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[Sketchbook 2011.11.25 ENG] Seunggi sings, talks 5th album

(Video: Beedance07) Thanks to the A-MAZING Bee! 
Watch FULL episode at Toudou link

[Nov 25, 2011] The BEST and HOTTEST album promotional performance/interview thus far!  (Aside from daebak promo of 5th album with Dolce & Gabbana!  Hehe!)  I KNEW Yoo Hee Yeol would GLEE if Seunggi ever did Sketchbook!  He really enjoyed teasing Sung Shi Kyung about it!  YHY = Yoon Do Hyun LSG fan-sunbae!  Loved that this was mostly about the music, yet still very funny!  (Thx Sketchbook for editing out the headline-grabbing, non-relevant parts of the interview!)  He sounded A-MAZING~!

LOL at Yoo Hee Yeol~ I feel like I’m really seeing a celebrity!  Ha!  And so cute how he (with gazing pleading eyes) kept asking Seunggi about the producers and musicians he wanted to work with!  Their give and take banter was so well-matched and funny!

And looks like Seunggi will work with Music Farm artists Lee Juck and hopefully Kim Dong Ryul next time!  Maybe there’s a repackage album in the works?  Lee Juck’s already responded to a tweet about Seunggi on twitter… Hehehe.

In addition to Yoo Hee Yeol, Antennamusic artists include the beloved Lucid Fall and Jung Jae Hyung; supposedly very good friends with Music Farm artists, which made Seunggi’s continued mention of those musicians even more funny!

Perfect example of how K-entertainers love to joke and tease one another, but it’s obvious when it’s coming from a sincere and mutual place of respect and admiration.  (which definitely ain’t always the case)!  Omg, YHY is too hilarious!  LSG so cute~~!!

Live performances
Videos: Tryp96, English: LSGfan

Intro + Because We’re Friends
Sketchbook’s first guest.  Not lacking a single thing. A perfect guy.
Sorry, it’s not me! (LOL) Nation’s top hot issue. This is Lee Seunggi’s stage

Smile Boy
[Song ends] Encore! Encore! Encore!
LSG- Thank you.  An encore?  [Yes!] Thanks for being so into it from the start.  I was worried about what would happen if you didn’t get up after I asked you to!  Thanks so much for enjoying that.

The song I’ll sing now~ From my 5th album~ I’ll sing the song “Slave”

Because youre my Woman for closing credit

World renown opera singer Jo Sumi and the Wondergirls were also guests!
Watch FULL episode at Toudou link.  And looks like it showed up in the TV ratings.  The 12:15am Sketchbook over the past 6 weeks…

I love “Because We’re Friends” for its overall high technical quality in music and composition.   When it came out, I was like this is the REAL SH*T!  But I can’t help but to think “Time for Love” would’ve been more commercially better as the title song.  (even as a fan, I  agree with Teacher Sunhee that the lyrics were not that deep!  What can you expect when he hasn’t been allowed to date and experience love! Hehe)

Glad Hook released it as a digital single beforehand!  (Omg, I’m complimenting Hook!)  Hope Seunggi snags a Golden Disk Award for Time for Love!  It did great on the digital charts!

“Since the present time is always most important to me…”

YHY- In addition, Lee Seunggi does variety, music, and acting. You’re active on all fronts. These days, when are you most happy?
LSG- That’s always a really hard question. Since the present time is always most important to me, currently, I’m most happy as a singer.  And I tend to be more detailed and acute when I take the stage as a singer.

(Images: Naver, DCLSG)

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11 Responses


  2. Thank you Bee and Ann for the hardwork subbing. Such a humorous conversation they had.

  3. I saw the subbed interview part at Tryp’s place and hurried over here to say thanks to the great subber/blogger and the diligent video expert. You two are so great!
    Totally agree with you about this amazing segment. So wish they made it into a full-blown program. I just cannot get enough of the music discussions and warm & funny banters between the two.
    How come everyone, man, woman, old, young, any living human being really, becomes touchy feely around SG? (This is a totally rhetorical question.)
    His live Slave is so great. But greedy me thinking if I can hear “I am a bad guy” live once, my life will be complete.
    This album of the most personal touch will go far and far…

  4. Thank you so much, ladies! For some reason, KBS World did not show Sketchbook on Fri night, and I was so disappointed. Not any more, thanks to your hard work!

  5. Thanks so much. Have always loved the show when i see the subbed version on KBS World 3 weeks later. Love the interview. So warm and personal, yet funny and YHY’s love for LSG!!

    BTW, just curious, Tryp is also on WordPress but I don’t see the embedded ads there?

  6. as always anne, you’re super!! You guys are the heroes of international fans, thanks again!!!

  7. Million THANKS LSGFan and Beedance!! ^^

  8. Thank you very much for subbing lsgfan and beedance!!! It’s so enjoyable to watch Seung-gi sing live and I can’t stop smiling at the interview <3

  9. thank you so much love him :)

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