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Front page plea for Hook Entertainment’s official LSG site!

Ok, that took like 3 minutes to put words promoting Seunggi’s album and title song on the above concept image photo!  Yet, this is WAY better than that crazy get-up Hook’s got up right now on the LSG official front page!  Dear Captain Hook~~!  It’s all about messaging, branding in this 21st century information age… so please get with it~!

“Because We’re Friends” is meant to give off a rock, pop, synthesizer, ballad vibe, yet I thought Seunggi was returning as an old-school country singer when I surfed on to the site!!  Omg, I cringe to even think what non-regular fans were thinking, the ones who know him mainly as MC and actor and didn’t even know he debuted as a singer!

Airens are so awesome and support everything that Seunggi’s involved with.  And put up with annoying Captain Hook.  And I feel like such a bad fan to rant on Hook, so please don’t hate me… but I just have very little tolerance for INCOMPETENT people!  Especially those who stand in the way of TALENTED, HARD-WORKING people!

Hook’s stage and performance concepts are so lacking all-important CHARISMATIC presence and movement to me; which is SO unfair since Seunggi has proven he can do new and refreshing stuff by working his ass off!  *sigh sigh sigh*

And BTW, Hook~ here are some concept images YOU guys used for his album.  Doesn’t it make sense to use an appealing homepage image that matches the album concept, so non-regular fans get drawn into listening to his music and voice?

I’m not into the album cover, but shouldn’t it AT LEAST be up on the official site?!

Come on, is THAT country bumpkin photo up on the official site supposed to turn me on to Seunggi’s music?!  Omg, even Inkigayo had the SENSE to use these great shots from the recent Japan fan meeting for the awesome comeback intro~~!

Please tell me things gets better~!  Hook~ Jebal, would you please change the front page ASAP?  Make me happy fangirl and I promise I’ll shut-up…!  At least, for now~~!

(Images: DCLSG, previously posted/credited)

11 Responses

  1. Ann..the 2nd last photo …(I Think), instead of fashion criminal is hair style criminal (¯―¯٥)

  2. R~ you’re right! I took it out! I love the very last one! I think I’m the only fan that feels depressed about this all… must remember to just not think about “THAT WOMAN!” LOL.

    • LOL
      I love the last photo too, I think I miss the time when he is smiling that beautiful -oh am I just using the word BEAUTIFUL for a man? I DID-

  3. haha, never afraid to speak your mind! that’s why i love hanging in here!

    i am not a human echo but i do agree, anne. hahaha. love the last picture too!

    Can you post your commentary on their official boards?

    I don’t know the history but for such a big star, why is LSG signed up with Hook? how did it happen? and how many equally popular celebrities are they handling?

    • hi Sam, Seunggi was discovered and debuting under the HOOK label, and i’m sure he has his own judgment for keep staying there :)

      Seriously, while we have much reason to not satisfied with Hook, (especially about the PR) but from another perspective, HOOK talent mostly has clean history, full of real talent, and prominently in education aspect, seem like they never let their artist being uneducated ^^.
      I just realized this one recently, when LSGFan stated that Yoon Soo Yi is a HOOK talent, because I know that actress is one of RARE celebrity who become a model student.

      So I goes..yeah..ok, there is up and down of the choice :)

      PS: But I really hope Hook doing good PR, at least, let someone decent in english to reply our email, not the google translator!

      • you mean Yoon So Yi. she does not belong to Hook. just very close friends with lee seo jin. he’s with hook. she said so on on Strong Heart.

      • kkk~ yup, I do mean Yoon So Yi (me, and my big finger!) is that so? I tried to found the list I’ve read before about Hook’s artist (which coincidentally full of Lee name). Thanks for your clarification :D

  4. 100% agree!!!
    “even Inkigayo had the SENSE to use these great shots from the recent Japan fan meeting for the awesome comeback intro”
    when I saw what Inkigayo did, I was like….THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Haha!

    And really can they stop piling bulky-looking clothes on Seung Gi oppa!? Please! Pretty please!

    Grand looking does NOT means thick, dark clothes!

  5. Hi, maybe you can @ captain hook at twitter to let them know your opinions, most of them I think are correct. Although I know they might have worked very hard for SG already, but they sometimes kind of miss the point from the fan’s point of view. They are a small company to handle a big star, so they don’t have that much experiences to do it like some well-developed companies do.

  6. i totally agree with you!!!!!!! with the inkigayo comeback photos and concept images. really, i feel for you. i’ve been a fan for a year and this is his first album released at the time that i am an airen. but it breaks my heart that the pictures in the first LSG album i have bought aren’t his best. :(

  7. where can i find hook ent oficial website?

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