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Lee Seung Gi – Because We’re Friends MV [ENG + ROM]

*** UPDATED with press release info about the song ***

OMFG!!!!!  I totally missed out on Seunggi’s showcase!  But I don’t care because I so freaking love his (title?) song from the 5th album!  As fun and sweet as ‘Time for Love’ was, this song is the real sh*t!  Now, I get why he released the other song first… to prep us for this!  OMG, Seunggi sounds and looks amazing in this MV!!!  Ack~ I can’t wait to listen to the rest of the 5th album later! Thanks to LoveKpopSubs…

(video: LoveKpopSubs8)

About the song (Excerpt from Hook Entertainment press release)

Song: 친구잖아 (Because We’re Friends)
Lyrics and Music: “Hitman” Bang / Arrangement: Wonderkid

This stylish hybrid ballad has a great combination of a rock feel with its drum beats and an element of synth-pop with the synthesizers, and comes from Korea’s top producer Bang Shi Hyuk and Wonderkid.  Having sung mostly smooth and sweet songs until recently, this is a charming song in which Lee Seunggi returns back to his charming rock vocalist roots and lets us hear refreshing singing and vocals. 

English: LSGfan via Tryp96/Official Leeseunggi

I hope there’s more of this stuff on the album.  Haven’t listened to the other songs yet.  I wonder who wrote this description because it definitely has a synth-pop feel, and there are drumbeats, but not really a rock feel.  Which is fine by me… because I could really care less since I just LOVE LOVE LOVE this song!  Can’t wait to hear this live!

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14 Responses

  1. Oh, bad words, Ann (well, maybe not really). Ha ha. But I have to say:
    OMG!!! I’m on the same boat! Just LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

  2. You will love the other songs too. Cant wait for ur opinion:)

  3. I LOVED the part when he was walking beside her and holding up her bag >.< at first I totally thought he was checking her out and was like "you naughty boy ;)" and then my heart completely melted when I saw him taking the brunt of the weight. No, seriously. My heart is currently in a puddle. However, the best part is that you know he's like that in real life, which makes him the hottest guy in the whole world, because actions like that make a guy so attractive (not to mention his smexy everything else. lol)

  4. Han hyo joo was embbrassed about love time song.. hahaha..

  5. Ann,

    Hop on over to https://lsgfan.wordpress.com to listen to his other songs !!!

  6. I love I’m a bad man..U shud listen this=)))

  7. ok just listened to song – Tonight. interesting vibe and mix of sounds and beats. he sounds great. We’re Friends still #1 on my list. going to listen to the rest of the songs.

    Woah, just listened to all the songs. Just once. I think I’m feeling Just You and Anywhere the most… only because that seems most like LSG. But We’re Friends still my #1.

    I tend to like songs that fit the singer’s style, especially with LSG. Which is why I like Seunggi singing ballads and rock/pop ballads the bestest. For dance and hiphop stuff, I’ll pass on Seunggi :) (Btw, what’s up with all the autotune echo backs throughout a bunch of the songs? not really feeling that)

  8. Yeah, agree with you… my favourite so far looks to be We’re Friends though after listening to all of them for the last few hours, I am beginning to love them all… after all, it’s Seunggi ! Keke !

  9. Yes, yes, yes, love We’re Friends…The MV is low key but serves a great backdrop for the turmoils so expressively sung by SG. The tune is both catchy and long lingering…And the others…Wow! I really did not experience this side of SG before. Great stuff. I also love Anywhere, so different and so indie. I sense he is coming into his own and exerts more influence about the styles of songs.

  10. I am so spellbound by this song that my zonked-out mind can only come up with one word for how AWESOME this song is – LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE!!!!! ;)

    I am so in LOOOOOOVE with this song, with Lee Seung Gi’s stirring, heartfelt and emotional delivery and his actions in the MV, that my heart is just so overflowing with LOOOOOOOOVE – more than words can say! ;)

    A FANTASTIC JOB, LEE SEUNG GI!! But then, I never doubted your talent and ability (along with the other collaborators on this song and the album).

    So looking forward to owning the album and losing myself over how AWESOME your voice is in all your songs in your latest album – Tonight! :)

    Thank you for all your hard work!!! Thank you for giving us so much love, happiness and enjoyment from listening to your voice and songs!! You are such a blessing in all our lives! ;)

    May God bless you with health and happiness always!! AND may God chase away your loneliness by you meeting and being together with your TRUE LOVE, the woman who truly loves you and who can make you truly happy, and NEVER lonely again! ;)

  11. Super stunned!!!
    Love all the songs in the 5th album! Addictive!
    Seung Gi oppa’s voice is as gorgeous as ever if not even better!
    Seung Gi oppa FIGHTING!!! :)

  12. really love his new songs… i mean it.. LLOOOOOOOOOOOVE IT!!!!!!!! the song is addicting.. still replaying seungi`s songs in my playlist… over and over again.. i really like slave, anywhere and we are friends… superb!! awesome!! oppa fighting!!! 5th album fighting!!! ~cant get enough with lsg song~ :)

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