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Seunggi misses Kang Hodong + why variety isn’t easy [ENG]

Strong Heart is… our hyungnim. It started together with our hyungnim who was always with me. After he wasn’t there and I had to MC on my own, really… it felt like a matter of life or death… All of a sudden, I’ll feel lonely…

Variety… Sense of responsibility is important. Showing your best despite being in your worst condition. We can’t appear exhausted on our end. Since making a good program is promise we and the viewers make…

(Videos: Beedance07)
Thx again to Bee! + ALL Airens for working so hard as fans!

Nov 27, 2011.  Mnet MIC – Lee Seunggi.  40-minute episodes with just a star and a mic.  Up close, raw, personal.  And Seunggi’s episode was SO fresh and honest; awesome and heart-breaking.  You admire his diligence, ambition, but ALSO really feel for him because of the pressures and expectations that come with that image.

Seunggi is super deep, reflective, and… talkative!  Hehe.  Beedance/LSGfan plan to ENG-sub entire ep in segments in time.  (we’re busy with ambitious lives too!  Hehe.)

These short but very important clips had me all knotted up in tears!  Seunggi comments in-depth for the first time about Hodong’s departure.  Strong Heart solo MC debut as do-or-die.  Why variety is not easy.  And sense of responsibility…

I love You from Now On playing in background… Reminds me of MGIG DVD interview and how he said it was so exhausting at that time. And my heart breaks~~ huhuhu…

The primary focus of the 40-minute ep is his music/singing evolution from debut up to current 5th album, which he’s very happy with since he was personally involved.  Great stuff!  And random questions about going to clubs and actresses he wants to work with!  LOL stuff!  But the latter part includes some talk about acting and variety, since he’s active on all 3 fronts.  Some of that – heartbreaking stuffs.

But it all ends on a high note.  He has a long-term view on his career in entertainment, versus a quick one-time thing.  And like usual, feels he still needs to learn a whole lot more!!  Closes by saying that his yearly concert is a promise he made with fans, many who first knew him as a singer.  And most exciting to me~~~~ that he’s working hard to make plans to meet everyone in a drama in the early part of next year!  YES!

Not expecting anything from Hook but hope media savvy SBS  puts out press release!  Especially part about Hodong hyungnim… oh man, broke my heart, for both guys…

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20 Responses

  1. I can hardly see thru my tears after reading this.

    Thanks Ann and Beedance for your hard work.

  2. First of all thank you Ann and Beedance for your generosity in sharing your time and effort in subbing these videos.

    This might just be around 2 mins of a 40 minute episode but I can already feel Seunggi’s honesty, apprehension, love & respect for his hyungmin & the viewers and his sense of accountability. It is heartbreaking but I got to give a salute to this young man for his dedication.

    If I remember correctly in one of the earlier 1n2d episodes when Seunggi asked KHD until when does KHD thinks his popularity will last. KHD answered 10 years. Seunggi responded with all ambition and confidence, that would be great if he can have that 10 years, he’ll push everybody down (meaning he wants to be # 1 – he said this in a good way :> ) and then retire. After several years he is in a sense # 1 in everything that he sets out to do. Since he got the success part down, I hope he can have more happiness in his personal life (less time feeling lonely)

  3. Sobbing. I can’t stop my tears.
    We love you much Seung Gi!
    We miss you Ho Dong!

  4. from the intro up to the last sentence,,, *cries* i feel so sad for him~ the burden he has to endure from all the pressures around him,, woaahh Seung Gi yah~~ i just can’t stop the tears from running down my face. We all know you can Seung Gi,, some might always see your energy on cam, but we, your loyal fans, feel the hardship you’re goin through, but nevertheless, you always do your best and we will always support you^^ I miss Hodong too.. T_T hope he think of goin back again^^ Looking forward to a drama early next year^^ i will pray for that :) (you too, guys ok?^^)

    Thank Ann and Beedance^^
    Airen from Philippines^^

  5. Yes !! Please subbed them.. Thanks a lot for both your effort!! I love seeing him in interviews. One can feel his honesty and his confidence on speaking!

  6. Seung Gi Fighting! We love you always!

  7. Thank you very much for the subbing efforts! I am starting to learn Korean now so hope I could help out then…no promises now…haha!

    It really breaks my heart listening to Seung Gi oppa talking about having to MC without KHD. Seung Gi oppa and KHD had been together with each other for so long from the X-man days when Seung Gi oppa just debuted, it must be such a shock that his KHD hyung had to leave all of a sudden…How strange it is especially during SH…hai…

    But Seung Gi oppa, its fine! You ARE MCing very well too on your own! And getting better and better at it even!
    We are always, always, always behind you!!! :)

    And I just want to say,
    I really love your music and your honest, sincere voice!
    Can’t wait for your drama next year!
    Oppa FIGHTING!!! :)

  8. Tears & heartache seeing our Seunggi gone thru all these heartbreaking stuffs. Seunggi-ya, we Airen & your loyal fans will always be with you & support you in whatever you do…
    We love you, Seunggi! Fighting!
    Yes, we miss Hodong, too!

    Thanks Ann & Beedance.

  9. All I see in seunggi is sincerity! He is too perfect to be true!

  10. thanks for sharing this..

    uwwaaaa.. it must be tiring in their part also to do all things they do for the sake of entertainment..
    Can’t help to adore him more after watching the clips.
    Just be rooting for him more ^^

    thanks Airen for subbing this..

  11. Since he’s not next to me, it doesn’t feel all-good. — Yeah, breaks my heart. We’ll wait for the other parts. Thank you so much for your hardwork! :)

  12. Thanks lsgfan & beedance & all airens.
    He is such a good motivating role model <3
    Felt very touched, and warmth.

    Seung-gi fighting!!!!!

  13. haven’t watch it yet..but because Im soo excited about this.. first need to Thank You LSGfan and Beedance..!! really you guys are awesome!really appreciate all ur work and will wait patiently for the whole interview w/eng subs.. oh just watching him on the interview his smiles,hand gestures..everything..w/o subs really makes my heart jump..ahaha and now with eng subs.. ah really Thank You Guys!^^

  14. Hi Anne and Beedance!! Thank you really for this.. Im also tear up right now.. this is the first time I feel like this for a clebrity.. and Im happily want to continue with this.. Oh really feel for him.. :( his burdened,pressure..everything.. and at the same time he inspires me.. oh Seung Gi yah..! you dont know how urpersonality affects Us all your fans.. you are really one of a kind..!

  15. Hi Ann and Beedance,

    Thanks for the effort, really appreciate that.

  16. It must be hard for him to speak about Hodong, me must be missing him terribly, I heard Hodong cant be reached even by 1n2d members. I miss these two, I love hodong because I know how he adores and loves Seunggi and believes so much in him. And Seunggi always looking up to Hodong when he took him under his wings. So i teared when he said ” Strong Heart is Hyungnim”

    “It feels good of course but since he’s not beside me, its not all good” for him its not all happiness without his hyung by his side.

  17. I am so glad he finally opened up like that. Some people are thinking because he just smiles a lot and always put his best foot forward that he just goes along with the ride. We miss Hodong but how much more does he? Sometimes we tend to just believe what we see on tv that we forget how much more there are behind the scenes.

    Though most Airens have suspected his difficulties before, it’s different when he confirms it on his own..Despite his accomplishments, his feet are very much on the ground. Very touching and so admirable.

    Thanks anne and bee for the translations as always.

  18. Ann& BeeDance, thanks for this. Really touching…looking forward to the full translation. Will wait patiently for it….

  19. I cried for the helpless SG when I read this in his October open letter:
    …I’ve experienced encounters and farewells with many people…but this time it’s different…Can’t do a thing about it.

    At the time I was aching for him only, as I thought he was the one who’s been burdened with picking up the pieces.

    But now hearing and watching him, oh so calmly, talking about how entertainers should put on their very best, no matter what, in order to fulfill their obligation, to entertain, I felt so sorry for HD as well.

    I wonder again, what did I do to deserve this graceful and conscientious guy’s best? I can only hope to have as many people to join in the experience, to share OUR burden a little.

  20. thank you so much for the translation. Anyway, I just want to know Hodong’s reaction after watch this…hope he will watch this, and noticed how much Seunggi loves him (i m sure he also know about that), and then makes he comeback soon…
    really2 miss him so much…

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