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Lee Seung Gi – Ha Ji Won recognized at 48th Savings Day

[October 25, 2011] 48th annual Savings Day in Korea.  Lee Seung Gi was one of the recipients of the Presidential Merit Award, and the Prime Minister Merit Award was presented to Ha Ji Won and others.  And to my overjoyed glee!, Seunggi showed up dressed in investment banker, classic black pin-striped, double-breasted suit!  Then, per usual, charmed the press with his honest, sincere and uhm-chin-ah answers!~~

VIDEO: Savings Day award recognition event and press conference

[How do you feel about being recognized for the Savings Day award?]
LSG: It’s really an honor. It feels different from (or similar to?) receiving an award in school, so I’m very happy. As this is a particularly meaningful event, I feel even more happy.
HJW: For me too, I feel very happy and thankful to receive such a meaningful award. Actually, I don’t know a lot beyond saving, so I’m thankful to be recognized today and in the future, I will continue to save a lot and also use it toward good works. Thank you.

[Do you have any investment strategies or know-hows?]
LSG: Since I’m an entertainer, and the situation for entertainers may be different, my recommendations in this economy may… how would you say it… may not be a good fit.  Personally, I’ve been diligently saving since I debuted.  Also, my mother and father were bank employees, so rather than me carefully investing and knowing how to do so, with guidance from my parents so that I don’t carelessly spend my money, they helped to create a lot of savings for me through my income and finance-related items.  There are probably a lot more smarter people than me in this area, thus, I feel very honored to receive this award.  I’m not sure exactly, but I believe there are about 10 savings accounts.  [That’s too many!!]
HJW: For me too, as I’m still on my own and lacking in many ways, since I was young, my parents have been saving together with me.  Me too, I believe I have over 10 savings accounts too and am putting a lot into savings.  And my mother and my father are smartly handling this.  In the future, I hope to study a lot more and feel that I need to carry this forth more intelligently.

English: LSGfan, Video: AirenNews01/Tryp96

I’ve been SO busy, and dying to post my fave press photos!  I was in fashion heaven on October 25, clicking on photos while Seunggi was trending all day on Naver!

Ok, so I did have some minor issues with the suit and the hair, but as this is terrible Cody and clueless Hook we’re talking about(!), I’m just in glee when Seunggi shows up in public in an appropriate-for-the-event, fitted outfit and decent hair!!

Classic investment banker, double-breasted, pin-striped black suit~~

He looks like a million bucks! (even despite lower left pimple!)

Aw, Seunggi looks so excited, nervous, and picture-perfect, getting his award! 

Presidential Merit Award recipients, including some very excited ajummas! Ha!

Seunggi and the very cute and talented Ha Ji Won 

But, what was Jiwon wearing?!  Dude, I thought Seunggi’s Cody drove me crazy!  LOVE the mini skirt with black quilted leather front pockets, but what’s up with pairing it with that mismatched boring secretary collared blouse?!  And hair is not helping~!

Not a flattering photo for Seunggi or Jiwon, but I love this protective, bodyguard feel!  The expressions on both their faces, and their hand gestures!  The whole “hand manner” concept in photos of male celebs with girls is like all the rage in Korea!  And of course Seunggi’s regularly cited as one of those guys!

Ok, these TOTALLY give off some drama press conference vibe!

There’s a 9-year age difference, so I’m not sure about a Seunggi-Jiwon pairing.  But despite his maknae, baby-faced image, Seunggi can often look and seem a lot older than 24 (um, because of terrible Cody and clueless Hook!), and Jiwon a lot younger than 33.  So, depending on the genre, maybe not a romantic-comedy tv drama, but more a dramatic movie thing could work?!

Maybe she got to see this red carpet clip from the 2010 SBS Drama Awards~!

(video: rapport2011)

(Images: As labeled)

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  1. Woaah .. they’re cute together, LSG & HJW <3

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