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Seunggi with new highlights for The Saem CF? [BTS photos]

*** CORRECTION: These are NOT new highlights! Yet, I’m still very excited! ***

OMG, I see reddish/brown highlights in Seunggi’s hair?  Yay!  I hope it’s not just photo lighting!  And he STILL looks like a model um-chin-ah!  The sort of straitlaced bow-tie, suspenders, button-down shirt probably help with that!  Thumbs up on the trendy, what looks to be leather, skinny suspenders!  And per the OHP blogger, looks like we’ll get to see a great vibe and good chemistry in the upcoming new CF and ads…

Back from the filming set of Lee Seunggi and After School’s CF
August 17, 2011

On August 10, OHP was at the Art House in Ilsan for a CF filming! Why?  Because OHP was in charge of the CF making still cuts.^^

My eyes were especially happy throughout the filming because models Lee Seunggi and After School were there.  It was for cosmetics brand The Saem.

There was a happy vibe throughout the filming, and it was particularly nice to see the great chemistry between the actors/performers and staff.^^

Everyone please anticipate and show your support so that OHP can continue to grow.  I’ve posted images from that day’s on-site filming.

Source: OHP Blog, English: LSGfan

The (MALE!) blogger posted ONLY 2 Seunggi-related photos!  But very nice ones…
OMG, Seunggi’s body continues to bulk up.  He is definitely still working out A LOT!
Hope it’s for a new drama! But I like lean, less bulky, well-toned Seunggi the best!~~

Dear Cody~ I would love to see you put Seunggi in more low-rise pants!  When you have, Seunggi looks great!  As do all of us when we wear low-rise pants!

So please, no more up-to-the-navel fits, that is, unless it’s one of those fashionable supposed to be up to the navel pants!  And one more thing~ please let Seunggi wear his shirts (whether button-down oxford or t-shirt) tucked out more!  Less of the tucked in, bunched in look please (ie, recent airport look enroute to Japan with 1N2D!)

So, these OHP bloggers took WAY more photos of After School than our Seunggi!  How dare they?  Just kidding!  I mean, i get it.  The After School girls are hot, and we are talking about young guys behind this fairly new OHP company.  But after seeing these nerdy but sweet-looking guys, it made sense… LOL~~

But they also took more photos of particular After School members over the others?~

Sometimes I feel bad for girlgroups and boybands because certain members get way more up front and center treatment in K-entertainment.  I’m thinking, how can any normal girl NOT feel a twinge of insecurity, jealousy, or competition in that type of set-up.  So in that way, it’s sort of admirable that a lot of them can hang in there and withstand all of that stuff.

See ALL photos (if you’re an After School fan) over at OHP Studio Blog.

Actually, I’m not sure if Seunggi and After School filmed together, since there aren’t any photos of them together.  The blogger said they were filming still-cut photos, so maybe they weren’t even filming the actual CF commercial on this day.

But based on the set, I’m guessing they at least took some official photos together.  Probably to also use once The Saem decides to expand the brand into Japan.  They were pretty smart for adding After School as CF models with Seunggi at this time.

After School just officially debuted in Japan and have already generated a lot of buzz.  And Seunggi’s Brilliant Legacy is still getting tons of love there (yeah, even despite NOT being able to officially debut in Japan this year, well, because you know why~).

In the cut-throat cosmetics industry, getting an endorsement contract is a big deal.  And typically with the more newly developed brands, hot girlgroups and popular rising hallyu male stars are sort of a given survival marketing formula these days.

Can’t wait to see the black/white concept CF!  The Saem~ please don’t let me down!  Please bring back charismatic Seunggi from the earlier CFs!  It’ll be perfect for Fall!

(Images: OHP, The Saem, LSGfan)

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5 Responses

  1. Ann, don’t know to said this. But Seung Gi already had brown hair since…(Don’t know exactly) Japan photoshoot? (Which mean sincr January?). The color had been faded though, honestly I love this color more than when he dyed it first. And fully agree, he still look like as eom-chin-ah, even after dyed his hair.

    Can’t wait the CF!!

    • Aw, really???~~ How did I miss that before? Maybe b/c the highlights aren’t that strong?.. actually, these are probably more like lowlights anyway. I prob never noticed before b/c I’m usually so distracted by what Cody’s got him wearing!!!

      So R~ what do you think of his outfit? His pants?

      • Actually, earlier I don’t like it, but turn out better after the color being blended and faded. Haha, I notice it after seeing 1n2d still in dramabeans. It’s true, under the normal light the color isn’t much strong.

        My first comment is through mobile phone and the connection isn’t good so I can’t see the pict. XD.

        Don’t know what to said, it’s just so eom-chin-an, I wish HE will dressed him more casually. I don’t have grudge for bow tie, but when you matched it with suspender and Seung Gi’s pants..”ehhh, is there no other way to match his Eom Chin ah image?’

        Well okay, though I still holding grudge for his Cody, still can’t wait for the CF though, Seung Gi always amazing (and absolutely Handsome) in The Saem CF <3 <3

  2. wow ur such a keen observer haven’t notice that cuz it looks the same to me hahahha

    • Hahahha. Not really. I’m just always unnecessarily nervous and tense about what he’s wearing neck-down or the “style” of his hair! LOL. I never even thought they would allow Seunggi to have some color in his hair! It’s subtle, I like it.

      Glad I’m not the only one who didn’t notice his lowlights/highlights until now. Felt like a bad fan for not noticing! :)

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