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Lee Seunggi, gymnast Son Yeon Jae, other athletes for KB

Meant to post this last month, but been busy and forgot!  The KB Card SuperstarK CF reminded me!  This was the October 6th KB Good Job Business Fair.  Wanted to post because Seunggi showed up looking like a MILLION bucks~~!  Perfectly attired for the event, he could’ve passed for a KB Financial Group VP!  Top ranking KB executives, Seunggi (CF model, as if you couldn’t tell from the gigantic banners!) and the very cute rhythm gymnast Son Yeon Jae were at the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

His pants were on the short side.  The hair, a little questionable.  But what’s new?  But, is that a heel cushion sliding up out of his shoe??!!!  Hope it’s just the lighting!

LOVE the sharp, tailored suit~!!  Even (polka-dot?) tie is ok.  LOVE skinny tie!

Good suit-fit indicator… the view from the back!  Nice.  But woah, just a tad tight!!!

Prince Seunggi~~~!

Aw, Korea’s beloved rhythm gymnast, 17-year old Son Yeon Jae is too cute!

Ok more backtracking… Since I come from a family of die-hard golf fanatics…

KB Family Love Day

July 5, 2011

200 employees and their families attended the KB Day event for families, including Seunggi and pro-golfer Y.E. Yang (woot woot!) and other KB-affiliated athletes.  They presented 10 families with autographed t-shirts, golf clubs, basketballs and took photos together.  KB Financial Group president Uh Yoon Dae even personally served all-natural beer and food to the employees, and afterward everyone attended a performance of the Korean musical, Miso.

Um, this was his razor-cut crazy-ish hair phase!

But thumbs up for the nice suit, loosened striped tie, and brown shoes!

The wives?!  (K-companies are still male dominated).  Where are the husbands?! Ha

[Basketball player], Seunggi, ice skater Kwak Min Jung, pro-golfer Y.E. Yang!

Ok backtracking even more!  Super busy this year, so most efficient way to keep up with LSG news means images and news I like, get saved and stashed quickly, hoping to appear later on!  Because candid shots are always awesome…

Behind the scenes of KB CF filming

April 2011

(via Yonhap, KB Financial Group;  Images: As labeled, Naver, DCLSG)

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