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Seunggi and other VIPs support ‘Only You’ movie premiere

(video: Tiam062)

[October 18, 2011] Seunggi, who like never shows up at movie premieres, showed up at last week’s VIP premiere of So Ji Sup and Han Hyo Joo‘s movie Only You.  I was so excited since I always crave his ACTOR vibe more!  But, I was left fashion-depressed after seeing press photos of Cody’s assemblage choices (again!).  So it’s taken me a week to get over it!  (Plus, after seeing a super sharp Seunggi in a pin-striped banker suit for his government award today, and with Ha Ji Won (Ackk!), I’m happy with GLEE and feel GIGGLY and FAINT with happiness!!!)~~~

[Side rant~ But more than that, I had to remind myself that Seunggi IS an ACTOR and SINGER!  Note to Na PD and 1N2D crew~ He (nor Jiwon, Taewoong, Jongmin) is NOT a gagman or comedian!  I felt sick to my stomach watching Seunggi on yesterday’s 1N2D, being forced to re-enact that stupid comedy sageuk bathing scene, in cold water(!), dressed in female hanbok and wig for that lame punishment thing!  Stuff typically reserved for gagmen!  It’s one thing to have the guys dress up as a girl like Taewoong did for their Viewers Special song, but another thing to make the guys do some lengthy, lame, humiliating punishment stuff like on yesterday’s 1N2D.]

Back to the VIP movie premiere.  Still don’t get why it’s SO hard for Cody to put Seunggi in slim-line jeans/pants and jacket that actually help accentuate a tall and lean build?  And the long-drapey scarf is not helping.  I really really don’t get it.  *Sigh*

But I’m just glad we didn’t get some crazy old-man ajusshi look.  Love the perfect fall black jacket on Seunggi.  It’s too bad the style is overshadowed by the unnecessary, long drapey scarf.  It ain’t that cold yet!  LOVE the suede sneakers touch!

VIP guests root for Only You, BTS at the movie premiere

Promo video of BTS cuts of the VIP guests.  Cute LSG shows up a few times!!!

(video: Tiam062)

Ystar fashion review at the VIP Premiere

(video: ystarchannel2)

Ystar LSG cut

(video: Tiam062)

HOST: Showing off with a cool fall muffler is brilliant prince Lee Seunggi. The theater seems to get brighter just by his appearance.
LSG: I hope Han Hyo Joo and and So Ji Sup sunbaenim’s Only You is successful. I’m rooting for it. Fighting.

The all-important seating! Hehehehe~

Aside from his annoying Cody, PD from brilliant Legacy, who recently directed City Hunter sat next to Seunggi. (I think that’s him).  Also, I’m sure Seunggi was happy to see a bunch of old and familiar faces, as well as some new ones!  Bae Soobin should be sitting in Cody’s place!  Miss their Brilliant Legacy NG days!

Other VIP guests

No photos of Seunggi and Bae Soo Bin?!  Hope the 2 guys got to catch up!  And hope Seunggi got to meet Ji Jin Hee; they were seated by each other.

Ah, I love Kim Sunah, and she is looking amazing these days.  Can’t believe how  much weight she lost.  She was always pretty, but she’s been looking gorgeous.  Curious to know if the DCLSG rumors about her and Seunggi teaming together again for a CF is true.  I wasn’t really into their whole noona-dongseng Max Beer CFs, so if it’s true, hope it’s not too noona story-line driven.

Glad Seunggi and Lee Dong Wook finally met.  The two were major online hot issue when Boom was said to have told Dongwook that the actor had to also do variety well in order to gain “Nation’s” status like Seunggi.  Lee Jin Wook showed up too.

Lee Bum Soo looking like he’s going for an equestrian ride!  And don’t know why, but Song Seung Hun doesn’t really do anything much for me anymore.  Now, I mainly reference him as the guy Yoona chose over Seunggi, in her Ideal World Cup!  Hahaha.  But she did appear on the show a few weeks later afterward to say that she agonized a lot after she got home, thinking she should’ve picked Seunggi!

Seunggi filmed part of his Best Love cameo with Jung Joon Ha (who, surprisingly is close to So Ji Sup, and the initial reason JiSup guested on Yoo Jae Suk’s Infinity Challenge!)  And Kim Chang Ryul was the guy sitting by Seunggi’s side for most of the Golden Disk Awards last year, and was right there for the infamous Seunggi fall during his interview!

Yoon So Yi. Good friends with Lee Seo Jin, Seunggi’s sunbae from Hook Ent.  She talked about Seojin and Seunggi during her Strong Heart appearance.  Park Ha Sun (Dong Yi), also a former Strong Heart guest.

Wang Ji Hye (Protect the Boss) was the girl in Seunggi’s White Lie music video.  And Jung Kyuh Woon‘s been a guest on Strong Heart a few times, and has said that he coveted the role of Hwan from Brilliant Legacy.

Yoo Seung Ho looked perfect!  Seunggi needs the name and phone number of Seungho’s Cody!!!  As for Jang Geun Suk, no comment except that I cannot ever see him and Seunggi actually hanging out together and being chummy friends!

Girlgroup Stella was there.  I think they sing on the OST?  The main girl (third from the left) is the cute Seunggi fan from the first 1N2D Viewers Special.  She’s said lots of nice things about him since she officially debuted, but I’m not really feeling this girlgroup vibe.  I liked her more when she was the elegant traditional fan-dancing and SNSD gee-ing girl from 1N2D…

Main stars of the movie, So Ji Sup and Han Hyo Joo

The movie is getting great buzz.  Woah, looks like a major tear jerker…

(video: mayries13)

Wish Moon Chae Won could’ve showed up for the premiere too.  She was at the other big event, the awards show, for her movie.  I need a Brilliant Legacy reunion!

Hope Hook Ent lines up good opportunities for films (and dramas!) for Seunggi too…

(Images: As labeled)

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10 Responses

  1. i remember seunggi doesnt like to wear fit jeans so probably only on his concert you’ll see him wearing like that….

  2. Ann thank you very much for the good recap of this event..I just hope Seunggi got acquainted well with those few actors during this event.. Lee Dong Wook, Ji Jin Hee & some other actor too..
    I’m glad we can see a glimpse of Him in this kind of event..

  3. Dear Ann,

    First and foremost, I totally agree with you about the 1N2D nightmare. I did not have the heart (nor guts) to argue too much with other Airens who think criticize 1N2D = criticize SG, which is not true at all, at least in my case. People, we love 1N2D because it shows a real SG that can’t be seen elsewhere. But, do you really think that poor guy in disguise sitting in a tub bravely facing the camera is the REAL SG??? My heart ached for him, for his great efforts (we all know how timid he is about exposing any part of his body) and fighting spirits. I only hope 1N2D people come to their senses soon.

    Okay, rant over, back to fashion. When I saw HJW’s pictures today, I was thinking about you in fact, because I know you like her a lot. And I was like, ha, here’s another cody not doing her/his job! At least SG looked like a hot shot CEO; Miss Ha looked like someone from the secretary pool (sorry! no offense meant to Miss Ha or all the great secretaries in the world!).

    Because of SG’s ‘lack of fashion sense’ (experts’ opinions, not mine), every time I saw some stars making a fashion mistake, I secretly feel relieved and grateful. Ain’t I bad?

  4. Hahaha….I laugh hardly when I saw you’re catch up Seung Gi’s cody in those pictures. :D
    Well done!!

  5. Seunggi must be very angry and crying all day because of this show. his mommy should come to PD Na and scold him for making her beloved son doing those stupid things, bathing scene, dressed in female hanbok. omg, poor seunggi :(( he shouldn’t have done that. he only needs to sit down and looking at the other members doing the rest of show. his image and personality is the only thing that make the show interesting and got high ratings, right?.. :)

    ooppss… no, sorry, please let Lee Su Geun doing this show by himself, as he is the only one comedian here, and the other members only need to sit down and relax, watching him and laughing at his stupid action.

  6. hi ann,

    i thought you’d say that when I saw Seunggi’s pictures in the savings award today. I wish we could kidnap his cody for a brief “indoctriation” on fashion. hahaha.

    Love the pin striped suit.

  7. instead for indoctrination, can I kidnap cody so that he never goes near Seunggi again????!!! :) Seriously, I can’t believe Cody gets to go to all these awesome events as Seunggi’s +1!

    I wish there were more BTS photos from this movie premiere. Wonder what Seunggi was thinking throughout the movie. must’ve been weird to see Hyojoo on screen after acting with her in Brilliant Legacy. looking forward to seeing this movie.

  8. never attend movie premiere before, and now he came for Han Hyo Joo…

  9. Hello Ann!
    i was happy that Seunggi atteneded hyo joo’s movie vip premiere. and i expected it but, i really don’t get what he’s wearing. it could’ve been slightly better without the scarf(?) or much better if there was no tshirt only the scarf. Ha ha ha, or better off when he’s in tshirt and jeans. it’ll have a manly vibe. but nevertheless i was happy seeing him there.
    thank you for the review! enjoyed it!

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