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2011 Asia Song Festival: Lee Seunggi, U-Kiss tweets photo with Sunbaenim, and SNSD Yoona shows respect

*** My bad!  LSGfan is just like Seunggi = Me is Heodang! ***
Original title [2011 Asia Song Festival: Seunggi, U-Kiss tweets, and Yoona] changed!

[October 15, 2011]  Asia Song Festival.  Thought Seunggi would debut his new single ‘Time for Love’.  I guess a high-profile event broadcast all over Asia is not the best place to try out your song publicly for your first time!  I was kind of hoping for a surprise guest showing by Kim Yuna for ‘Smile Boy.’  She and Seunggi need to sing their song together just once live!

Seunggi’s outfit/look –

Decent hairstyle (but when will we see the return of the flattering flat-iron look?!) Burgundy, wine red paired-button shirt with shadowed black splotches.  Thicker grade material black pants and jacket with cuffed/folded extended sleeves.  Necklace accessory with black feather attached(?!)  I’m just grateful Cody put him in a fitted suit!!

Was hopeful this poster Seunggi-hair would show up, but wasn’t meant to be…

Wow, Seunggi’s resume…!!~  Compare to other Korean singers at ASF website.

Woah, SNSD in tight black leather!  Way more sexy than usual innocent look!~

Miss A and G.NA.  Miss A girls have gotten so pretty!  They look hot!

Beast.  Want to see hilarious Doojoon-Seunggi reunion again on Strong Heart!

And because of Seunggi-Teuk and Eunhyuk, can’t help but to root for Super Junior!~

And never really followed U-Kiss, but…

After their public display of Seunggi fanboy love via twitter, makes me want to root for them too!  Fangirl Rule – Can’t help but to like people who show love for Seunggi!

Dongho first tweeted the adorable photo tweet and then Kevin retweeted…  AWW~~  Hilarious and cute that maknae Dongho is referring to Seunggi as “Nation’s younger brother” as well as  “Sunbaenim” ~ He does Seunggi’s old Dongji noodle CF now.

More fanboy love from MC for the night, Jun Hyun Moo!  The way he looks at Seunggi!  Hahahaha.  He was like that during 1N2D too!  LOL.  Must have been weird for the guys to be standing there all dressed up, after having spent 1 Night 2 Days together for the Viewers Special!  Loved this interview part, the guys joking together!  Still love the 2008 Letter from Angels interview they did together!

MC Lee Honey, Seoul University educated and former Miss Korea, looked gorgeous!

My fave press photos… cute and serious~~

Oh No!  I can’t stand it when guys bite their lip when dancing!! Please, not again!~~

[FANCAM] Seunggi’s performance stage and interview (which you can’t really hear over the screaming!)  Hyunmoo talks about Seunggi’s ‘Time for Love’ debuting at #1 on the Music Charts!  Aw!  Always love Seunggi bromances!  And woah, Airens out in full force!  And the fans of other performers showing much love for our Seunggi!  (Thanks Tryp96 for finding this awesome video!)

(video: MiNeLoveMicky)

[FANCAM] – MC Hyunmoo makes Seunggi do fanservice – Wink and Heart!~ So cute!

(video: jessicang1019)

[FANCAM] And hope other Airens don’t get mad (since I actually like SNSD’s Yoona!)~ Daebak fancam editing of Yoona acknowledging Seunggi with a little bow at the end of the concert!  OMG, so cute!  Aw, showing respect for Seunggi.  You can’t hate that!  :)  (Actually fancam was highlighting Taeyeon’s kiss, but I only saw the LSG part!)

(video: TangParadise)

(Images: As Labeled/Korean Press)

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28 Responses

  1. ㅋㅋㅋ~
    If you just know what riot had been passed for us, because of that video… *sweaty hand*

    • uh-oh. Were Airens upset? Do I need to go hide somewhere?!

      • ROFL Ann, no need to hide dear ^^
        we already watched and talked bout the SNSD-seunggi video yesterday, but we’re surprise that u also pay more attention to that vid like what we did ^^ kkkkk~ thank u for posting those photos and vids!

  2. OMG! oh no, I am heodang like Seunggi~~~~

    I just realized now that having “U-Kiss” (even if it means a boyband and not a kiss!) in the same sentence as seunggi and yoona is not a good idea! aigoo~~~ my bad.

  3. hahaha! no need to hide ann,I like yoona for Seung gi also.hmm Seung gi seems so happy ha.

  4. video it just shows how seung gi is a good person.
    and there is nothing to show feelings, don’t have a meaning at all

    I think the feeling expressed through song , and the content of the lyrics DOES NOT lead to yoona snsd but precisely the content of the song seems to tell a good relationship between Lee Seung Gi and Han Hyo Joo:)

    • u so stupid. u wawnt him to say how many times again that he has feeling for yoona.han hyo joo shin min ah is nothing.

  5. Nah, you don’t need to hide.
    Indeed, we-ehm- not favoriting Seunggi-yoona couple but as we know as silly it is, as we keep talking about it. Thus, we are bit surprised, just as Katja said, we surprised that you paid attention for the same video, the same moment kkk~

    I’m die of laughing!

    Btw, as usual, your fashion comment is awesome, a bit startled by seunggi’s hair. I’d prefer Hwan’s nest or Daewoong’s over perm over the hair style above!

  6. I was there!!! It was amazing!!! I was screaming LEE SEUNG GI so loud that I almost lost my voice the next day!!! I never thought that I would see LSG perform in real life and I turn into a crazy fan girl. I love the songs he sang especially Love Taught me to drink!!! I was loving it!!!! He was so handsome and cute!!!!!

  7. I understand your feeling about write something about SNSD at the same time you also a big fan of SG. Sometime I also distressed if i want to comment something about it since someone may feel hurt or not like this as well.

  8. I believe they’re both attracted to each other, i mean they’re each other’s ideal types , i guess during performances like this is their sole opportunity to see each other which is kinda sad for both parties

    • You must be another Ann? but you write almost exactly what i was thinking. i feel like if I can like guys and hang out with and date guys, Seunggi should be allowed to do the same with girls… ok, wait, let me take that back —

      he can like and hang out… dating is another thing! although per his song, he obviously wants to date! hahaha.

      anyway, being attracted to someone and them being your ideal type is not the same as wanting to date or marry that person. i really think LSG will marry a non-celeb. probably some uhm-chin-ah accomplished violinist or well-educated girl from good family!

      • Totally agree with you Ann (the LSGfan!), per the song, he obviously want to date. Hoping he got capture the girl’s heart XD

        kkk~ I have no grudge though. Surely, he should be allowed to like and hang out, what I mean us being silly is that we are obviously coscious about that thing, but still debating about it til the end.

        For me? Indeed, same with you, I think he will be marry a decent -non celeb- educational good girl, kkk~

        Oh here i comes again, interfering with someone else’s life XD

    • me feel the same way too…

  9. Dear Ann,
    Add me in as another converted Yoona supporter (not fan – the distinction is important to me). That’s after I saw the 1N2D episode where SG was trying to earn some money mopping floors at a TV station, and Yoona just glued herself to him and praised his acting in the Famous 7 Sisters (saying stuff like what an HONOR to see him act). It’s really cute that Yoona was totally fangirling! And she is right. I watched the train departure scene and SG was so real and good!

    All I can say is that girl has taste!

  10. Hello,
    It makes me smile everytime i watch the last video clip. Best wishes to both Seung Gi and Yoona^^

  11. i don’t like Super Junior anymore..
    they seem to ignored seung gi at the end of AFS by watching the video

  12. the video with yoona made me hysterical for a while.i thought i was about to have a nervous breakdown/heart attack and was in a battle mode..lolz..I just don’t like her for Seung Gi-ya..sorry to yoonatics..i guess i’m not the only one here who felt the same way..lolz..=)

  13. You are not alone ㅋㅋㅋ~

  14. Hi, Ann.
    I think your hope had come true (PS: I apologize if you’re not).
    I get a tip from someone said few of snsd members had recording Strong Heart today. And the members including Tiffany, Yuri and Yoona!
    I don’t think there will be any entangled relationship happen since KHD been left the show. So I just only enjoys watching and loves both of them in the show.

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