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Seunggi for SuperstarK’s KB Card CFs + Ulala Session wins!

Seunggi as Superstar K judge – KB Card CF
KB Kookmin Wise Card… As expected.
My point is… Exactly that!
The more you use, the more points you get.
The strength or Korean life – KB Kookmin Card.
(English: LSGfan, Video: leeseunggi01)

KB = Kookmin Bank.  Kookmin = Nation.  Perfect match for Nation’s younger brother Lee Seunggi!  The cute Superstar K themed CFs started airing recently, and since the singers on the show (Ulala Session and Busker Busker) and lovely judge Yoon Mi Rae have been killing it on the music charts, I finally checked it out.  Well, just the final season 3 episode.  I knew KB Card was a big sponsor, but didn’t know it was THE sponsor.  The yellow logo cups are hard NOT to miss!  Plus, Seunggi’s KB Card CFs open and end the show!  But aside from that, Ulala Session’s finale win, tears, and thanks were SO touching!  Check out the clip and read what they had to say…

[Nov 2011] Superstar K (season 3): Ulala Session members on winning~

Im Yoon Taek- Thank you so much. For our hard-working members who for 15 years were asked why they were following a good-for-nothing leader, being told “You’re good, but it’s not your time yet.”  A team is not necessarily a gathering of people who are good at something, it’s when they can give up those things which are so precious. Unable to properly eat meals prepared by our parents, we’ve gone through a lot. Now, we give this honor to our parents and to everyone who showed much love for us, and to our members.

Park Kwang Sun- Yoontaek hyung really put his life on the line for this. Each and every day was special to us. SuperstarK truly is our launch. And the hyungs, we all went through so much. Thank you so much. We’ll work hard.

Kim Myung Hoon- Moreso than tears, I am so happy. Like my nickname Big Mountain, my mother really taught me well to live up to that name. I love you and I’ll make sure you live comfortably.

Park Seung IlBeing with Yoontaek hyung for 15 years, a lot of people said he was irresponsible. That he should think more deeply about things, and he faced a lot of things performing.  But even when things were difficult among us, I never thought things were hard on him, that he was always happy.  After experiencing the incredibly big hurt last year, it was really hard. But through this, no matter what people said, the fact that our Ulala Session stayed together for 15 years and did music together, I’m so happy we were able to show that to people.  So my tears are happy ones. Also, Yoontaek hyung has gotten a lot better. The doctor told us to prepare our hearts, but that was a year ago… We all cried so much…  (SOBS!) Thank you so much!

Im Yoon Taek- [Asked how they will use the winning prize money] As a lacking leader, I will go with whatever our team wants. More than anything, for our parents who went through so much, we want to give to them.

(English: LSGfan, Video: duuanhama5151)

Aw~~~!!  Watch the entire final episode at Youtube linked site.

Congrats Ulala Session!!  Glad their persistence paid off!  The behind-the-story about the members, their parents, and their music is really touching stuff…

Superstar K3 winners ready for new path

Battling cancer, Ulala Session wins ‘Superstar’

Hope we get to see KB associated with Superstar K next season too.

Maybe Ulala Session will do Strong Heart like past winners John Park and Huh Gak!

Love all the print ads KB has put out recently.  Seunggi looks great in them!  And I kinda have a thing for finance guys!  (Not all of them are jerks! Many use their money for good!)  Plus, a well-traveled, heartwarming guy… and tailored suits!  (Hahaha)  What’s not to love~~!

Images: As labeled, DCLSG

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