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Lee Seunggi and “Dokko Jin” Cha Seung Won battle over kimchi, then hug it out in Zipel CF preview

(Video: DrMariee)

What they had to say about each other.  Aw, Seunggi-Seungwon really are “hogam!

Lee Seunggi (24): “I’m very happy to have this type of encounter again following the drama with a sunbaenim I’ve always respected. Since sunbaenim, by nature, led well, it was a comfortable and fun filming.”

Cha Seungwon (41): “Seunggi is the first and only guy that I have hugged and taken pictures together with, both in a drama and CF. Seunggi has a reputation for always being sincere and well-mannered and having met him in person, he was exactly that, and seeing such a sincere hoobae makes me have a lot of affection for him.”

English: LSGfan via Newsen

Looks like the CF storyline (Cha Seungwon cameo) looks to be something like this…

As expected, looks like Zipel went with manly Seungwon (Dokko Jin) and Mom’s fave son Seunggi concept.  Continuing the cameo theme from Hong Sisters’ Best Love.

As posted earlier, the kimchi fridge CF business is no joke in Korea, so I get that Zipel needed to mix things up.  But I hope they continue to market Boyfriend Seunggi~~ Always love those CFs!

Photo outtakes~~ Aww…  It should be a fun CF.  Kind of looking forward to it.

This isn’t the first CF-cameo connection between Seunggi and Dokko Jin (aka Seungwon).  Seungwon used to endorse Chung Jung Won’s popular red hot pepper paste line.  And Dokko’s been making a cameo as the voice of the octopus in the current CF featuring current pepper paste model Han Ga In.  His Best Love crazy character Dokko Jin may be even more popular than Cha Seungwon himself!!~~

(video: LailaChaTaiwan)

(Images: Hankooki, Yonhap, Sinbustory, LSGfan)

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