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[ENG] Lee Seung Gi: 5-minute Music Broadcast, EP 1

Lee Seunggi’s 5-minute Music Broadcasts will air on MNET over a 4-week period.  Episode 1 aired on November 1.  While the main feature is Seunggi singing songs (LIVE!) from his recently released 5th Album, Tonight, the 5-minute snippets will include interviews, guests, and fans.  The 5-minute broadcasts will air again during the week on TV, and will be playing on large screens at select college campuses (probably female ones!).  He sings title song “Because We’re Friends” in Ep 1, and seriously, I thought the original track was playing!  Seunggi sounds A-MAZING!~~ Based on the brief preview at the end, can’t wait for EP 2 next week!~~

(video: Beedance07)

Make sure to also show a lot of love for the original non-subbed version posted on Hook Entertainment’s official Lee Seung Gi Youtube channel…  Ok, Hook deleted the original video and uploaded a slightly different version below (which is too bad because previous one was getting a lot of hits!)  New version has WAY better sound quality and new footage during the song.  Includes this brief interview cut at the end…

(video: seunggitown)

[Q: How do you feel about the first broadcast?]
LSG: I’m very happy we were able to finish well with all our staff members. And I think I’ll be able to get a good night’s sleep!

OMG, Seunggi sounds SO amazing LIVE! Hook better schedule him for some music programs because it would be SUCH a waste to not have his live singing showcased for everyone to see! And just plain nonsensical to not appear on music programs!

Come on, this is his album comeback after 2 years, and probably his last full album before he goes to the military! I think it’s great that Hook actually decided to promote his album this time(!) for once in their life. But hope Captain Hook has some people involved this time around who actually have a pulse on the current trends in the music industry and understands how to promote music in the 21st century!!!

Can’t wait for episode 2 next week~~~!

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10 Responses

  1. Thanks so much Ann and Beedance, you are angels!

    SG live is incomparable! Also love the instrumental feature near the end.

    I wonder if they did a screening for the studio audience – they all looked so cute! And so lucky!

    Regarding TV promotion, I remember Tryp mentioned now TV stations ‘package’ variety show appearance with music program promotion and because SG is so busy there is little chance of him going on another variety show hence the difficulty in TV promotions. Well, my question is what about SH and 1N2D? Surely those two count as variety shows. So SG should have no problem getting on SBS and KBS to promote his album, right?

  2. thanks to you and beedance for always subbing for us. He sounded and looked awesome. Sigh, those lucky airens!!!

  3. Thank you so much!!! I had been searching for it…can finally enjoy seeing seung-gi again!!! Love him!!!

  4. Hi LSGfan and Beedance thank you soo much for the subs..!! ^^ You guys are angels for Us International Airens.. watching it for the first time since the released and then now watching it live.. Im teary eyed.. really felt SeungGi´s emotions on this song.. ^^
    and He look soo handsome and can feel his excitement on performing live..^^ really cant wait for episode 2..

  5. FOr you all who has published and make the original video and the subbed one,,i must say thank you so much,,you really have been in a hard-working to finish that video…..
    Love you all!! love mr. Lee too!! gomawo…..
    can’t wait the next episode…^^

  6. OMG, someone please tell me that I saw wrong!!! Please! Jebal! What the heck is up with the front page of LSG’s official website??!! Oh no, please tell me this is not related to Hook’s idea of album promotion concept! Jebal~~~~~ :(

  7. Oh no, i just clicked on the official site again to make sure I wasn’t dreaming (a very bad nightmarish dream!). OMFG! How dare Captain Hook continue to take our lovely Seunggi and do this kind of ridiculous lame stuff to him again and again! Utterly unbelieveable!

    This is what Hook thinks helps to promote LSG’s album and songs and him as a singer against all the comeback artists??!! seriously, omg… *BIG SIGH*

  8. Poor Ann, you have my sympathy. To be honest, I am not that hot about the later album related pictures, including the cover – you know those pseudo folksy, olden feel kind of design. His album oozes of urban, trendy, vibrant charms. The stills for Time for Love fit the mood much much better. Don’t know who designed it or what was the concept. Maybe the same guy for the pseudo western outfit on the official site??? Sigh…Loving SG is easy. The rest? It’s really testing at times.

  9. If AnnMichelle (who always can look at just LSG and keep out all the other noise!) can actually sympathize with my continued depression over Captain Hook’s incredibly sad sense of — fashion, style, image, promotion, anything vaguely current, hip or cool! — then seriously, I can’t be as vain, surfacey, or crazy like I often feel compared to some of the fans that think the concept of country-bumpkin looking LSG looks good??!!!

    Capt Hook suffers from some mild form of disassociation! Like you said AM, the album totally oozes trendy and vibrant and yet the concept photos are LSG in folksy wear???!!! Yes, cowboy boots and related styles have become urban essentials, but not when outfitted like you just came from the haystacks on the farm!!!

    AM, what you said – it’s EXACTLY how I feel ALL the time! “Loving SG is easy. The rest? It’s really testing at times.”

    Like, I’m uber-thrilled to hear about LSG’s upcoming music show appearances, but feel sick to my stomach thinking about what Hook is going to put together. Jebal, Captain Hook~~~ make me a happy fangirl!

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