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Celebs at Dolce & Gabbana’s first store opening in Korea: Seunggi, Siwon, DBSK, Lee Minjung, Kim Sarang, Kim Sunah

November 8.  Adorable Italian designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana celebrated the opening of their first exclusive store in Seoul.  The gorgeously styled event included a fashion show and cocktail party.  Stars attending the event included Lee Seung Gi, Ha Jung Woo, Joo Jin Moo, Lee Min Jung, Kim Sun Ah, Kim Sa Rang, Park Shi Yeon, Super Junior’s Choi Si Won, DBSK’s Yunho and Changmin.

Aw, Seunggi looks SO CUTE and CHILL with Stefano and Domenico!  But he was probably totally stressing out inside!  LOL.  His CF female partners looked gorgeous and incredibly stylish!  Kim Sunah has been looking so amazing!  It’s rumored she and Seunggi filmed a CF together recently, but may be just rumor (previously, they did the Max beer CFs).  And omg, Lee Minjung always looks SO perfect!  They are both so beautiful inside and out!  And together with Seunggi, what’s not to love!~~

So happy to see the awesome photo of Seunggi with D&G today!  When only the blurry small one surfaced a while back, I was like there’s got to be more!  Seunggi’s never been into celeb after parties or hanging out for long, so too bad this may be it.

The Look – Black velvet vest and jacket, white dress shirt, skinny black tie, black slacks, black velvet(?) lace-up shoes, and really perfect hair~~~!

Are those velvet shoes?  They look bulky!  Would’ve preferred classic, black leather shoes Prada-style.  And velvet is always pretty and great for fall/winter, but the thicker material can look bulky, especially when you pile on velvet over velvet!  But we know how much CODY loves the bulky look!!  But, Seunggi looked great!  Seriously, why can’t Cody consistently do something like this??!!~~~

Oher stars.  Former Miss Koreas, currently getting lots of love as actresses and models.  Park Shiyeon and Kim Sarang (Seunggi’s original NOONA from his debut song Because You’re My Woman.  Kim Sarang and Seunggi need to do a special music video of the song when he hits his 10 year debut anniversary!)

DBSK’s Yunho and Changmin and Super Junior’s Choi SiwonSiwon fixing Prince Seunggi’s disheveled hair is still one of my fave Strong Heart cuts!

Top actors Joo Jin Moo and Ha Jung Woo.

Star stylist Jung Yoon Ki.  Seunggi was at his D.LUX Society fashion show and party.

The majorly blinged out event at the Dolce & Gabbana store~!

So gorgeous!  Love the blinged out beautiful bustiers and gowns~~~!

Fashion show with the models rocking the outfits!  Very haute!

Aw, Stefano and Domenico are so cute!  And D wearing velvet (just like Seunggi!)

More gorgeous atmosphere photos at:

(Via Donga; Images: As Labeled, DCLSG, Naver)

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5 Responses

  1. Just found great blog entry from fashion/style blog run by 3 non-Korean girls. They were at the party. Unfortunately, they didn’t get any photos of Seunggi because…

    “Lee Seung gi passed us on the stairs, I believe, but no time to get a photo.”


    Darn. really hoping more photos turn up somewhere. I really hope he gathered himself and said something witty like “Velvet – Great jacket” when he did the photo-op with D&G!

  2. No Shin Min Ah spotted?

  3. When I was trying to get more info about this I chanced upon that blog you mentioned. Those girls (bloggers) look really nice! And they seem very in with the K-ent world. Siwon, according to them, is quite a player! (That picture of him is not very flattering, is it?) I am so happy that SG made an appearance, however briefly. Firmly believe that style and flare can be learned by immersion and exposures, especially for keen observers like him.

  4. Another blog entry; this time from the Noonablog. LOL. One of girls who’s also part of the Bananamilk blog I included above? A brief snippet about Seunggi… but unable to get photos~~~

    “I also think I briefly saw Lee Seung Ki. Him I would have like to take a picture with; I loved him in the Gumiho drama.”


    ok, I love Noonablog and blogger Paula! hahahaha.

  5. Haha, your reaction is the same with me, when I see the photo, my first comment was ” Love those suit, love those pants and Yaiy to Perfect hair !” LOL, you know how desperate us when it related to Seunggi’s hair!

    But I guess we cant said anything to those velvet shoes, turn out it’s sponsored product of D&G!


    cr: lsgairenint, baidu tieba

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