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Strong Heart MC Seunggi fashion update + LSG cuts [ENG]

Another surprise~ More from Rapport2010!  Even far-off remote distances can’t keep her (and accomplice!~ twitter@Vakaala) from sharing Seunggi goodies with Airens!  (Thx R&V!)  Check out the Strong Heart LSG cuts [ENG] at these updated posts:

Ideal guys Taecyeon and Seunggi on Strong Heart, and actress from Seunggi’s 2007 White Lie music video guests

Seunggi says sunbae Lee Seo Jin is afraid of variety shows

Seunggi’s #1 fangirl from drama “Manny” visits Strong Heart

Leeteuk-Eunhyuk on Seunggi paying the bill, being a good drinker

“Sunny” actress Kang Sora on her Pyeongchang Water CF with Lee Seunggi and her JYP-dancing on Strong Heart

Seunggi-Minjung Kolon Sport CF news on Strong Heart

Baek Jiyoung talks Seunggi’s dancing, abs on Strong Heart and tweets about the congratulatory flowers he sent her

And noticed MC Seunggi’s fashion has evolved A LOT during the 2nd year of Strong Heart!  It’s still got clean-cut preppy vibe from the first year (which I tend to like!), but now it has more of a fashionable, cool edge to it (which I think is a good change!)~

(Images: SBS)

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  1. LOVED IT! this will surely be a great day for me after seeing these gorgeous pics of seunggi-ya! thank you for posting! keep em coming ^^

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