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Seunggi Incorporated CEO wins mission for Investor Hyungs [1N2D Waterfall Special]

July 31, 1N2D Waterfalls Special Part 1. 

Seunggi, Jiwon, and Taewoong come in last place in that crazy, confusing Go-Back-Jump Bokbulbok game.  They get the least amount of money for the Wish Mission.

Jongmin, Hodong, Sugeun come in 1st-3rd place and the 3 rich guys band together and get on a plane to Jejudo!  But Team Scary could only afford one person to fly, so Jiwon and Taewoong entrust ALL their money into Seunggi Inc.!  And of course Seunggi (CEO) comes through for his top two investor hyungs and wins 1st place!  Aw, on all the brotherly love among Seunggi-Jiwon-Taewoong!

But man, he felt so burdened to win for his hyungs (Jiwon, Taewoong), especially since they had gone “all in” with their money!  Ha.  Seeing how seriously Seunggi takes responsibility, I would totally invest my money in a real Seunggi Incorporated!

Videos: Tryp96,  English: LSGfan

Burden of hyungs literally on his shoulders!

LSG: If I were to come in 1st place, I will ask for a very unexpected wish. Please anticipate this. Even if you say I’m bad for doing so, I can’t help it. Because my team members Jiwon hyung and Taewoong hyung rest here on my shoulders. Jiwon hyung, what did you say? You want me to go ahead with this plan? Okay!

Almost teared up at Taewoong giving him money

LSG: Really, I thought I was going to start tearing up earlier on! Like when you hear about mothers putting money in the son’s pocket as he leaves for Seoul. As I was going up the escalator, Taewoong slid an envelope in my side pocket. As I was going in the plane, he called to say~ Seunggiyah, $10 is in the envelope, use it all, Fighting! Gosh, my heart felt so…

Burdened to win it for the hyungs!

LSG: I feel so burdened because of the hyungs, I can’t fall asleep. (Young Adult – Head of Household Seunggi with heavy burdens!) Is this what it feels like when one becomes the head of his household? (LOL)

More burdened feelings

LSG: Eongtong Waterfall shows up immediately on the GPS! It takes 1 hour 26 minutes. Ahh, Jiwon hyung and Taewoong hyung! Really, please I have to win! They supported and rooted for me this much! When Taewoong hyung slid the money in my side pocket, it totally made me want to tear up!

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August 7, 1N2D Waterfalls Special Part 2.  (A final Part 3 still set to air).  This trip is SO daebak for Seunggi!!!  First, after being way burdened, CEO Seunggi wins the Wish mission for his Scary Team investor hyungs!  Omg, Seunggi is awesome!~

Then he and Sugeun get paired up and win the Lunch Bokbulbok face expression speed quiz game (So Hilarious!) and get treated to a Jejudo lunch fit for kings.  After, the guys separate based on the mountain climbing route they bokbulbok chose.

They are assigned a Radio Message Mission.  That evening, they each have to post a sincere, sentimental message on DJ Yoo Young Suk’s radio program website.  The prize for the  winner with the best message~ a leisure trip to Japan!  And the winner also gets to bring another a member!

You knew it was a good sign when we got to see DJ Yoo playing Seunggi’s “Will you Marry Me” during the first part of his radio program!  Which explains probably why Jiwon mentioned in his message~ “No simply choosing Seunggi!”  Hahaha.

Well, we know Seunggi won the Radio Message mission!  DJ Yoo Young Suk revealed the winner during his live KBS radio broadcast a few weeks ago.  Thus, explaining the fan photos of Seunggi, Sugeun, PD Na, 1N2D crew were flying to Japan!  And news outlets have already reported that the trip is connected to baseball player and 1n2d best friend Park Chan Ho!  Excited for the finale episode!!!

Videos: Tryp96, English: LSGfan

CEO Seunggi explains why his group’s wish should be granted

LSG: [Hodong hyung’s point makes sense].  But you can also see it this way… the producers are like the governing body. [KHD: Says who! LOL.] Let’s say there are 3 companies (A, B, and C) and they each set out to fulfill the same objective.  But Company A was the first one to take claim. [EJW: You’re doing a great job!] Therefore, even though each company made its claim, you can see it as Company A being afforded priority bargaining power. [Everyone’s like Wow! Na PD: That is correct.]

Sugeun-Seunggi say farewell at the airport

SUG: Sadly we have to say farewell. I’m feeling heavy-hearted, but you?
LSG: I’m so sleepy, I can’t even think of an ad-lib reaction!

Seunggi shaves, ponders what to write as his song plays on radio

PD: Seunggi, your song is playing.
LSG: Where is the song coming from?
PD: Yoo Young Suk’s radio program.
LSG: Oh right now, really? Wow, I’m so thankful.
PD: Could be a good sign… (that LSG’s message will get chosen!)
LSG: Let me shave first. What would be good to write…?
(LOL at LSG searching Naver for the radio program! Just like every other celeb, he SO totally regularly follows his news on the internet!)

Hope they air all the reading of the radio messages!  Can’t wait for Part 3!!

See more LSG cuts and entire 1N2D episode over at Tryp96.

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(Images: Naver, LSGfan)

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  1. Hi Ann
    I’m friend of rapport, just want to let you know I will try to upload her LSG’s videos with sub when I can. You can check on her Dm acc: dailymotion.com/rapport2010 or my twitter: @Vakaala

    Always appreciate all your translation.
    Thank you ><

    • Thx Vakaala! I got Rapport’s email! So sweet of you to upload for her, and for her to sub the vids. Did not expect that when I opened up my email! :)

  2. Ha ha,as expected, Seunggi always takes responsibility seriously. He’s just always so awesome.
    Thank you for the post, Ann. Can’t wait for part 3.
    p.s: I got the interview sub done.

  3. Love love love these two episodes…There is less dramatic elements in the 2nd one but the game totally made up for it. Sugeun really is a tip top physical comedian (like Jim Carrey). And our smart SG…Unbeatable!

    Saw the raw 3rd ep. today. Feel so bad when SG talked about his suffering at the beginning of his variety career. Ah, that’s what being a perfectionist does to you! Now that he mentioned it, I can vividly imagine the young SG toss and turn after a hard day’s dance rehearsal. Poor baby…Is it usual for a fan to (almost) encourage her star to quit, to pick a smoother, easier road to follow, even though by doing so she would never be able to see him again???

    A big thank to Ann and beedance and rapport, you are my angels!

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