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Kim Hyun Joong talks Lee Seung Gi: Music comeback battle, ringtone preferences, 7-0 soccer match

Hyunjoong’s on a promotion blitz for his mini-album, and was asked about Seunggi on two radio program visits.  When asked about battling Seunggi, since both made a music comeback around the same time, I was really surprised by his frank and honest response.  Loved the juicy tidbits he revealed about Seunggi’s ringtone and that his team totally got destroyed by Seunggi’s soccer team!

Kim Hyunjoong talks about Lee Seeuggi
YT link – MBC FM4U radio, Joo Young Hoon’s 2:00 Date  [2011.10.17]
LSG-related part @28:45 ~ 31:10

DJ: This question is really…  As soon as you released your album, Lee Seunggi came out around the same time.  Seems like it could’ve been a battle?  If you were to say one thing to Lee Seunggi?
(No immediate response from KHJ, sort of at a loss for words)
DJ: In addition to Lee Seunggi’s comeback, there’s Tablo, a lot of people came out around the same time. SNSD is coming too. Albums from top stars are pouring out. You must have thought about this while preparing?
KHJ: Yes. This is a situation I could never have even imagined…
(Woah, DJ is feeling bad now, seeing that KHJ seems pretty disappointed)
DJ: Doesn’t matter of course. There are things only  Kim Hyunjoong has.
(Hesitation from Hyunjoong again. Woah, awkward)

KHJ: Well, I spoke with Seunggi yesterday. In the least, I don’t use my own song for my ringtone. [LAUGHTER] But, with Seunggi…
DJ: Seunggi used his own song? (LOL) And it just came out! It’s only been 2 days. But he’s already using his song for his ringtone?
KHJ: Yes. But me, I’m too embarrassed to use my own song.

[Talk about how Hyunjoong’s never used his own songs for his ringtones. He usually goes for old school songs for his ringtones. Haha.]

DJ: Do you talk often with Seunggi?
KHJ: Yesterday, because of soccer… we played soccer together.
DJ: You play soccer together too?
KHJ: Yes, yesterday was the first time.
DJ: Wow, actually playing soccer?
KHJ: Yes.
DJ: Do you have a team?
KHJ: For me, yesterday, I went with my dancers, and we played against some really [tough?] guys, and we got totally crushed. (LOL!)
DJ: Really? I want to join that soccer team. Wow, watching a soccer match between Kim Hyun Joong and Lee Seunggi would be epic!

English: LSGfan

The day afterward, I guess word got around that Hyungjoong said he played soccer with Seunggi.  On another radio program the next day, one of the questions the DJ read from the message board was about that…

Hyunjoong gets asked about soccer game with Seunggi
SBS Power FM, Ahn Sun Young’s radio program [2011.10.18]

DJ: Hyunjoong, I heard you played soccer with Seunggi. Did you have fun?
KHj: Yeah (hesitating)… It was fun… But a bit [embarrassing?]
DJ: Because you lost?
KHJ: Yes.
DJ: How much did you lose by?
KHJ: We lost 7 to 0. [LAUGHTER]

English: LSGfan via DCLSG

I LOVE that Hyunjoong still mentioned playing soccer with Seunggi and talking to him by phone, even despite feeling a bit disappointed about the music comeback results. He was a real guy about it.  Obviously surprised by the comeback situation, but could throw in a laugh by teasing about Seunggi’s ringtone thing! Hehehe.

I LOVE that Seunggi uses his own song for his ringtone! He is a co-writer on the song! Plus his song hit #1 on all the major charts its first day out!  So for sure, he should be proud and promote it!  Especially since Hook has barely promoted it!

I LOVE that Seunggi’s soccer team (made up of his old-school, non-celeb friends) won the soccer game!  And won in totally convincing, all-kill fashion!

I LOVE that Seunggi, one of few K-pop stars to do so, gets love and respect from top peers and veterans in K-entertainment, in addition to fangirls/fanboys of ALL ages!

But, how come we always have to hear about Seunggi through other celebs and their interviews?!!~~  Jang Geun Suk on Knee-cap Guru, 1N2D Sugeun on SBS radio program, Teuk-Eunhyuk on SuKiRa radio, Han Hyojoo and Shin Minah in their press interviews, and most recently Hyunjoong.

It’s cool that Seunggi isn’t like some of the self-absorbed K-entertainers who are SO obviously needy (*cough cough*), and that he doesn’t feel the need to divulge too much or gush incessantly about his personal life and celeb connections, but…

Wouldn’t it be awesome if Seunggi actually got to promote himself the way most other K-stars do??!!  Like, the way most normal people do prior to a music comeback or following a drama wrap-up??!!

Sometimes, I really wonder where Seunggi would be if Hook promoted him just even half as much as the way most other top stars are promoted!  Or what it would be like if Hook actually had other clients he could work and connect with, you know like how most other celebs collaborate with other company entertainers…! *Sigh*

Anticipating Hyunjoong-Seunggi interaction on next week’s Strong Heart!

(Image: As Labeled)

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5 Responses

  1. lol, i love this guy

  2. I agree with you about Seunggi’s promotions. I once heard him talking about how they wanted to train him to be the next Rain. He could and would and honestly WILL be global top-of-the-world-famous and successful if they do it right. Well. Maybe after he finishes his Masters next year.

  3. Haha, I thought the 7 to 0 is where seunggi team lost to KHJ team of fit dancers…but I was totally suprised that it was the other way aroung..:)

  4. 7 to 0!!??
    Seung Gi oppa, you can be a bit… cruel at times…haha!
    Super love his playful self at these times!
    Seung Gi oppa FIGHTING!!! :)
    And crush them all?? …haha!

  5. i love the pix….
    and the 7-0 thingy….is there anyone taking a video…really want to watch it

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