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Sketchbook fans anticipate Seunggi, get Sung Shi Kyung

Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook [Sept. 9, 2011]
Audience anticipates Seunggi, but Sung Shi Kyung shows up!

YHY: Continuing from last month’s Lee Byung Ho and Sung Shi Kyung, I’ll introduce this month’s singer for the “Man-ji-dah” corner. Moving the hearts of women… [Oohs Aahs!] type of mission. These days, he’s very active on 1 Night 2 Days. [Loud whispering of “Seunggi.” Even YHY is taken aback! Ha!] Wow. You know what I hear? Seung seung seung seung seung! [LOL] Please welcome this month’s singer!

[Everyone’s anticipating Seunggi, and it’s Shikyung! Hahaha. YHY just loves this! Aw, but despite some disappointment, people love Shikyung too!]

SSK: I was waiting in the back and all I heard was~ Lee Seunggi!
YHY: Angelic smile Sung Shi Kyung is here!
SSK: Happy to see everyone.
YHY: We’ve invited Sung Shi Kyung as September’s singer, but a lot of people were whispering~ Lee Seunggi Lee Seunggi. All I could hear was “Seung Seung!” Everyone was shocked to see a big guy come out when they were all anticipating Lee Seunggi!
SSK: Yes, I’m sorry… Hahahaha.

English: LSGfan,  Video:  Tryp96

OMG, daebak!  MC Yoo Hee Yeol will faint IF and WHEN Seunggi EVER appears on Sketchbook! Not the first time he’s taunted his audience with Seunggi’s name!  He’s mentioned Seunggi’s name a bunch of times on past episodes.  One time, making the audience gasp by calling out for Lee Seunggi.  Only to reveal a non-celeb named Lee Seunggi!  Ha.  Aw, Shikyung~  Seunggi’s popularity from 1N2D continues on to Sketchbook.  Love how Shikyung is cool about it, even while YHY is just loving it!~

YHY has an upstanding image like Seunggi, so it would be great to see the two of them together.  But seems unlikely.  Too bad.  He was on Love Letter a lot!

Aw~ the love that entertainment sunbaes have for Seunggi!  All the hyungs would be so proud to be called “hyung” by Seunggi!  Even some of the guys in the Sketchbook audience were disappointed!  Ha.

It’s like IDENTICAL to that daebak fanclip from Gag Concert with Sugeun…

Sugeun: Since Jiwon would be here, Lee Seunggi is also over there…
[Shocked audience gasps and peers over, in unison!]
Suguen: No, I was just kidding.
[Disappointed audience sits back down, in unison!]

English: LSGfan, Video: Tryp96/AirenVideo

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3 Responses

  1. Hahaha, this is really funny. When Sugeun said that LSG’s here, I think he just wanted to make audience more ‘lively’ as they looked to be falling asleep during the taping. Even he was surprised by the strong and immediate reaction so he hurriedly corrected himself before he was attacked by an angry mob (hahaha). As for Sketchbook, is there any reason SG is unlikely to be on the program, I mean, especially to promote his new album? By the way, SSK is really cool and cute.

  2. it shouldn’t be difficult for them to arrange SGi to attend Sketchbook when he is promoting his new album. I really hope so, so that international fans will be able to watch it on KBSWorld (with english subtitles) a few weeks later than Korea..

    I will write in the official website about this. Fans who are official club members should help to write in too..!

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