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Seunggi for Zipel’s 2012 new kimchi fridge design [Aug 2011]

Can’t wait to see photos of Seunggi modeling the fridge at the event! Ha. (Cody, I’m warning you~!)  Wow, time really flies!  This was Seunggi at last year’s kimchi fridge unveiling~ And at last year’s Massimo Zucchi launch~  Aw, one year goes by so quickly!  Kimchi is Korea’s most famous signature side-dish and so the competitive world of Kimchi fridge CFs (fridges in general) are no joke!  Especially when we’re talking about the select big brands and the A-listers brought on to endorse them~

Samsung’s major rival, LG Dios, recently signed BOTH Kim Tae Hee (31) and Jung Woo Sung (38) to endorse their fridges, and rolled out a sleek new design (popular soccer player Cha Doori represented the brand last year).

And Winiamando Dimchae kimchi fridges just signed hot commodity Jo Insung (30) as their CF model (last year, BOTH So Ji Sup and Yoo Seung Ho endorsed the brand together, and Kim Rae Won prior to that).

Which is why it was a super big deal when Seunggi (24)  recently signed a 3rd-year CF renewal contract with Samsung’s Zipel!

It also explains why Zipel maybe wanted to mix it up a bit.  Bringing in much buzzed about fresh-faced Sohn Eun Seo for the previous Zipel Grandstyle CF and now this Cha Seungwon cameo for the kimchi fridge CF.

Despite the terrible economy, hope to see all the moneyed housewives open up their purses (again!) and shell out for a new Seunggi-endorsed fridge!

Press release photos for the Zipel new product design event later today:



*** UPDATE:  BEST PRESS PHOTO OF ALL!  Nice!  Haute! ***

OMG, Seunggi fan-signing at an official Samsung unveiling event!  LOL.

(Images: SamsungTomorrow, As labeled AJnews, DCLSG)

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4 Responses

  1. love it! Seung Gi looks good in a suit.

  2. Wow! So you like this outfit? Is that true?

    I confess I am one of the fans who like his hair in the Activia lunch date event. I feel it looked very natural, not teased too much. And I just adore bangs!

  3. i don’t really like the hairstyle for this event, especially the fringe… it was not so well done as it exposed his high forehead (to those who do not know him well, it looks like receding hairline)…

    but the suit is ok… :)

    still like his hairstyle during the summer camp…hehehe

  4. That just happens to be the best photo (because it was a candid cool shot, nothing having to do with his hair/outfit)! Liking his outfit and hairstyle is a TOTALLY different story! um, yeah, that should be a forthcoming post. Really, I have no words for his Cody and Hook at this point anymore. i’ve been so annoyed at them to the max for so long! If Cody and Hook keep this up, I’m not sure if I can be a fan anymore.

    I can’t bear to watch incompetent Hook and stupid Cody be SO OUT OF TOUCH with fashion,style, and basic PR – the basic big 3 in entertainment. Hello, Seunggi IS a celebrity, and if Hook continues this, it’s going to be hard to make it as an A-lister that he deserves to be. Why does he work his ass off, only to have a totally lame management running things. I OFFICIALLY DESPISE CAPTAIN HOOK & HIS STUPID CODY!

    And i’m actually not crazy this time. Just checked and Korean fans are up in arms with how he’s been styled, hair and fashion wise recently too. Personal posts directed at Capt hook. I think they’ve probably felt this way a long time but tried their best to see the positive side whenever LSG appears in public.

    Oh dear Seunggi~~~ you deserve SO much better!

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