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Seunggi and Yoona bat their eyelashes on Strong Heart

[Nov 8, 2011] Yoona finally returns to Strong Heart for her 3rd appearance, which of course means giddiness all over Korea about Seunggi re-uniting with his ideal type! Hahaha.  (Airens, no hating please.  It’s not like he’s going to date or marry Yoona.  Key word here is “ideal type!”)  Anyway, how can anyone not be giddy watching this~!  They’re both SO adorkable!  Plus, they were totally egged on by EVERYONE…  This seems way more natural than awkward but cute Sulli hair stroking on Inkigayo~!

[Guests just finished reprising their old sitcom eyelash-batting act]
Boom- We all want to see Yoona and Seunggi act this out too!  (Everyone’s excited! LOL.) This is a great thing! (Omg, Boom is the best wingman ever!)

Guest- Seunggi, you should stroke Yoona’s hair once (since she said THAT makes her heart beat! Yoona giggling and cracking up is LOL! Seunggi’s like no way…) Stroke her hair and start; it’ll be less awkward…

LSG- How could I… (immediately strokes her hair!) Take care of me okay?!

(Everyone freaks out and even more giddiness over eyelash-batting! Ha!)

English: LSGfan,  Video: strongheartsbs

Screencap Recap

I’m glad they can be friends and talk without scandal rumors!  The guests were teasing Seunggi about Yoona.  And Yoona said when she saw him recently on one of the music programs, and went up to him and said she was scheduled to appear on Strong Heart.  To which Seunggi expressed major concern (jokingly!) since Yoona’s talk and stories on Strong Heart are always not that funny!

OMG, I think the PD, crew, and guests enjoy all of this WAY more than Seunggi and Yoona!  Koreans are so obsessed with the idea of match-making and coupling!

SNSD girls looking so fresh and gorgeous…

(Images: Naver, LSGfan)

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9 Responses

  1. He’s hot she’s cute. They shud date.

  2. Yoona and TaeYeon! SNSD’s Variety frontliners. Hahaha, Seung-gi, you’re 24 and you’re still natural with the aegyo.

  3. I think it’s fun that they’re such good sports. :)

  4. Yoona’s been looking really polished. She was pretty before, but she’s been looking stunning. (I hope she didn’t get any work done b/c there’s a lot of rumors about A LOT of the girlgroup members looking um, different recently.)

    OMG, I cannot wait to see more Seunggi coupling and aegyo~~~~ when Yoon Do Hyun’s Strong Heart ep airs! LOL! Ha.

    I know LSG’s super lonely for a girlfriend, but I can’t help to prefer BROMANCES for him! I can’t wipe the big smile when watching Yoo Hee Yeol and him on Sketchbook.

  5. is that his real girlfriend ?

  6. Seunggi yahhhhhhhhhhhhhh <3 <3 <3

  7. He’s better w/ Shin Min Ah :p Hoi Hoi COuple fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~

  8. “(Airens, no hating please. It’s not like he’s going to date or marry Yoona. Key word here is “ideal type!”)”
    LOL I guess you were wrong here xD so glad they’re datinggg~ :D

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