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‘CF King’ Lee Seunggi, already $7.5 million earnings this year!

Source/English:  LSGfan via Asiae/Daum

[August 19, 2011]  “Nation’s younger brother” Lee Seunggi is already closing in on 8 billion KRW ($7.5 million USD) or more from CF earnings this year.

With outstanding looks and competence, a sincere image, and even variety wit, Lee Seunggi has surpassed cream of the crop top stars  such as Jo Insung, Won Bin, and Hyun Bin and maintained the number one spot as the CF model most preferred by advertisers.

According to the Korean CM Strategy Research Institute, through the end of July, Lee Seunggi had appeared in the most CFs in Korea, totaling 11 endorsements that include Zipel, KB Financial Group, KB Card, Pizza Hut, Pyeongchang Su, Chung Jung Won, Sunkist, Activia, Perioe, The Saem, and Kolon Sport.  Furthermore, his CF appearances for electronics, beverages, cosmetics, clothing, and finance/banking touches various corners of the advertising industry.

Industry insiders estimate Lee Seunggi’s yearly advertising model contract amount per endorsement to be 700 million KRW ($650,000 USD) or more, heading in the direction of the group of top stars.  Estimated at about 500-600 million KRW ($465,000 – $557,000 USD) even as of early last year, Lee Seunggi’s rate has already increased by about 100 million KRW ($93,000 USD).  As he is currently appearing in CFs for 11 endorsements, his total earnings for this year based on his CF contracts alone, will be approximately 8 billion KRW ($7.5 million USD).

According to an advertising associate, “Top models like Lee Seunggi, Jo Insung, and Won Bin are typically involved in minimum one-year contracts versus the usual 6-month agreements.”  He added, “Lee Seunggi’s endorsement rate has increased from about 700 million KRW ($650,000 USD) to 750 million KRW ($700,000 USD), and when various promotional event options are factored in, the actual total earning per CF endorsement can be even more beyond the rate.”

There is a reason advertisers are sending love calls.  In addition to demonstrating talented singing and acting skills, his sincere and familiar image earned him the title of “Nation’s younger brother.”  On top of that, he currently appears in CFs for more than 10 products, as well as various dramas and variety programs, and his image has barely been tainted.

During the month of July, Lee Seunggi had a 10.43% CF model favorability rating among consumers, and has maintained the number one ranked favorability spot for the past three months.

Another top star that has been making a splash in CFs on a similar scale to “CF King” Lee Seunggi is Won Bin. Won Bin currently appears in 10 CFs which include: Maxim TOP, Hite MAX beer, Hite Prime, Hite Dry-Finish, Kuku, Kukupurifier, Olympus pen, The Face Shop, Tous Les Jours, and LG TV.

It was revealed that Won Bin’s one-year CF model contract rate, similar to that of Lee Seunggi, is about 700 million KRW ($650,000 USD).  During the month of July, Won Bin had a 5.68% favorability rating among consumers and ranked third behind Lee Seunggi and Jo Insung.

Surpassing Won Bin and Hyun Bin, Jo Insung leaped to the 2nd place favorability spot.  It has only been one month since he returned from military service, yet he has appeared in advertisements for W Won, Black Yak, Cass, Baba Coffee, and Outback Steakhouse.  These CF contracts have earned him more than 5 billion KRW ($4.6 million USD).  Recently, he became the CF model for Winia Mando (kimchi fridge).

An advertising associate explained, “For the past two years, Lee Seunggi has maintained his number one rank as the CF model most preferred by advertisers, and ‘Both Bins’ Hyun Bin and Won Bin are considered preferred models as well.  Jo Insung received many love calls from advertisers even prior to enlisting in the military, thus he is a long-awaited person.”

The rest of the 2011 monthly CF model favorability rankings, January~June

Wow, either #1 or in the top 3 for each month!

This was ONE year ago in 2010 August~  Seunggi in 1st place!~

And TWO years ago in 2009 August~  Woah, Seunggi in 1st place!~

The press and broadcasters love to use ‘CF king’ and ‘CF queen’ but seriously, Seunggi REALLY is the ‘CF King!’  Two years straight with major high favorability ratings, preferred by advertisers and consumers, multiple contract renewals, signing with top-notch reputable brands, and setting off the craze and now industry standard for fronting female home/kitchen electronics with top male CF models!

I know Seunggi can’t be at the top of the top FOREVER, whether it’s CFs or variety, acting, or singing.  Especially since, popularity and buzz in K-entertainment is so short-lived!  Which is why I’m always SO amazed at how much love and popularity Seunggi continues to gets consistently and over a long period!

Hope he can go out on top before he enlists in the military!  Just like Jo Insung and Hyun Bin!  Congrats to Seunggi!  He’s definitely worked his butt off for the CFs, especially all the extra related CF fan signings and events he does!  Hope Hook wrote in these as options into the contract that Seunggi IS getting paid for all his hard work!

Plus, I love that he’s not a BIG spender.  I think he’s probably more of the investing type.  Maybe it has something to do with his parents being former KB Bank employees!  Plus, I like that he’s contributing his money and endorsements for good causes!  Hope he continues to earn a lot so he can do even more of that kind of stuff!

Images:  Adic, LSGfan

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4 Responses

  1. Ann, let me tell you something when I was in Busan with a group of sgi fans. When the owner of the guest house (A young man) found out that we are sgi fan, the first thing he said was we choose the wrong person. He said sgi is too perfect. Very intelligent, very talented and very GENEROUS. I was grinning and so happy that even a non sgi fan knows that he is very generous. Yes looking at the car he’s driving compared to other stars he doesn’t look like a big spender and yet someone with a big heart when it comes to giving.


  3. did you see the pictures for the refrigerator fridge cf between cha seung won and lsg?
    i know you had ur reservations when the greatest love episode aired but i thought this stint was really cute.
    not much interactions btween SJ and lsg in SJ’s special SH episode but it was still fun.

  4. wow! for just few months jo insung has already gained his popularity back and i’m sure he’ll continuously soar now that he’s about to film a movie.

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