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Seunggi – Music Bank, Inkigayo comeback after 2yrs [ENG]

*** UPDATED with ENG-subbed videos ***

Congrats to Seunggi for his comeback on Music Bank (Nov 11) and Inkigayo (Nov 13)! And sounding GREAT despite battling a cold and his crazy schedule! WHO else has their first comeback in 2 years, and is making kimchi at a volunteer event a few hours prior to that??!!~ (Believe me, having helped my mom, it’s super exhausting!)

And Seunggi getting Music Bank #2 and being in Inkigayo Take 7 is pretty daebak!! Come on, he was up against SM Ent’s beloved girlgroup, 9-member SNSD! And now there’s JYP’s The Wondergirls‘ comeback… so congrats to Seunggi for holding his own (especially considering he’s got a totally clueless management company!)~

Interview + Comeback Stages, 2011.11.13

INKI #1 – INTERVIEW with MCs IU and Sulli [ENG] (Cracking me up! Awkward + Cute!)

(video: ENGrapport)

Ok, can Sulli be just a little bit more obvious that this is scripted?! OMG. I know she’s gotten flack before for her MCing, but compared to pro-like IU, you can’t help but to notice. When she missed her timing, Seunggi was looking at her like, okay it’s time for you to talk now! And woah, so awkward, the whole hair-stroking thing. Sulli is super cute, but Seunggi’s expressions are pretty transparent! Hehehehe.


(video: SBSmusic1)

Interview + Comeback Stages, 2011.11.11

MB #1 – INTERVIEW with MCs Hyunwoo and Uee [ENG]

(video: ENGrapport)


(video: natsitt133)

OMG, can someone please explain the lame-looking comeback stage designs?  Who is responsible for this?!  Is it the management company of the music program crew?  But, I’m so VERY RELIEVED that Seunggi’s hair looked good!  WHEW~~!

Ok, everyone can definitely acknowledge that Seunggi sounds great!~~

But, WTH Captain Hook?!  Fine, maybe you couldn’t do anything about the comeback timing, but a one-person Seunggi is up against all the SNSD girls~ Did Hook just assume because everyone likes Seunggi, people would sit and mouse-click on all the voting sites and buy his album?!

Fine, maybe it’s because Seunggi’s fanbase has more of a statistical normal-distribution! of fan ages than typical idol fangirls?  Fine.  Then, shouldn’t Hook work with the official Airen fanclub to organize stuff?!

I was really hoping for some evolved stage presence, but I feel like I’m watching a mini version of Teacher Lee Sun Hee performance style and step movements! (and that’s not a good thing in my book!  And I totally blame HOOK!)  Growing up playing piano and singing (like every Korean!), I totally appreciate and love Seunggi’s voice!  And because I’m a fan!  But…

I hope Airens don’t hate me, but if I were NOT a fan, of course I’d admire and like him like everyone else does!  And acknowledge that he’s a good singer, but would his promotions or comeback stages make me buy his album or songs?  Not sure…

Maybe it’s just my own Americanized music preferences, which is why I’m not into Kpop music.  But I also love a good song hook and live performances!  And the big 3 (SM, YG, JYP) understand that promotion and buzz counts for A LOT!

It’s sad, but true.  Good, talented singing doesn’t always translate into album sales and music charts!  Although that’s changed some with the popularity of K-shows like SuperstarK, Star Audition, and I’m a Singer that showcase singing talent!

Hook is going for the long-run, not really focused on bringing in new hardcore Singer LSG fans?! They know Seunggi has a top image in Korea that’s like by people of ALL ages.  They know he doesn’t have typical idol fandom fanbase, but has almost NO Antis!  He’s even repeatedly joked he wants to have a long-thin career, versus short-hot one!

Everyone knows the lifespan of idol fame is short.  See the influx of idols in Kdramas!  Plus, we know the noonas, young moms, and older ajumma fans are the most reliable, committed, moneyed demographic fanbase!  (Especially Airens are the best fans!)  And many have babies, kids and teens that have to grow up liking Seunggi too!  LOL~~!

Can’t wait to see him on the upcoming, very about-the-music Sketchbook!!!

And hearing sunbae Seunggi is SO weird!  But always love the tweets from his juniors (hoobaes) and seniors (sunbaes)…

My Name photo tweet

Son Ho Young (G.O.D.) photo tweet

Double A (same management as Ha Ji Won)

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13 Responses

  1. thanks so much for the translations!! at least i get to know what they were talking about!

    I’m together with your Hook rant on this one. don’t they read blogs and comments? i was hoping his album does better. Is it true he still got colds when he did MB and Inkigayo? If he still does then wow, how does he still sound like that? great job Seunggi ! Hope Hook does better next time.

    Looking forward to your latest 1n2d commentaries next. Thanks again Ann!

  2. Captain Hook is either cold and heartless about fans OR she is incredibly clueless and not very resourceful. I’m sure it’s the latter! Hopefully! :)

    LSG was looking good! And aw, he lsuch a pro during both MB and INKI interviews w/ the MCs! to the point where it almost felt awkward, like he’s graduated… I’d WAY rather see him doing his thing on a drama stage! even though no drama, hope he’s at the SBS drama awards this year!

    • Ann, i think its the latter AND stubborn huhu

      actually, honestly speaking, while i do love this album and still on repeat until now, ‘Arent we friends’ is not really that outstanding as a title song for me. and its not the type of song where a live performance can make that huge difference too (in my opinion). SNSD’s The Boys in contrast is a bad song but since its a dance number, live performance can really make vast difference. most people like it because of their dances/performance instead of the song itself.

      we know seunggi is one of the most popular korean artists in korea, much much more than all the idols combined. but not all his fans are fan of the lee seung gi the singer. some love him on 1n2d, SH and some others love him from his dramas (like Girlfriday who looks like not into Seunggi’s music at all but totally adores him! ^^). so, surely the reaction cant be the same with SNSD etc in music battles. since seunggi is jack of all trade, life will be too unfair if seunggi even conquer all, isnt it. with him having so much commitments in all areas, its already remarkable to get an all-kill album and be the contender for the #1 spot, when all other artists who only focus on music cant even achieve that far.

      i think this album is amazing and a success. of course, there’s room for improvement.

      i’m with you, totally cant wait for YHY’s Sketchbook! i especially love when Seunggi is asked to sing parts of other artist’s songs. i was mesmerised by him everytime. honestly, i think this album didnt show all that he got as a singer. there’s something in the way Seunggi sings now which i couldnt describe, that seems restrained sometimes. i dont know if its just me. his high pitch used to be so raw before and it was amazing.

      ok. sorry for the rambling

  3. I observe a transition problem here. Funnily (or ironically) enough, it’s not that of Seung Gi, but of Hook.

    Despite his goody two shoes image, and totally owing to his intelligence, openness, and charisma, I don’t think SG has any problems gliding into adulthood. By that I mean he can tackle easily the more mature and serious subjects of his arts whether it’s singing or acting.

    On the other hand, Hook might know how to sell an Uhm-Chin-Ah, they are really clueless in how to manage a grownup SG. If SG wants to have a ‘long and thin’ career (and he certainly has all the qualifications for it), Hook must change. And quickly!

    It’s not an easy task, I’ll grant that. Just look at all the former idols who are now trying to get a second wind going as a solo artist. I know SG is not an idol per se but this is just to prove the fact that management style needs to grow up with the star to make it work.

    Hook, time to wake up and seek help!

  4. The order of comments is sorted by the time you posted, but the hit comment which has the most votes will be auto sticked on the top of the page.
    So, to push the wrong translation of Realxxoo down, we must click “dislike” on his/her comment, and click “like” on 3 comments of lsgfan. So 3 parts translated by lsgfan could be auto sticked on the top and the wrong translation of Realxxoo could be sorted by the posted time.

    • Thx! And to the other fans! You all rock! :)

      we all make mistakes, but come on ppl who offer translations, please don’t put words in LSG’s mouth! and worse, dont try to make him sound like he said stupid things, when HE DID NOT!!!!

  5. I have clicked total 15 votes “Like” for your 3 comments and 5 votes “Dislike” for Realxxoo’s comment . keke

  6. What did double a did exactly? Don’t even know anything abt them, but if it involves something with lsg..I’m concerned.. :o

    • not sure. didn’t watch entire MB ep. maybe AA was goofing off too much on stage while they were announcing the winner at the end? and it came off as disrespectful? any sign of lack of respect stuff among K-entertainers can get totally picked on by the press and netizens, so i think they were maybe apologizing before anyone wrote mean stuff!!

      either way, very cute. seunggi sunbaenim~~~ hehehe.

  7. LSGfan, will you be subbing all the episodes of the 5-minute music show? If you could help us please :) Thank you! :)

    • Me and Beedance both been SUPER busy, but she’s going to try to sub eps 2 and 3 this week or soon :)

      the gag segments in eps 2 and 3 were sort of cute and funny, but overall the eps were a letdown for me. i’m sort of shocked that this is the concept and style Hook came up with in promoting LSG’s album and songs and him as a singer to people who don’t know his music. And especially on hip, trendy MNET!!!! (solely my opinion).

      nothing against host, comedians, audience in the eps, but I think camera time mostly only on LSG would better promote his album than all the other footage.

  8. Hi, I’m a new fan – only ‘discovered’ LSG this year when ‘Brilliant Legacy’ was shown in Singapore. He’s an amazing singer/ all-rounder! Helps that he looks great too 8-) However, I’d never heard of him before BL, whereas I’d heard of SNSD, Super Junior etc.

    I think all your comments are valid, Hook really needs some help promoting LSG for the long-term. I’m sensing that it might be because Hook has kinda dug themselves into a hole where LSG’s image is concerned. I mean, looking at his past albums (which I rushed out to buy, to the astonishment of my husband!), he’s always been portrayed as ‘classy’, compared to the pop groups in their sexy outfits and dance moves, and he’s known as a ballad singer. That’s like making him out to be the Korean Frank Sinatra, but he’s so young! Now that this 5th album has got LSG trying out new styles – which I think he has to do to ‘grow’ as a singer, and is perfectly in keeping with his age – Hook doesn’t know what to do with this change. To go from ‘ballad singer’ to ‘rock star’ seems harder to accept than vice versa.

    I don’t know if what I’ve said makes sense, but I do think there’s some confusion. And I hope Hook sorts it out quickly, because I’d like LSG to be around for a long, long time!

  9. OMG, Captain Hook~~~ please change the front page photo of seunggi’s official website FAST!!!!! I can’t believe you STILL have that picture up! Jebal!!!~~~ You create an official LSG concert twitter and post the official website link and THAT is the best image of Seunggi you want the world wide web to see on his homepage! OMG, woman, you are so super annoying!!!!

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