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Chung Jung Won “thundering” Seunggi fan event! [ENG]

*** Updated with ENGLISH-subbed videos ***
Hope there’s no thunder + rain at Seunggi fan meet camp tomorrow! LOL.

July 26, 2011. Chung Jung Won event. Cody really knows how to ruin my day. Now, I usually wait a few days so that by then, the fancams and fanphotos distract me away from Cody’s unfortunate fashion ensemble choices. *sigh* The cuts of Seunggi’s LOL shock-laughter-composure reaction and comments to the thunder are daebak!~

Videos: ENGrapport, Tiam062
English: LSGfan, Subbed by: 87.01.13

Wow thx Rapport! (And Vakaala for uploading) Airens are SO awesome!

1. Arrival

2. Intro [ENG]

3. Eating spaghetti during a “water show” [ENG]

4. “Good looking” Seunggi feeds fans [ENG]

5. Tasting another dish + thunder scare! [ENG]

6. Thunder scare-laughter-composure cut, Replay. Daebak!

7. Seunggi likes pasta the best. Goodbye. [ENG]

8. Leaving

But what’s up with Chung Jung Won’s obsession with outdoor events? Last year it was at a waterpark! Come on, summers are freaking hot in Korea… nice indoor, air conditioned setting please. You know, like those posh looking cooking classes!

Paparazzi catches freshly coiffed Seunggi leaving the hair salon prior to the event…

I think I prefer this pre-look — grey t-shirt, relaxed jeans, canvas belt, flip-flop shoes — over what Cody actually pieced together for the event!…

The outfit: Black/white plaid polo shirt, faded plaid striped grey vest with 3 front-zippered pockets, black slacks, black silver-buckled belt.

Sometimes I think Seunggi’s CODY is trying to get me admitted to the hospital due to symptoms of severe ANNOYANCE and borderline DEPRESSION over Seunggi’s public event outfits!

It’s not that this outfit is completely atrocious (several fans seem to love it)! But seeing Seunggi looking like an ajusshi in his ajusshi-wear = UNHAPPY LSGfan!

Would it be so terrible to pair the vest with a non-collared plain tshirt or light-weight oxford? And please, no more of the ajusshi-fit slacks in the middle of the summer! How about a nice pair of fitted khakis or even some summery clamdiggers!  Aigoo!

I’ve become pretty good at concentrating neck-up for Seunggi now!~

(Images: As labeled, DCLSG)

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7 Responses

  1. Thx for sending these twitter@Vakaala! and Rapport! Totally was not expecting this! Perfect timing for Seunggi’s fan meet camp tomorrow! Hopefully no rain and thunder! LOL.

  2. Ann, when I first saw this outfit the 1st person that come to my mind was you! I was thinking, Oh dear what would Ann said this time. Haha!
    Anyway, the ‘thunder” video made up for the outfit. I’d watch the video N time and still can’t stop laughing.

    And glad to see that Rapport is still active

  3. Sorry for double posting! and that it me.

  4. Now you’re a triple-poster! :) Deleted. Yeah, Rapport is an such a sweetie! Unexpectedly subbing these videos from far far far far away!

    With Seunggi, even though we get busy with life and can’t be as involved, we always still catch up when we can!

  5. Ann said, “I’ve become pretty good at concentrating neck-up for Seunggi now!~”

    Hahaha! I think I’ve lost all senses of fashion by now. That’s what infatuation would do to you. No, wait, could it be that Cody is infected by the same disease? That being exposed by SG’s brilliance all day every day, he could not tell right from wrong, suave from dated???

    By the way, I am scared of thunder too. I give SG a lot of credit for just flinching that little bit (hehehe)!

  6. Me too Ann, When I see the outfit I’m like…’Okay, let’s see what Ann will said now’…it’s sooo (borrowing your words) ahjussi like!

    ‘And please, no more of the ajusshi-fit slacks in the middle of the summer! ‘ <_<

    Anyway, I save the 'thunder gif' into my phone and it always succes to brightening my day. He is like 'ooowww' kkk~

    • btw, have you seen the summer camp photo? it also hillarious! Though from the fans reaction, not Seung Gi. I noticed one photo which seem his cody/stylist pushed out by the fans, LOL.

      And I love his tee (+biceps) and jeans (for sure!), can’t wait for your comment Ann!

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