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Lee Seung Gi – Time for Love [ENG + ROM] & Bonus Teaser

(video: seunggitown)

(video: Beedance07; English: LSGfan, Tryp96)  Big thx to Beedance and her crew!!!!

I was nervous about the much buzzed about ‘bad guy’ concept thing, but um, bad guy – this is definitely not!  Not sure how I feel about his character in this song, so I’ll wait to see the music video to see how it plays out.  There’s no denying he’s the real deal as a singer, and like all things Seunggi, you just can’t help but to love and support…

I’ve always had mad love for Brilliant Legacy’s Hwan-Sung couple, but not sure how I feel about this being played out in Seunggi’s song like this.  I’m sure I’m not alone in hoping that a version without the narration is on the upcoming album…!

Music chart rankings are counted as Day 1 starting October 14.  Results to show up the next morning.  Hope it does well! Congrats to Seunggi!

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21 Responses

  1. Yey! I knew you and bee would sub it. Thanks so much guys. And, yes. I’m also waiting for the version without the dialogues. Congratulations, Seung-gi. One-third of the wait over.

    And for sure, PD Na will use this in the next 1N2D episode.

    Thanks again, Ann!

  2. Such a sweet confession from LSG.Love it especially the narration part…it is so cute:)

  3. guys, thx for doing this for us, non korean speaking fans!!! I too hope they will come out with version without the narration part.

    Thanks again, this is great!!!!

  4. Lee Seung Gi One of the most anticipated comebacks among the slew of artists returning to the music scene this fall. It’s hard to remember that Lee Seung Gi started out as a singer, melting everyone’s heart with beautiful songs like “Because You’re My Girl” or “White Lie”. He’s definitely a moving vocalist. When I was just starting to get into Korean dramas and music, and I saw Shining Inheritance, I never imagined that this pissy-kid is the same one who sang such charming and effervescent tracks like “Will You Marry Me”. I admired him greatly since. As a variety star of “Strong Heart” and “1 Night 2 Days”, he’s shown tremendous skill, gracefully balancing comedy with charm without trying hard to be cute. That’s the thing with Lee Seung Gi; he never tries to be aegyo or adorable. He just naturally oozes it.

    He first came out in 2004 and his voice has definitely changed since then. We don’t get the raspy throaty sound he used to great effect in “Because You’re My Girl.” Now, we get a charming voice that can still nail high notes. He’s come a long way from his first year. It’s 2011, and next week, his 5th full album is coming out but ahead of that release, we get a new track from the man himself.

    “Alone in Love” is similar to “Will You Marry Me” in the way it shows Lee Seung Gi’s vocal chops while still showing his fun personality. It has a lovely pop instrumental framed around a piano melody and laced with chimes and some mild guitar. Indeed, it seems like “Will You Marry Me, Part II” only better. The music contrasts the lyrics and its title. The lyrics seem more melancholy than the cheerier music would suggest. In between verses, there are spoken parts with a girl and Seung Gi sounds like an awkward man in love, and it’s so endearing!

    Still, the most important aspect of any Lee Seung Gi song is Lee Seung Gi himself. His voice shifts from optimism at one point, to whimsical in another, and to hopelessly in love. It’s the way he bounces these emotions around that makes him more charismatic and dreamy. Although we don’t get the vocal showcase that his earlier efforts were, we still hear hints of the great balladeer that Lee Seung Gi is.

    Alone in Love is just one track from his new album. Given this first song, I’m excited to hear the rest. Apparently, he has been working on this album for two years. I love Lee Seung Gi so expect me to write an album review the moment his album comes out next week. Stay tuned.


  5. super love the narration part…sooo sweeettttt…..the best.. *and to be honest, I’m not waiting 4 the non dialogues version….:))

  6. I like the narration part though…
    It was sooo cute!!!
    Nervous Seung Gi oppa stuttering and in the end failing to confess but asked if he could borrow Han Hyo Joo’s handphone… I let out a laugh at the same time as HHJ! Haha!
    Plucking up all his courage, LSG went to confess again and as he was about to fail again, straight-forward HHJ just said out what LSG wanted to say!
    Cool HHJ & Cute LSG!!!
    Love the two of them together!
    BL couple FIGHTING!!!
    Seung Gi oppa FIGHTING!!! :)
    Can’t wait for THE 5TH ALBUM!!!

  7. I actually like the narration, so I’m gonna have to disagree with you on this one nuna :p.

    Thanx for the hard work, you guys are so awesome :)

  8. i really like the narration part…its makes the songs sooo much more cute…lol…hmm…i think that makes it more perfect

  9. Finally Seung Gi 5th album is released!!! This is so sweet… I hope I can buy his album in Singapore.

    Thank you guys for the english sub ^^

    • eslh, if you are interested, you can e-mail to me at lsg_singapore@yahoo.com

      We are buying as a group from a supplier which will help raise Seung Gi’s album sales in Korea. (FYI, not all suppliers or shops sales in korea are counted into the music charts.)

      thanks ann,tryp & beedance07 for the english subbed!
      initially i feel weird when i heard about HHJ participating in this song..but after hearing it, it was a cute part.. it’s as if they are in a drama…. it was much better than i expected..

      • Hi Yon, might I ask about that supplier? Airen PH members wanted to also buy in bulk, but we are not sure if the place we’ll buy from will help his album sales in Korea. And we didn’t one to buy from someone who won’t help the sales. Thank you so much!

      • Hi Tishi, it was my friend’s contact. so she will liaise with the person on my behalf as the supplier do not know me yet. I’m bundling up with my friend’s order so that we can save on shipping costs.

        you send me an e-mail to the e-mail address that we had for the message book and let me know which shop/supplier you are buying for and i will ask my friend to check for you

      • hihi.. are you still accepting orders for singapore.. it’d be the first time i’m buying his album.. hurhur

      • hi heppee, yes we are still accepting order for singapore fans. the deadline is this sunday(23rd Oct). please send to the e-mail address stated above and i will give you the details.

        Ann, so sorry about our posting regarding preordering of SGi’s album, hope you are fine with it..

  10. I like the ” I love you” part……….so sweet !

  11. I really love this song. thank you for the video.

    btw can I upload the video in my yt account.

    • Ann already mentioned it right at the top of this post that ‘Do not reupload’ , hope you will respect their hard work and do not upload to your account. you can add this video to your playlist for your own listening.

      However, you can post video link to your blog or facebook or twitter account.

  12. after “will you marry me”.. now it’s “should we date”.. aww seung gi.. you know what ur airens are thinking of.. haha

  13. Yon~ i love all your informative comments and replies! Most of the time I don’t know the answers related to buying the music… and a lot of the other “fan” stuff! :) you guys are awesome for taking orders for other fans! Hook needs to seriously pay all the airens working tirelessly for LSG!

  14. HAN HYO JOO LEE SEUNGGI make me crazy…until now i”m always rerun BL..brilliant legacy..hope they be real couple.

  15. Seung-gi and Han Hyo Joo duet sing in Drama Awards 2009
    Seung-gi and Shin min ah duet sing in Drama Awards 2010
    I hope Seung-gi and Ha Ji Won Duet in Drama Award 2012

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