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Han Hyo Joo talks Lee Seung Gi, So Ji Sup, good fortune

I’m not a hardcore fan of Han Hyo Joo, but I’m still a big fan of the ‘Brilliant Legacy‘ Hwan-Sung Couple.  And I love that Seunggi and Hyojoo have remained good friends and both have been so successful and loved by the public.  Being foremost a fan of ‘Actor’ Lee Seunggi, I am slightly envious (but proud) of Hyojoo’s freedom to focus solely on her acting career.  But it’s not like she has multi-entertainer responsibilities like Seunggi who originally trained and debuted as a singer, but also acts and MCs.

I admit I do envy Hyojoo’s top-notch management, BH entertainment, headed by actor Lee Byung Hun.  Connections are everything to get things rolling!  Kudos to Hyojoo for making the brave change in management companies after ‘Brilliant Legacy.’

Following ‘Brilliant Legacy’, she’s become one of the top actresses in her 20s through follow-up drama ‘Dong Yi’ (albeit with some mixed reviews), and her film ‘Only You’ with So Ji Sup recently premiered at the Busan International Film Festival.

She’s doing press interviews to promote her new film and she was asked about So Ji Sup.  But she was also asked about Seunggi, which she seems to be asked about all the time when she’s promoting a new project!  It can’t be helped…  the Korean public loves them both, loved their drama, and I think they secretly want them to get married!  LOL.  But highly doubt it since I don’t think they’re each other’s ideal type!

Here’s an excerpt from her press interview, only the part related to Seunggi…

Han Hyo Joo “Lee Seung Gi, So Ji Sup, scandal? I never crossed that line”
October 10, 2011

It’s not just one or two heartwarming guys.  Lee Seung Gi, Lee Joon Ki, Kim Jae Joong, So Ji Sup.  Whether drama or film, all the actors are top stars capturing the hearts of female fans.  You would think there would have been at least one scandal but this has not applied to Han Hyo Joo.  “I think I have very good fortune” said Han.

[She talks about working with So Ji Sup and their film – Not included here]

What guy wouldn’t like the always smiling Han Hyo Joo?  However, more shy than expected, we asked what she’s really like on the filming set.  Is she close with the male actors she’s worked with?  When I dared to ask her directly, “Didn’t you want to fall in love when filming such melodramatic scenes with Lee Seung Gi and So Ji Sup?” Han burst out laughing, confessed “I really want to meet a good person too.”

She continued, “Hm…  I believe the reason I’ve had such good luck is not just because of all the staff, but Lee Seung Gi, So Ji Sup, and the others I got to act with have been so great.  It is actually true that we became very close while filming.  But you know, there’s a line.  A forbidden line? (laughs)  Strangely, things never crossed that line for some reason.  I wasn’t purposely trying to keep things this way, but the relationships turned out to be as good, close colleagues.  Ha… too bad since I should be sharing some good news instead!”

Have they seen each other since the Baeksang Awards last year?  I know they’ve kept in touch by phone, publicized for everyone to see on 1N2D when Seunggi called her on behalf of her biggest fan, baseball player Yang Joon Hyuk!  Ha, even with regular public talk about their friendship, Seunggi and Hyojoo are like invincible to scandal!  Hope we get to see them together soon.  They look so great together as friends!

Can’t help but to still love Brilliant Legacy and Seunggi as Hwan!!~~

(via Newsen;  Images: As labeled, previously posted/credited)

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7 Responses

  1. Gosh, I miss badass Seung-gi. He of the kicking and foul-mouth. Hahaha! It’s a great thing about him because you know he isn’t like that in person, so you can enjoy the character without hate for it overcoming you. I need to watch BL again I think.

    Thanks for this one, Ann!

  2. hahaha.. Ann. tish count me in as Hwansung Shipper.. and now I’m watching Dong Yi hahaha.. but i really can’t tell how many times I’ve rewatched BL.. imagine that 26 episode watching over & over again without even skipping 1 episode? I felt like I ‘m watching it for the first time whenever I watched it again.. hahaha so addictive to BL.. Bl is really a special drama for me co’z it’s the main reason why I knew an awesome man in Lee Seunggi’s personality.. hahaha

    I think since BL Hyo Joo & Seunggi’s name we’re inseparable though they already had different partner in different project..
    I too is envied w/ Hyo Joo’s company they really know how to play a BIG role on the big market.. How i wished Seunggi could get even a half of what Hyo Joo is enjoying in her management..We should be seeing him more often in a Press Interview in every drama his been with.. but Hook failed on promotion.. :(

    Truthfully speaking Hook should get some lesson 101 on BH entertainment.

    I’m happy to know that Hyo Joo & Seunggi has been friend even after BL..& I read somewhere that She will be narrating in one of the new song in Seunggi’s 5th album..yehey!

    • yupp… seung gi song “Love Time” or alone in love … hehehehe hwansung fighting,,,,, love this couple so much :)

  3. and now they work together again :) in the latest album seung gi, narration by hyo joo .. aigoo … can’t wait to see them together again:) la la la la Love Time :)

  4. Hope HWANSUNG / SEUNGJOO couple aka SEUNGGI HYOJOO be real couple in real life.. amin : )

  5. can’t wait LSG N HHJ dating……..!!!

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