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Verandah Project ‘Mountain Climbing’ [ENG]: 1N2D Seunggi

1N2D cut, Seunggi thanks hyungs + Song [ENG]

Verandah Project’s Mountain Climbing, Fanmade [ENG]

(Videos: Beedance07)

1N2D cuts: August 7, 2011 Waterfall Special broadcast.
Artist: Verandah Project (Kim Dong Ryul, Lee Sang Soon).
Song: Mountain Climbing 산행(山行).  Ablum: Day Off (2010).
Management: Music Farm

I hope Hodong has good people around him to advise him because having good friends, family, and mentors means everything.  Part of me is pissed off at Hodong on various fronts but the other bigger part of me feels super badly for him and is rooting for Nation’s MC to show some resilience from hereon…

As for Seunggi, I hope he gets to pursue the dreams and goals he wants most~!

Seunggi’s message

(Post #1010) up at Yoo Young Suk’s KBS radio program

Young Suk hyung! Hi this is Lee Seung Gi from Seoul.

Hi everyone, this is Seung Gi from 1 Night 2 Days. First of all, I enjoyed listening to “Will you Marry Me” during the first part of the program. I always sense this, but the song is really great… keke

We have a shoot for the show today. We started in Yeoido this morning, but when I opened my eyes a little later, we were somewhere in Jeju Island and now we are on a mountain top in Kangwon-do.

Something funny happened today. Kang Ho Dong, Lee Su Geun, and Kim Jong Min were grouped into a team and the three of them seemed inseparable and completely loyal to one another, but it seemed as though Hodong hyung and Jongmin hyung betrayed Sugeun hyung along the way. But later, I think Hodong hyung felt guilty about the whole situation. He kept telling us that on an entertainment program like ours, being completely honest and always playing by the rules is a dereliction of our duties as an entertainer. I thought about what he said, and I realized something.

Everything the hyungs do on the show, such as choosing to be the bad guy, being stubbornly insistent, or whatever else is them thinking about what’s best for the program itself, and what’s best for the younger guys like me. And the person who benefits the most from their sacrifices… is quite possibly myself.

I always try my hardest, but regardless of how good my best may or may not be, the hyungs are always so quick to encourage me. They say things like, “SeungGi, you’re the best. You work so hard.” And because of the encouragements I receive from them, I am able to receive more love and support that go beyond the results of my own efforts.”

They are the reason behind my success, because of everything they do on the show. It makes me think that the generous love I currently receive is perhaps due to these hyungs.

So through this radio broadcast, I would like to sincerely thank my hyungs who have been on the show with me for the past five years. I want to openly declare that I consider myself so lucky to have you guys in my life.

Perhaps sometime in the future, I will be able to one day share the love I received from all of you with other younger entertainers and colleagues to follow behind me. I want to be that beacon of light to others and offer them the same encouragement. I still have a long way to go before I become like my hyungs, but until that day, I ask for their continued love and support. Thank you.

P.S. Today all our members separated in order to share lovely parts of our country, so mountain climbing was unavoidable… Among all of us, even though he barely got any sleep because he [filmed a show] with me yesterday, Hodong hyung was the winner of the highest route. So my song request, so that he doesn’t lose courage and vigorously climbs the mountain, is one that I’ve always enjoyed listening to~ Verandah Project’s “Mountain Climbing.”

English: Allkpop; LSGfan (title, intro, ending excerpts, and translation edit)

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19 Responses

  1. Beedance~ Aw, the video is perfect! Beedance and Tryp~ I heart you guys! But Seunggi hearts you more because you guy are awesome fans!

    Hoping for the best for 1N2D and all the members and crew from hereon…

    Airens~ fighting! Seunggi~ fighting! Fans are always with you!

  2. It’s not about the Love of When a Man Loves a Woman or anything like Will you marry me
    Right at the first episode of 1 Night 2 Day, I’ve decided that I Love You from Now On
    Yes, that’s my Confession,
    That I have been Crazy for You,
    But it has become…
    The Story of Separation…
    Where Darkness and Shadow cast down…
    I wish it was just simply A Dream of a Moth
    But now, I am Losing My Mind
    Thinking that you might never be able to say “Let’s Go on Vacation” again, just Like the First Time.

    *I guess that’s what I’m thinking now…*

  3. Thank u thank u thank u! I luv lee seung gi! Airens hwaiting!!!!

  4. I have tears in my eyes when I type this…
    This is so beautiful.
    Whatever happens next, I am eternally grateful that I’ve witnessed something truly extraordinary, and it is part of me now, will stay with me forever.
    Thank you, 1N2D.
    Thank you Ann, beedance07, and tryp…Love you all.

  5. Already crying reading all these… Just can’t bear the heart pain…
    You all (Airens) are beautiful as well…
    Airens fighting! Seunggi fighting!
    We are always together .. & forever…
    We love you, Seunggi!

  6. Wahhhhh. SeungGi we love you so much. Thank you Airens.

  7. This video clip is so moving. 1n2d have given me solace in my everyday chaotic life. Ahhh..I will surely miss these guys especially SeungGi. With the shows ending, they will be leaving a void in everbody’s heart including mine.
    SeungGi , be strong always and take care of yourself. A lot of people love you.We will always be there for you no matter what.
    And of course , thanks a lot to all the Airens.
    God bless!

    Losing My Mind In Vegas!!!

  8. Thanks you Beedance, LSGfan & Tryp.
    I’m just thinking shall you make this video & send it to the 1n2d old & new members (espeically our Seunggi)… this is how much 1n2d fans loves them. For sure our Seunggi boy will be crying watching it & recall all his sweet moments with his hyungs… just like how much we love & miss them.. especially we miss Seunggi.
    (anyway, just a silly request…. I’m still feeling sad & blue…)

  9. did u see jang geun suk’s knee drop guru episode? he said he wanted to b seungi’s friend.. haha.

  10. watching this part again makes me teary once more.. can really feel seunggi’s sincerity.. i just started to watch 1d2n and already feelinh so sad.. guess the 1d2n fans who “grew up” with them will be even more so.. 1d2n fighting!

  11. thanks for this wonderful video….it warmed my heart despite all the sadness i have been feeling inside. i feel for Hodong ssi and i hope he knows that a lot of people care for him and will remain beside him during these trying times… the same way his brothers were with him and will continue to be with him. I have loved 1N2D because of Seungi ssi and have learned to love its members as an extension of my love and admiration for Seungi. I have been touched by their brotherly love and laughed endlessly at their hilarious and absurdly funny sarcasm . I wish it can go on and on and on but obviously fate has another plan. Despite the heartbreak and pain of knowing the end is coming and is coming so fast and so furious from the original plan , in the end I am just glad to have known them in my lifetime…. learn about some of the best parts of Korea and experience them thru the eyes of these wonderful people I have come to care for, cry with, laughed with and in the end really fell in love with. I will surely miss not just the show but the people behind the show and the stars who made my Sundays and Mondays such wonderful times to look forward to. Sarangae 1n2D. Seungi ssi FIGHTING!!!!Hodong ssi FIGHTING!!!! Taewong ssi FIGHTING!!!! SeuGeun ssi FIGHTING!!!!Eunjiwon ssi FIGHTING!!!!!Jongmin ssi FIGHTING!!!!!Na PD ssi FIGHTING!!!!!!Till we meet again…..

  12. you guy made me cry…sniff sniff. i’ll miss these guys like crazy…

  13. Thanks LSGfan,Beedance07 & Tryp96 for this wonderfull videos. Gonna miss all the crew in 1N2D!!!! especially when i watch these videos, it going bring back memories…. God bless the whole bunch of them , especially Seung Gi… fighting!!!Love ya!

  14. oh my god this is the most amazing video.Thank you so much Beedance07,LSGfan and Tryp96…
    To our seunggi oppa saranghae..

  15. thank you beedance, lsgfan, tryp. I feel so sad Airens but i kno Seung Gi oppa will be okay. Seung Gi oppa we love you and support you all the time. Hodong ajusshi stay strong.

  16. Love this video very much! I must earmarked and download this so that I can view it again and again whenever I’m feeling blue and when my 2D1N withdrawal symptoms kick in.

    Thank you very much to all for making this video available..*hugs*

  17. i’ve just watched a couple of 1n2d recent episodes (and i’m planning to watch all) but i’m already attached to this show. reading this message makes my cry… esp with the news about this show sealed its first season later on this month… :'(

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