what i said please let it be known that regardless the hair and the sometimes not so awesome clothes, I love Seunggi because of a whole lot of reasons than the physical; and those reasons are not exclusive- those are what we all fans share. There, I just got to say that. Let’s just say I’ve gotten a mild phobia about posting comments about Seunggi’s appearance, even here. hehehe.

    I’m just wishing that he would be surrounded by people who are more than capable of making him be the best that he can be. Heaven knows he’s the one person who truly deserves it.

    Thanks again Anne!!

  4. ok sorry anne, that post was from me, sam, im using a different browser

  5. Sam, omg~ amen sister! i feel so terrible for harping so much on Hook and Cody’s doing with Seunggi’s hair and fashion, but I’m freaking serious~~~ it’s downright depressing!!!

    Hooks fashion/style choices have pissed me off again and again so much, that recently, i questioned whether I could still follow LSG. not bc of him (of course not!) but bc i could NOT bear to watch Hook continue to make Seunggi out to look so NOT like an A-lister, and some B-lister (that is, compared to other A-listers in the industry).

    this is ent business after all so let’s be real. sure, LSG is so special and his sincere self sets him apart from others. But the kpop and global kpop industry is different now! and your appearance does matter!!! meaning, not plastic, but at least looking like a modern cool 24 year old A-lister celebrity at the least! at least for public events!

    I’m not asking for iron straight hair all the time. I LOVED Hwan’s brilliant legacy permed hot mess of hair. But what Hook has been trotting out is unforgivable ajusshi permed hair and other totally questionable styles! and ppl, hair is everything to guys. they don’t do full-out makeup, accessories, etc.

    I seriously want to know WHY Captain Hook IS so insistent on ajusshi seunggi or the non A-lister regular guy next door image! I’m not asking that he be all glammed up, but that he just look like a celebrity more often than not! Someone please enlighten me!!!! It’s not hard to make him look good!!!! Anyone who know Korean airens, please enlighten me! Is that what they want?

    and airens please don’t hate me, but i’m sorry i still can’t get over the homepage. now it’s just embarrassing. Hello, he’s promoting his album as a singer and and that’s what Hook wants non-fans to see of singer seunggi! omg, i get sick even talking about it. aigoo. breathe.

    ok, hopefully this will be my last rant! one of things i hate the most is to have incompetent people mess up things for competent hard-working ppl (again, not saying that Hook is evil or they do all things bad. they do a lot of good, but the PR and promotions and anything slightly cool~~~ Captain Hook sucks~!)

    • haha, i know anne. and this is the only site i can rant about that too. I fear that if I do that on other sites I will be hung by my entrails so to speak. not by the site owners who are too gracious to do that, but some other visitors who frequent the fansites.

      thank heavens he’s cute enough to carry some of the atrocities they make him wear or do with his hair, but i really really hope there would be improvements soon. It’s terribly frustrating, but I hope you don’t decide not to follow him. It will be such a big loss for all of us international fans who waits for you every week to post something. I love how the simplest event you post, you put your thoughts, analysis, comparisons and flashbacks to old events. You just don’t post an event like in a newspaper, you make your editorial about it and make helpful translations. I truly appreciate it!!

      By the way I hope you post your thoughts later about the latest 1n2d episode too!!

  6. Love! It suits his classic, smart look. It fits him better than Fubu ever did. I wish he’ll ALWAYS be the model for this, since I dunno, I think the brand was made with him in mind (Okay, that’s too much, but I can’t get over the fact that he looks like a prep school student sometimes.)

    I love the brand already. It’s refreshing because clothes nowadays tend to be too colorful or too monochromatic. The line looks good in warm tones.

    I can finally forgive the hair since it jives with the classic vibe. Although, I wish someone tackle his hair soon! Please? Please?

  7. But..just try to think another way and this is what i was thinking too while i saw his new hairstyle in his 1st Love time teaser…few weird at the beginning but i think it is only seung gi..non others ppl can have such an unique hairstyle..but still looks so cute~ & it is just so suit to him ONLY~!!!!!

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