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My Girlfriend is a Gumiho DVD interview: Lee Seung Gi [ENG]

*** UPDATE: Watch videos on Vimeo OR Dailymotion ***

Can’t believe it’s already been one year since this drama aired! This DVD interview cut with Seunggi is seriously amazing. It was like watching the “A&E Actor’s Studio” with Lee Seung Gi! He is so deep and sincere in talking about all things acting that it makes me super excited to see more from Actor Seunggi! (Thx to Beedance07 for another awesome big-deal ENG-subbed video! *Clap Clap*) Enjoy Actor Seunggi!~

See more at green tab at top: My Girlfriend is a Gumiho!

Seunggi interview + drama cuts (Vimeo)

(Video: Beedance07, English: LSGfan)

Part 1 (Start-9:30)
– Why did you choose to do this drama?
– What worried you while playing the role of Cha Dae Woong?
– After the broadcast, anything you felt was lacking?
– If you could re-do a scene?
– A type of acting you’re confident in?

Part 2: (9:30-20:35)
– Thoughts on your melo acting?
– How was your chemistry with Shin Min Ah?
– Was wire acting difficult?
– Was it hard to act with a “gumiho” character that is not real?
– When did Daewoong start liking Miho?

Part 3 (20:35-30:10)
– Did you prepare the hoi-hoi acting separately?
– Did you have NGs during the funny scenes?
– Do you tend to do a lot of NGs?
– Like Daewoong, could you put your life on the line for someone you love?
– What does My Girlfriend is a Gumiho mean to Lee Seung Gi?
– Daewoong’s charm?

Part 4 (30:10-End)
– There was a different ending than you had originally thought?
– The scene that Lee Seung Gi thinks of?
– Seunggi thanks fans!

Parts 1-4 (Dailymotion)

See DVD BTS Making videos at Leeseunggiworld’s vimeo links:

Making #1, Pt 1Making #1, Pt 2Making #1, Pt 3Making #2, Pts 1-3

UPDATE: 40 -minute VIMEO video version added b/c Beedance is awesome like that! And coming soon, Shin Min Ah interview cut about the drama and Seunggi!

Clarification about videos: Everyone is more than welcome to share any of the [ENG] videos on other sites. If using English translations to sub into other languages, please just credit LSGfan. (The “Do not take out without permission” at the start of the video is aimed at the lame money-making intermediary sites linking to our videos).

25 Responses

  1. Wow! I’m still watching but wanted to say this is excellent! Thank you thank you!

  2. hi there~ many thanks for sharing this precious video with eng sub!!!
    i m 小妍 from hk who become an Airen because of MGIG :)
    would it be possible for me to post the video to baidu lee seung gi gallery (tieba) and the newly formed lee seung gi hk cafe? looking forward to your reply n thanks once again for your generosity to share the video:)

    • Sure. Hope all the MGIG fans enjoy and share with others, and all the informal and formal international Airen fangroups. Could you just please add a note that if using the ENG translation to sub into other languages, to please credit LSGfan?

      And thx for asking! The reason we put “Do Not Take out without permission” is b/c there were some sites linking to our videos but using an intermediary ad-money making thing for themselves. Totally lame and stupid on their part, but I guess not really surprising in the blogosphere world where people seem to love to just rip-off other people’s hard work (whether it be videos, posts, or scoop) while contributing nothing on their end!

      Let’s all anticipate his next drama!

      • thanks once again for your allowing:)
        i would not make changes on your video but i may give a word translation of the subs in chinese. anyways i will give credit to your korean-english translation n credit to myself for the english-chinese translation only. would that be fine?

  3. omg What a gem!!! Dear Ann and beedance, thank you so so much!!!

    Being a great fan of MGIG, I bought the DVD with the hope that I could glean more from the bonus materials such as BTS or anything else that did not require my non-existent Korean. So imagine my frustration seeing the talkative SG spill his heart out but not understanding a word he said! Now with your effort, my love for him is affirmed yet again (as if it needed any more affirmation). The thoughts and finesses he put in playing CDW are really amazing! Although he said he’s still learning, I think being a good actor is 90% (if not higher) talent – either you have it, or you don’t. That sparkle, that empathy you arouse in viewers, those things cannot be learned. And SG is blessed with tons of talent!

    With your consent, someone should really make this film available to more fans. This is the greatest fan service indeed!

  4. Ann! thank you so much for the eng sub. Has to agree with you that this interview is so deep and sincere and he is really amazing!

  5. hi! while i love all the eng subbed clips that you post here I could not get daily motion to play! waah it is so frustrating! I could not watch a single one fully, it stops in the beginning or does not load or play at all! waah, may i ask for help please? i have been lurking in your site for sometime now and you are so amazing finding these clips. Pls pls, help!!

    • @sam: I can’t upload it on youtube, because utube would delete it right away. So if I upload it to Mediafre or Megaupload, can you download it? If not, then I guess I can’t help you.

      • You uploaded it on vimeo! For me it always work better than dailymotion, now I’m able to watch him (though I don’t know I should be happy or not, hearing him say he’s uncomfortable while shooting the last scene gets me all teary and wanting to scold all those students watching). thanks, you both, youre both awesome like that and these and those!

  6. Guys, Seunggi’s voice is so smooth and pleasant to listen to? Don’t you think? I think I should just play the video like background music! Yep, His interview is definitely a GEM!

    And just heard it’s going to be subber extraordinaire Beedance’s birthday in 20 minutes! Happy Happy Birthday! Thanks for putting in your precious (non-studying time!) and sharing with fans! Big Seunggi hug to you! :)

  7. Oh, Ann. Check your mail, too.

  8. Happy Birthday to Beedance and thanks to both of you.

  9. Dear Ann,
    I will be waiting humbly and patiently for your SMA interview translation. No pressure, I swear. In the meantime, just happy floating in SG’s lovely voice…Bliss!

  10. im afraid megauload and mediafire does not work for me either. but thanks so much for replying anyway!! i went to everything lee seungi gi and amazingly i was able to watch it there. Thanks so much- beedance and ann, you two are so incredible!! ann, thanks for the site and always replying. I just wish i could also watch every vids you embed here. for the meantime, i am enjoying your articles. I still miss your 1n2d recaps because they are usually LSG centered hahaha.when will the next episode when they went to japan be aired? also, do you know of any YT link where there’s an eng subbed vid of LSG winning at the SBS with Shin Mina?

    Thanks so much again. Hay birthday bee!

    • Not sure if you missed the udpate, but Beedance specially uploaded the video to Vimeo for fans who can’t access Dailymotion.

  11. I would’ve LOVED to see a WEDDING at the end!!! I’m still not over no jakjiki and hoi hoi kids at the end! :(

    Also another one of my fave sections of the interview — question — Like Daewoong, could you put your life on the line for someone you love?

    Aw Seunggi…

  12. lee seung gi was soooo awesome <3
    i love him since he sang the song " losing my mind"
    he was terrible charming and i love him sooooooo muchhh <3
    hope he will sucessfull and be happy always ! :D

    awwww <2

  13. Dear LSGfan,
    I jus found out about this site & enjoy it very much. Thanks for posting all the updated news for Lee Seung Gi. It a lot of hardwork & translations! I been planning to buy Gumiho’s DVD (with director’s cut & the interviews SMA & LSG as above), but i heard it is only in Japanese version. I also saw at YesAsia, they have the English subs, but i not sure if it got what the Japan version has. I heard the Japan version is the best (but it in Japs subs?) Do you have any idea where I could purchase this DVD (either English or Chinese subs is fine with me)? Thanks.

    • I was going to buy ENG version but i heard the quality wasn’t great. Tryp (at Tryp96.wordpress) bought the ENG version and she said it was disapointing, esp compared to Japanese one. Ask her about the other dvd versions, she’ll probably know. :)

      • Thanks for advice LSGfan. Maybe i jus get locally, no frills type. Save the money to buy concert DVD. HOpe enough cash to buy both Korean & Jap version. hehe

  14. thank you so much for translating and sharing these videos…
    this makes my memories of MGIAG more special…

  15. Why I can’t download this video from vimeo? Can anybody help? tks

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