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Seunggi, Cha Seung Won cameo Zipel kimchi fridge CF [ENG]

30s CF, Zipel Asak [ENG]

Another daebak video from Beedance!!  Seunggi is too cute!  Heartwarming hyung-dongseng feel, and it’s a fun throwback to Seunggi’s Best Love cameo.  But maybe because this is more Dokko Jin than Cha Seung Won, but his image seems a bit scruffy for pristine kimchi fridge ad world.  He’s a great fit for his other CFs though…

It’s all about smooth and sweet style with the current big 3 brands: Samsung Zipel (Seunggi), LG Dios (Kim Taehee, Jung Woosung), Winiamando Dimchae (Jo Insung).

Seungwon was way cool for playing second fiddle here, and Seunggi is perfect!  But for marketing purposes, Zipel may want to return the Seunggi & Mom CFs, or the Seunggi-Noona/Girlfriend concept… still love that Seunggi and Yoon Eun Hye’s CF!

Zipel tempting young moms, older ajummas to pay for (another!) pretty bling bling kimchi fridge, with Seunggi’s sweet smile!~  More cute stuff at Zipel Asak CF site!

(Images: Samsung Zipel, Hankooki, Yonhap, DCLSG)

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3 Responses

  1. so cute! love it

  2. aww so cute! love it

  3. SO CUTE!!!!! Thank you so much!!

    btw… did you see seungi’s hair and outfit on the latest SH? (with BMK and SNSD?) What do you think of it? I wonder if you might think it was too casual but for me, I LOVED LOVED IT!! I thought he looked really boyish and fresh.

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