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3rd annual Samsung Zipel-Lee Seunggi fan meeting [Recap]

November 9, 2011.  Samsung Delight center, Seoul.  The 3rd annual Samsung Zipel Asak with Lee Seung Gi: Asak Talk Talk.  It was a family affair for many of the fans who came together as parents, children, grandparents.  The theme was life’s happy recipe and during the event, Seunggi made Cheese Kimchi Wraps for fans!  Comedian Song Eun-ee was the MC and Yurisangja were special music guests.  (Last month, they performed at the HERITORY brand launch event; Seunggi will be the CF model).  Of the fan meeting, Seunggi said “This is a particularly meaningful event for me since it is an opportunity to think about the meaning of family and happiness, together with the 600 fans, many who came as a family.”

Basically 2 Looks – WITH jacket and WITHOUT jacket.

These China-collar jackets have been super popular with Korean guy celebs for a while, but more so recently.  I’ve seen various different jacket styles on Seunggi.

And I love the way Seunggi looks in the photo at the way top (one of my faves thus far!), and the full-body shots below.  But there’s a feel that the coat is wearing Seunggi more than vice-versa, Seunggi wearing and owning the coat?  I feel like that a lot with the jackets Cody chooses.  Since Seunggi tends to be more muscular (upper and lower body) than the typical super slim-lined Korean actor, i’ve always been begging for Cody to go for lighter fabrics and open neck shirts.  But Cody seems to love heavier bulkier fabrics and buttoned-up-to-the neck shirts for Seunggi… almost all the time!!)

Overall, he looked great.  Vast improvement from last year!  But the WITHOUT JACKET, all-black, tailor fit shirt, pants, and skinny tie was~~ VERY HOT!


Love these shots.  Looking very good!


She’s been on Strong Heart; she adores Seunggi!~


Looking forward to hearing what he had to say and what he was asked.

MUSIC/TALK WITH YURISANGJA. Performed previously at HERITORY launch event.
유리상자 (pronounced “Yu-ri-sang-ja” meaning Glass Box)
박승화 and 이세준 (Park Seung Hwan and Lee Sae Joon)
Management: JJ Holic Media; Homepage: yurisangja.co.kr


She was the one shouting out Seunggi oppa in the fancams!  Check out her camera LCD to see who she’s focused on!  Too cute!



LSG gets ready to feed some kimchi dishes to some lucky fans.  So serious!  Love it!  But the seriousness is pretty short-lived!  The fans really have no fear!  They dance WITH and FOR Seunggi! hahaha.  And give him BIG hugs!  His expressions are daebak!


So he can cook! Yay! I’m happy fangirl!


To be fair, it was a complicated apron; not your typical kind.  But Seunggi’s expressions – always so priceless!  Hahahaha.  So glad he decided NOT to wear it!  Seriously, to have his lovely look covered up in that drabby white apron thing would’ve been terrible!!


So detailed. Yet, still not so great at it! LOL! It’s okay! So cute!!


Omg, those were definitely not bite-size wraps!


Is he MCing his own fan meeting! LOL.  He totally owns the stage!


Thank you Hook for NO MORE Let’s go on Vacation and replacing with Smile Boy!

And awww, Seunggi had a cold??!! Huhuhu~~~~ 

Because of that, his voice sounded a little off, so hope it gets better in time for his comeback stages this weekend!  And that he gets lost of rest!!!

via Hankyung, Newsen, TV Daily
Images: As labeled, DCLSG

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7 Responses

  1. Hi Ann.
    Nice write-ups and comments. He looked extremely gorgeous in this event. Love all the pics.

  2. Just too beautiful. SeungGi, please feel better. Airens love you.

  3. The pics are really nice…SeungGI is really good looking and he’s really awesome! and I also like the side comments really GIRLYYY!!
    I love it!..luckily were girls!…and our prince would be SeungGi…so wonderful!


  4. For some reason, cody likes tweeds for Zipel (SG wore another tweed suit for last year’s event). For a nicer fit, the weave needs to be finer. Hopefully HERITORY will introduce some nice samples.

    I love the shoes! For once they were not those light colored sole boat/ casual ones. See the shoe peeking out from the workbench, simple and classic!

  5. i have been waiting all day for you yesterday to blog about this event because oh my, seunggi looks really fab! And I knew you’d approve! I especially love the shots without the jacket on. Can you see the sleeves straining against hi biceps when he gives some lucky fan a hug?? I’m practically green to the gills, argh.

    The websites are bursting with the vids, fan accounts and large HD photos of Prince Seung gi in this event. How can somebody sick still look this awesome?

    His singing was still fine except for the Are we Friends part. sigh, so dreamy.

  6. So cute…he looks great in black

  7. i love his outfit with out jacket too:) love the pic 2nd to the last..the close up soo handsome Seunggi.

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