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Cardigan Seunggi for Chung Jung Won fan sign [2011.11.02]

*** Yay!  Close-ups of Seunggi in gorgeous black (HERITORY?) coat! ***

Nov. 2, 2011.  Chung Jung Won fan signing event.  SO glad his hair has grown out!  He looked great (despite Cody’s usual ajusshi Seunggi concept!)  I was looking back at past fan signings, and seriously, I have no idea who that short-hairstyle guy is at those events!   I’m loving these crystal clear, lovely fancams!~~

But how come, we rarely get to see the Seunggi style on the banners at all his CF fan signings?!  Like after this event set up photo first surfaced, I was very hopeful…

And super excited to see a modern, white collared, black-lapel coat and good hair!!~

UPDATE – Oooh~~!  2 close-ups below of Seunggi in the black coat that I loved!  Just saw that Tryp96 posted some photos before he took the coat off!  As I imagined, the rest of the coat is gorgeous!  It was a given, considering the sweet hidden, raised back white-collared detail!  And love the blue-red-white striped inner lining!  LOVE black coats and jackets with bright colored fashionable linings!  Actually, the coat lining and colors resonates the concept I think his new clothing CF line, HERITORY, seems to be going for.  Hm, could this coat possibly be from the launch collection?  Purely speculation only; the coat could easily be another brand too.

*Actually, probably not HERITORY. Their website is posting 2012 S/S as launch*

OMG, How did we go from THAT above to THIS below???

But he took off the beautiful coat!  Probably to sign comfortably.  And underneath~ a heavy grey cardigan sweater with bulky pockets over a button-down oxford!  It has a nice, warm, wintry feel, but why always a stuffy, tucked in, button-down?!  Seunggi would’ve looked perfectly cool in that ajusshi sweater, if paired with a round-neck or v-neck t-shirt!  Why does Cody always go for the bulky look ALL the time?!  Sheesh~

Nevertheless, I’m so loving these high-def fancams, including the one posted at the top!  Aww, so natural,  sweet, smiley, and happy~~  (videos: leeseunggi01, DCLSG)

Signing, chatting, laughing, smiling, primping his hair

Signing for mom and baby

Usual SCREAMING fancam (always an LSGfan fave!) LOL at sounds of crying baby!

OMG, how cute is this photo with the little fangirl with the cute band-aid sticker on her arm?!  And more of my fave shots.  These fan photos are daebak!

Dear Cody and Hook~

I am majorly warning you about the comeback stages!!  Also, fans deserve a well-dressed, well-coiffed Seunggi at Thursday’s annual Zipel fan meeting!  Please make me a happy fangirl when I surf  Naver for press photos on that day!!!!

(Images: DCLSG)

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5 Responses

  1. Haha… I really like and agree with your message to cody and hook. I also like seunggi in well dress and this hair style.

  2. I heard that seunggi caught a cold that day.. Hope he will be better soon. Seunggi fighting!!! :)

  3. yess he had a cold that day. he didn’t shake the hands of little kids.(for protection ) i think his cody was just trying to make him warm.

  4. Comparing with those idols, SG’s cody is kind of old fashioned. SG has mentioned his boss will check his cloth everytime when having an event, I kind of think those cloth that we don’t like that much is the idea of his boss instead of his cody. As a cody, I think he should have basic fashion sense. As for the sweater, a bulky feel is kind of trendy this fall, but for SG’s age, the button down is obviously not the best.

  5. i agree with the bulky look and he has such great physique!. That’s why i do love him in simple tees, especially with the last episode of 1n2d. Love the grey shirt and the cap was just the right look.

    I hope he would really look the part during the comeback stage.
    Thanks for the post, as always, anticipating what you have to say in these events. By the way thanks for the win win translations, I would never had been aware of what went on if not for you.

    Thanks again!!! and more of those please!!!

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