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Seunggi in gloves-apron, flexes muscle and makes kimchi for Lottery Commission Sharing Happiness volunteer event!

Nov. 11.  Sharing Happiness through Kimchi-making.  The Lottery Commission, in association with the Korean Government, held its final volunteer project for 2011.  Actor-singer Lee Seunggi, Deputy Minister of Strategy and Finance Ryu Sung Gul, and 120 volunteers made about 1,500 heads of cabbage kimchi and delivered them to orphanages and the elderly (85 years+) living on their own, and community centers serving children, senior citizens, and welfare recipients.  In addition, rice and warm clothing were delivered to the elderly; and school essentials like paper and reading workbooks to young children.

In its fourth year, the  Sharing Happiness campaign is aimed at spreading health, laughter, and hope in Korean society and community neighborhoods, particularly to those in need.  First appointed in 2010, this was Seunggi’s second consecutive year serving as the honorary ambassador for the Lottery Commission’s public service and volunteer campaign.  Actress Park Bo Young served in this role during the 2nd year, and Kim Mi Hwa prior to that in the 1st annual year.

Can Seunggi do a 3rd consecutive year! Is that asking too much?  He’s said this has been super meaningful, reminding him the importance of sharing with others and being grateful.  So true!  Volunteer-service has always been very important in my family, so seeing Seunggi’s sincerity shine through this type of thing totally brings fangirling to an entirely different level and reality!!~~ He’s such a good role model!

Afterward, a few hours later, he went to film his first comeback stage in 2 years!  His schedule and high-profile activities are really insane!

And omg, WHAT is going on with Seunggi’s Cody and Hook?!~~~

Did they recently have some fashion-style epiphany?  Are they tired of the rants and verbal threats from actual fans?!  The chic Zipel fan meeting outfit, fitted t-shirts on 1N2D, better balanced high style-casual looks for Strong Heart…

Like compare the cardigan-shirt -pants look below to the cardigan outfit Cody used for the Chung Jung Won fan signing the other day!!!  Yay! LSGfan = Very Very Happy!~

THE LOOK – Medium thick cardigan with grey front-side and mustard brown backside, white t-shirt, navy stretch slacks, matching navy rubber-soled leather lace up shoes.

I’m in fashion heaven!!!~~ Mainly, because ALL the pieces are tailor-fit!  One of my biggest pet peeves – slumping shoulder fit linings (unless the shirt is supposed to be purposely droopy!)  The stitched shoulder sleeve lines on a any top is most flattering  when it’s straight line vertical or slightly dented inward!  This cardigan does that!

The stretch slacks are to die for!  Love them!  I know Seunggi has sort of a complex about his muscular thighs! (due to all that soccer playing), but with the right pants and fit, no problem!  More simple shirts like this NOT tucked in for public events, please!

So I think I know why it seems like he’s often wearing high-waisted pants… I think he has a high belly-button line.  Really!  All the more reason, why Cody should decrease the imaged vertical space between the  belly button and crotch area!  Accomplished by either wearing your shirts tucked out or low-waisted pants!  Please, more of this~!!

Omg, it’s annoying Cody!!!  Whom I don’t despise for once!  I love the photo on the right – he looks like an insignificant peon in the background!  (is that evil?!)  Please Cody, as much as I love to rant on you, I would rather heap praise on your fashion choices and not feel sick to my stomach before clicking on press photos on Naver!

Getting ready to make some kimchi!

He looks so good in this cardigan!  And looks even super stylish in that red apron!  Plus we still get to see the nice shoulder fit lines!  And the renown muscled-arms!

The cameras!

The photographers have super-zoom lenses and they’re still right up in his face!~

How can kitchen rubber gloves, an apron, and kimchi making look so hot??!!~~

Dude, it really requires lots of arm strength! And, my mom has the same exact apron-gloves outfit!  Same pink color gloves and same red colored apron!  I think all her friends have the same outfit too!  It’s like standard Korean-mom kitchen wear!

Seunggi is even well-mannered with his cabbage kimchi!

These photos are SO daebak!  Um, is he communicating with the cabbage!  LOL.

Totally in his own world (like usual!), trying to make sure he did things properly. Ha.

Aw, Seunggi and the first cabbage kimchi he made.  Both look perfect!  LOL.

Ajumma can’t help but to feed Seunggi!

Ajummas love to stuff their just-made creations into people’s mouths for a taste test.  Especially for the boys!  Anyway, sorry to the ajumma for cropping her out of these photos~~  I couldn’t help it.  But thanks for feeding and taking care of our Seunggi!

Charming the ladies~~

And showing off his cooking skills!  hahaha.  Omg, Seunggi and his obsession to be top chef!  It is SO true what people say…  Personality (in addition to being handsome) really counts for EVERYTHING!  Someone that makes you smile and laugh.  And so true- that cold guy image from every K-drama would totally suck in real life!

Um, do the girls seem glammed up under those cute kitchen headwear and aprons?!

Major bromance – Deputy Minister of Strategy & Finance and LSG~!

Omg, LOL at this bromance!  Deputy Minister Ryu Sung Gul totally wants Seunggi as his son!  I can see it in his eyes.  How can anyone not love Seunggi when he looks at you like that!  Hahahaha.   That dude totally reminds me of my dad!

Delivering essentials to kids at a neighborhood school~

No words required but~~  Awwwwwwwwwwwwww~~!!  Can’t wait to see the fancams!

Via Financial News, TV Daily
Images: As labeled, DCLSG

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6 Responses

  1. yes, we’re in fashion heaven now!
    i hope its not short-lived. well done and please keep this up cody!

    i’m sure you wont be disappointed with the MB outfit as well.
    seunggi is looking real hot and sexy in ‘Tonight’, i died countless times already haha

  2. Hahaha, Ann, I had to wipe your drool off the page before I could read (and added mine)! In fashion heaven indeed!

    And where else can I find detail of this most worthy service event? Hats off to you and your bighearted family!

    The cabbage SG was holding reminds of the dough in the supporting actors special. Oh, how I wanted to be that dough…(I could have confirmed that vertical distance for you!)

  3. WE ARE ALL IN FASHION HEAVEN! I don’t know if I can take the letdown if Cody doesn’t continue to come through! Like, what was up with LSG’s hair on 1n2d?! what is up with the almost-middle part!!!

    I love these photos SO much! The combo of a guy in tailored, fitted clothes + good hair + big smile + community service work = ME FAINTS!!!!

    • ann, i think it’s better if you do not have any expectation for the next event’s photos that you are going to see… i think the standard will not be consistent, so the next time you might be very disappointed if the cody goes haywire or emotionally not in her right mind again…. hehe…

  4. i was waiting for you to comment on this and really, i was so happy to see him all decked out like this! and yea, i was wondering about that almost middle part hair again when i saw the vids on the latest 1n2d. I thought he had a haircut and turned out i was wrong. or maybe because it was shot earlier?argh, i love the latest hairstyles he was sporting lately!

    thanks for the commentaries, ann. you just don’t post the pictures and videos and leave us trying to decipher what’s going on. Also i like how you describe his attire piece by piece, seems like you should be writing at a fashion magazine haha.

    you can actually see those biceps straining against the sleeves of the cardigan. At 1n2d, i love love those D@G shirts, the grey one from last and the Marlon Brando one- especially the wet version after ipsoo. heheh.

  5. so does this confirms my suspicion that this ‘glasses-wearing’ guy behind seung gi is his cody??..cause i thought the cody was a woman…..

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