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Sung Shi Kyung unsuccessfully tries to uncover the real Lee Seunggi [1N2D Viewers Special]

I love how people are always trying to uncover the real Seunggi!  Hahaha.  But come on, of course people are not perfect!  It’s just that Seunggi is super-perfect in the “polite, well-mannered, uhm-chin-ah” area and simply LESS-flawed in general!

KHD: Which age group do you want?
LSG: I think the young friends will be okay. 0-9, 10-19 age groups.
SSK: You don’t have nephews/nieces right? They’re really difficult.
KHD: It means he wants to be a young dad!
JHM: Does he have a girlfriend?
SSK: He probably does.
[Shikyung and hyungs try to trap Seunggi!]
LSG: Me?! I’m married! Hahahaha.

Videos: leeseunggiworld, English: LSGfan

SSK: There’s another reason I’m here. To get at the real Seunggi.
KDH: The Lee Seunggi we haven’t been able to uncover for 4 years?~
SSK: There has to be something. (LOL!) A person can’t be that upright! I mean, he has such a good image! There’s got to be something.
JHM: How do you spend your evenings out playing?
LSG: I play really hard in the evenings! (LOL!)
JHM: So you’re married AND you play hard in the evenings?!
LSG: There aren’t even rumors about him anymore. He’s so upstanding!
KHD: So Shikyung needs to uncover this during 1N2D…
SSK: I’m curious too. There’s got to be something that’s off. He’s too upright.

KHD: The Ballad forefather and the Ballad prince meet.
[Everyone’s like LSG-SSK look great together]
KHD: So when are you going to uncover the real Seunggi?
SSK: I’m thinking he’s just really an okay guy! He’s too sound. Worthy to be loved.

LSG: Small things…
KHD: Like at home, he politely tells everyone they worked hard, but then when he goes home and his mom has dinner set out for him, he angrily crashes the table and yells~ What’s this?! LSG: [Acting it out…] Bring me my food!
EJW: That’s so awkward, not like him! Plus, you only use that for bringing water!
LSG: Oh yeah, that’s right. It’s bring me water. I meant to say that.
EJW: See, it’s awkward for you. That kind of thing doesn’t come out naturally for him.

Mission: Seunggi plays a bad guy who also likes Baek Jiyoung!
LSG: What are you two doing without me?! (LOL)

Seunggi avoiding the couple look [Mission is to go undetected]

Preview for the Viewers Special – meeting the fans!~ Awwwwww

Can’t wait to see the Ballad Forefather-Prince duet!~~

Read over at Dramabeans~
Aug 21 episode and Aug 28 episode

And Shikyung, post-1N2D, still trying to uncover the real Seunggi!~

Sung Shi Kyung’s MBC radio program [Sept. 1, 2011]

**Audio at DCLSG post

SSK: Sunbae filmed a CF. Feeling surprised is sort of awkward. (Haha) Seunggi-ya, thanks. You know… Lee Seunggi is so well-mannered.
Guest: And very funny on top of that.

SSK: There’s got to be something [he’s lacking, flawed about him]. But he is a fine young adult. Since it’s a tv program, people try to make things fun, right? In actuality, there are people that are different on broadcast programs compared to real life. But Seunggi is a really upstanding and well-mannered young adult in real life.
Guest: Yeah, I found him to be really polite.
SSK: Yes, he earns a lot of money. [Guest: I envy him.]
SSK: What’s he going to do with all that money? (Haha. SSK gathers himself together~) I have to be successful! [Guest: You’re funny.]

(Images: DCLSG/As Labeled,  Videos: leeseunggiworld,  English: LSGfan)

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4 Responses

  1. Hi LSGfan, thanks for the clips with translations!

  2. Wish SSK should ‘dig’ more… there more questions to ask!!

  3. Dear Ann,
    Thanks so much for this. I love the fact that SSK was so curious about SG and rightfully skeptical about SG’s supposed perfection like any intelligent person would be. In the clip where the two grilled, SG alerted SSK that the camera was on them – that’s so cute. And looking at SG’s sweaty, shiny face I don’t know how long he’s been at the task, poor kid.

  4. thanks for the translation, Ann..

    I thought SSK is really going to uncover SGi in some ways…haha… but he also couldn’t dig or find out anything negative about him…

    And i like how witty SGi has becomes.. Instead of saying he has girlfriend or not, he said he is married…haha… not only he will not disappoint the young gals, everyone will knows that he can’t be married yet, so they will laugh it off..

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