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1N2D members talk about [Strong Heart] Seunggi on Win Win

Sort of ironic.  November 1, 2011.  SBS Strong Heart aired part 2 of its 100th episode with Hodong-less, solo MC Seunggi, and over on KBS Win Win where Sugeun is one of the MCs, Taewoong was the guest and joined by 1N2Ders, Jiwon and Jongmin.  Talk about Seunggi was sort of inevitable, but Win Win and its MCs seem to never shy from mentioning Seunggi (and Hodong) and Strong Heart on its show or via captions, despite being rival shows, often joking that their tv ratings are not as high!

More irony – MC Kim Seung Woo (veteran actor, aka Mr. Kim Nam Joo) won the Rookie MC Award and was the presenter for Seunggi’s Top Excellence MC Award at the 2010 KBS Entertainment Awards.  He’s known to be a nice guy who takes care of his hoobaes.  It’s too bad it’s awkward between him and Seunggi since the 2 shows are rivals.  I bet Seunggi could learn a lot from him.  (He has lots of close connections with top actors like Jang Dong Gun, Won Bin, etc).  He was very curious about what the members had to say about Seunggi. But the guys seem to get that a lot.

Sugeun of course couldn’t resist bragging how Taewoong chose to appear on his show KBS Win Win, over SBS Strong Heart with Seunggi!  Yet, honest Taewoong said he was here mainly because of his movie release!  Hahaha.  But MC Seungwoo tried to trap him into saying that he preferred Sugeun over Seunggi!~~

(Read English transcript of LSG-related cut in the images)

KBS Win Win has a special corner where surprise guests, close to the main guest, show up.  And Jiwon and Jongmin showed up.  They were on for quite a long time, and together with Sugeun, they dished about 1N2D and Taewoong.  Seunggi’s name came up.  LOL at Sugeun saying how Seunggi is like a celebrity to the guys themselves! Hahaha…  (WinWin actually had a bunch of surprise guests this day, which is atypical.  Taewoong’s older sister, the famous Uhm Jung Hwa, did a live phone call.  And his movie partner, actor JooWon, showed up at the end of the show).

It felt weird to see all the 1N2D hyungs together without Seunggi.  But the always shining MC Seunggi was looking fabulous over on Strong Heart for the 100th episode, decked out in simple black along with a great ruffled, tuxedo-like shirt and good hair!

Ratings between the 2 shows were very close.  People never get to see all the 1N2D members together on programs outside of 1N2D, and because they are notorious for not getting together often outside of the show despite having a lot of close affection for one another, there’s always a lot of buzz and interest when the members get a chance to talk about one another!  Looking forward to seeing all the 1N2D guys together at this year’s KBS Entertainment Awards, although it will feel weird without Hodong.

November 1, 2011
13- SBS Strong Heart = 9.9% (11- Seoul = 10.9%)
17- KBS Win Win = 9.4%
* MBC PD Notebook = 4.1% (not in top 20)

1N2D members (minus Seunggi) were on KBS Win Win. Um Taewoong was the guest, and Eun Jiwon and Kim Jongmin appeared during the surprise guest corner, joining MC Lee Sugeun. It’s not the first time the 1N2D members (minus Seunggi and Hodong) have appeared together on KBS during the SBS Strong Heart time slot. Before KBS Sang Sang Plus was cancelled (primarily due to low ratings competing with Strong Heart), MC Sugeun was joined by 1N2D members Jiwon and MC Mong.

Strong Heart and Win Win have been at the same time slot for over one year and half, and Win Win has increased its TV ratings over time, but Strong Heart continues to dominate the #1 spot. Win Win overtook the #1 spot only on 2(?) occasions~ July 5, 2011 with guest Kim Jung Tae, and April 13, 2010.

(Images: Naver, SBS;  English: LSGfan)

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13 Responses

  1. From a very biased point of view (and you know which way I am leaning), don’t you have an “all against one” feel from this? I know they probably all laughed about it afterwards (if this subject ever came up) and JW was in SH very recently (the same episode?), and TW was so sweet in his honesty, but I admit I can’t be as BIG as Seung Gi.

    I will say a hearty good luck and a heartfelt thank-you to everyone when 1N2D comes to an end. And I will feel tremendously relieved for Seung Gi.

  2. I feel the same way, not only from this situation, but also from many other 1n2d episodes.

  3. well i can’t help but remember the 1n2d episode where they have to pick somebody they’re really close to? and nobody picked seunggi or hodong? i felt bad mostly for seunggi well because in hodong’s case, he’s a little like their supervisor at work so it maybe a lot awkward for most of the guys though some of them assumed at first maybe the two of them (seunggi and hodong) will pick each other’s name up since they’re also hosting another show.

    I remember reading dramabean’s recap of that episode, they said in seung gi’s case it’s something like “don’t hate me if I’m beautiful.” I had to agree with that. he’s the youngest and yet he’s the overachiever of the group, the most popular and 1n2d surely promotes his album a lot these past few episodes since it came out. He was and is the runaway star of the show. I have often wondered exactly how the other guys really feel about each other outside 1n2d?

    Anyway, i’d rather think that what Jiwon means that it’s hard to ask seunggi out is that his schedule is crazy these days. i am wondering even where he gets the time to even play soccer. but that’s him, the star among the stars and it’s great to hear that coming from the rest of the guys.(although, watching them altogether on the show, how comfortable they are with each other, even scolding seunggi in some episodes, i could hardly believe they said that!!) rather than think of some petty jealousies on the other guys, i’d like to think that they are really supportive of each other’s careers in and out of the show.

    I am mighty glad though that SH ratings still turned out higher!!!

  4. ok, long comment. Think of it like a post! :)

    I think a lot of Airens felt the same way. Usually, no comment from fans are the the most telling! Almost none of the Korean fans mentioned this epi even though it was all over the press. And even though this post was one of the most read posts, very few comments here…

    I could be wrong, but the way a lot of the international fans view the relationship among the 1n2d guys seems sort of very different from the way Korean fans for the most part seem to see things.

    I’ve posted this a bunch of times so sorry to keep repeating. But this closeness/affection term called “jung” in Korean, it’s very hard to fully explain bc it’s very specific to K-culture.

    The 1n2d guys have very deep “jung” for one another, but like any family, some are more closer than others. And also the closeness shifts over time based on circumstances and interests. And while they may not be super close, there’s a “we’re all one family” feel that develops when you sleep and eat together for 4 years! and you’re doing one of the most beloved k-variety shows!

    And like any family, the straitlaced, upstanding, favored kid often gets left out. And being maknae sort of makes that inevitable! But, the hyungs deserve a lot of credit for letting LSG get a lot of the attention. Part of that, they know that’s what a lot of people want.

    And I was so wrong on UTW!! I totally thought he would be this great hyung, actor sunbae to LSG since he’s 12 years older, like the way Kim C and sort of Mong was. But woah, i think we all know UTW may be the ultimate man-child! Unlike LSG, he was raised by his mom and 2 older sisters, and I don’t get that he’s the nurturing type (like Kim C and Mong). It’s nothing bad on UTW, my anticipation was just way off.

    I think UTW feels close with Jiwon and Sugeun, not because he sees them as dongsengs to be nurtured, but fun, easy-going peers. Whereas, Seunggi… he is notorious for being unapproachable! LOL. Maybe, even a little aloof, like he’s busy with other things! Ha. But I think it’s more about him being a more private person. Plus, I don’t get that LSG follows after UTW seeing out his advice on a lot of things or wanting to meet up. I hope that changes over time…

    And while I feel so bad for Hodong and really hope he’s doing okay, I can’t help but to think how abandoned LSG must feel. wow, If that happened to me, my unni or oppa or sunbae, one of my biggest supporters left my side, I’d be soooo sad. But, happy to see the 1n2d guys really giving their all and supporting each other. Especially, Jiwon-Seunggi this year feels different (like very supportive) than in the past. I like! 1N2D FIGHTING!!! ~~~

    • WOW… i really love your comment.. i can see myself on your notes,,, the way you think bout the situation.^^

    • i see, thanks for that ann, that’s very enlightening and i get it. as i have said before I am a new fan, just been watching 1n2d for a few months now and trying to backtrack as many episodes as i can download.

      though i am still constantly missing hodong, i am glad to see a lot of jiwon -seunggi bromance. sugeun and jiwon’s support really seemed genuine, seemingly content to take a little backseat from seunggi’s ever increasing popularity and matter of factly acknowledging it.

      about utw, i’m still trying to make up my mind about him especially after watching the unsubbed last episode of 1n2d. I think we will get to know him more in the next episodes.

      but really? Seunggi is notorious for being unapproachable or even aloof? i didn’t know that. i guess he can’t help it, i remember reading somewhere that he cannot really go out as much as he wants with friends since he debuted. I guess that’s the price of popularity- isolation from the rest of the world. by the way what happened to his friend who later turned became his manager?

      I miss Mong and KimC’s camaraderie with seunggi, like the rest of the old time fans. i have seen the old episodes and the dynamic was really different. Flashback to Sugeun’s wedding where the guys were cutting food for Seunggi since he injured his hand. And when he was left at Nok’s island and he came to where they were, the rest of the guys were so contrite. I love those moments where they really treat him as a younger brother though he sure gets scolded a lot!

      Well I hope the rest of the guys can get to hang out more as a group and hopefully, not excluding Seunggi.

      Sorry too long comment!
      Thanks again Ann.

      • “but really? Seunggi is notorious for being unapproachable or even aloof?” —

        I’d say, more so how others in k-entertainment perceive him, and not in a negative sense in terms of like snotty aloof people :) more like bc of his uhm-chin-ah, upstanding, i don’t go out type of image, a lot of ppl feel like they can’t easily approach or hang out with him bc they may not be as upstanding! haha. it’s an envied image! :)

        yeah, i’m not made up on UTW either. after seeing him on Win Win and Come to Play yesterday and on 1n2d recently, it’s interesting…

    • Hi Ann, i totally agree with you on your comments.
      Yes, i missed those Kim C/Mong era… really pray that they can come back together for at least the last episode.

  5. thanks so much ann for taking the time to explain, i appreciate it.I guess it’s safe to say that Seunggi is really unique in his position today at K entertainment. Am I right? Coz I have very limited Korean entertainment knowledge heheh.

    I didn;t know exactly what happened with the last 1n2d episode since I just watched the raw video, but i enjoyed it a lot. UTW may just continue to surprise us in the coming episodes.

  6. In 1n2d, Seung Gi is such a “heodang” and he’s also very well-mannered & sincere, so it’s somehow hard to believe that a lot of people (esp celebs) feel like they can’t easily approach or hang out with him.

  7. Hi Sam, it was Kim C and Ho Dong whom nobody picked. Seung Gi And Jiwon got a vote each that’s why they were paired.

  8. Sorry Sam, you were referring to the loveline episode and I misunderstood that for the friend episode (way long ago).

  9. Seung Gi may have this unapproachable image right now, but just watch once he hits his 30’s. By the way, he’s almost 30 now, just 3 more years to go lol He can’t have this image for so long. The image he has now, reminds me of Jiwon back then, when he was still in Sechskies and in his 20’s, but you see now, Jiwon is being more approachable once he hit his 30’s. So Seung Gi time will come to an end soon or later, just watch. However, I know he will still be a charmer like Jiwon, no matter what. But the unapproachable image that he have now will soon become an end after he hits his 30’s.

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