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Seunggi gets fan love from ALL ages! [1N2D Viewers Special]

2011, September 4.  1 Night 2 Days: Viewers Special.

SUG: I thought Michael Jackson was entering! (Hahaha)
JHM: He really seems like a celebrity!
LSG: Hi there~ (Aw! Seunggi looks fab!)

(Videos: Tryp96,  English:  LSGfan)

(LSG greets his assigned PD and writer for the trip)
KHD: How did you get writers from the other broadcast channels?
NA: Since we had so few people we reached out to people we knew.
KHD: All 3 of the channels?
NA: Wherever we could!
SUG: The assigned PD is purposely trying to appeal to Seunggi. You’re been with him the last few times! And why is the MBC writer with Seunggi?
KHD: They probably agreed to do this with~ If it’s Seunggi, then I’ll help you out.

KHD: Why did you apply for this trip?
MOM: Since we gave birth to a pretty daughter, for our second, we want a son like Seunggi, so we came to see him.
LSG: Thank you so much!
KHD: So you’ve come to receive Seunggi oppa’s energy?!
MOM/BABY: Yes! (Aw, both of them are too cute!)
JHM: But, the group leader is me…
MOM: Oh, right… (LOL)

(Little boy just finished saying his mom’s a fan of Jiyoung and Shikyung)
BOY: But I’m a fan of Lee Seung Gi. (Ha, didn’t even call him hyung!)
LSG: Ah~~~ (Hug and lift time but~) Oh, too heavy. (Ha, but the boy’s still happy!)

PD: Who do you want to meet?
TEEN: Seunggi oppa.
BJY: Let’s have a great time. Who did you want to see the most?
TEEN: Seunggi oppa.
BJY: Again! It’s Seunggi!
LSG: It’s that time for teens! (LOL) Welcome~ (Hug!)
SSK: He’s like a prince, even dressed like one!
BJY: You like that?! (the teengirls all cute and happy!)

(They realize the big time 1N2D fan is the Torino Olympic gold medalist speedskater!)
KHD: We’ll give you one chance to hug someone. Nation’s gold medalist chooses~
(All the guys anticipate! Koreans love our athletes! Oh man, it’s Seunggi’s day!)
LSG: Thank you!
KHD: I did anticipate just a little since I too am an athlete~! (Aw, Hodong!)

(Footage from 20s group fan with her mom, diagnosed with Lou Gehrigs/ALS)
GIRL: Who do you like on 1N2D? Kang Hodong? NO BLINK! Lee Seunggi? BLINK! You like Lee Seunggi? BLINK! (Aw, this viewers trip is already making me cry buckets! Family stuff is always at the heart of things!)

(Totally awesome outgoing momfan in Seunggi’s 40s group!)
KHD: So are you happy with Seunggi?
MOM: I like him so much, of course!!
LSG: Speak into this mic (omg, on his jacket lapel!)
MOM: Wow! Life has really gotten better! (Country mom amazed at the technology!)
LSG: This is a mic too.
MOM: Wow, this is great (snuggling up close to LSG!). Can’t I just remain here like this?! (OMG. LOL. She’s a riot! Love her!)

(Last special guest, 102-yr old grandpa enters! Wow!)
LSG: Hello, they call me Lee Seunggi.
GRANDPA: Seunggi! I’ve seen pictures of you! (Awwww~)

Watch entire Sept. 4, 2011 HD episode over at Tryp96

Read entire episode recap over at Dramabeans

Seunggi was looking great, natural but stylish… I really notice his highlights now!

Omg, the momentary hair-tucked-behind-the-ear look~~~
Korean fans seemed to love the pretty look, but not really my style!

With the little girl (Taewoong ajusshi fan!) and the baby seeking an older brother like Seunggi!  Aw, she’s too cute!  When asked where her boyfriend was, she said there were too many boys to say!  Hahahaha.  I think Seunggi was probably trying to get her on his side after she surprisingly chose Taewoong over him!

The related BTS fan photo that was all the online buzz recently~

All the buzz because it was so natural and heartwarming (stuff Koreans absolutely love!).  Seunggi carrying little girl, both in their PJs, looking like a real daddy-daughter family getting ready for bed~!  Seunggi as a ‘딸바보‘  (dahl-ba-bo)!  Literally translates as ‘daughter dummy‘ but is simply an affectionate term to describe guys who are or would be great dads and totally cherish their daughters.

He also made headlines during the 1N2D Foreign Workers Special, peeling oranges for adorable Unisha!  Being a dahl-ba-bo is like all the rage among K-celeb guys!  LOL.  Something about guys with little kids = Awwwww!  LSGfan’s even got a post tag on for related Kids/Babies posts!  Because of course, Seunggi + Kids = LOVE!

Showing love and respect for the grandmas too…

Main camera didn’t catch this but hawk-eyed Korean fans of course didn’t miss it!  SO totally like upright, well-mannered Seunggi!  As the 90s grandmas and grandpas were about to enter, everyone got excited and the little kids were chattering and clamoring about and Seunggi looked over and smiled at them, but then reminded them to be respectful and Shhhhh… (Aw, Seunggi! Loves this!)

Ahhh, this Viewers Special is totally tugging at my heartstrings!~~

The sincere and realness of the fans’ love and in return, the members’ appreciation!  I’m sure it wasn’t an easy filming.  The 1N2D production team really out-did themselves!  Miss the older episodes too, but loving all the recent special episodes!

(Images: DCLSG/As labeled,  Videos: Tryp96,  English: LSGfan)

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5 Responses

  1. i loved this!!
    hey lsgfan, do you think you can eng sub this interview with lee min jung and lee seung gi on the set of a KOLON sport CF? it’s from tryp96’s blog:


    it looked really funny, and they look darn right adorable together!!

    thanks, and always appreciated :)

  2. I found Shi-kyung so funny in that gold medalist cut. He totally knew the girl was coming to Seung-gi. He just stepped aside even before the girl came to Seung-gi. Haha!

  3. Yes, I noticed the part on Sung Shi Kyung stepping aside when the speed-skater almost reached them. Shi Kyung was just beside Seunggi and he swung one leg back to allow her better access to Seunggi! lol!!

  4. Of course, it’s Lee Seung Gi that we’re talking about.
    P.s: Ann, I sent the emai; ^ ^

  5. I really envy SG’s parent, brought him up not only so adorable, handsome and talented, they also taught him so well manner and kind. I love SG, I will always support him. When is he coming to Singapore?

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