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Seunggi and Sugeun sing on radio show, work Music Bank for 1N2D travel money + mop stage for SNSD! [Aug 2008]

*** UPDATED with video [ENG text]~ Seunggi-Sugeun with SNSD at Music Bank ***

(videos:  ashoka1006)

I can’t get enough of all the recent Sugeun-Seunggi love!!  Wow, this 1N2D was from almost exactly 3 years ago!  Ironic~ this involved a radio appearance, Sugeun recently gushed about Seunggi on a radio show, and we’ll get to see the 1N2D radio mission this Sunday, which resulted in Seunggi-Sugeun flying out to Japan!  So exciting!~

Aug 2008~ Sugeun and Seunggi get left behind by the members since the goal is to provide a simulation of how a family can travel on a summer trip!  So this means that there’s only room for 4 people in the car!  They have no money but Hodong has full confidence that lovable Seunggi will be able to find a way and so Sugeun just needs to stick with him to get to base camp! Omg the flippers!  He does use later on!  LOL~~

Hilarious Suguen and Cute Seunggi manage to get on Hong Jin Kyung’s KBS radio program and sing an edited version (by Sugeun!) of Mujukwon, and actually earn some money.  Ha, love how the radio PD is like~ Seunggi, how come you never come on when we’re always trying to get you on!  And Seunggi’s like~ I never got the messages!  I promise to come on next time!  Woah, all this made me miss Mong.

Seunggi-Sugeun still need more money.  So they head over to KBS Music Bank and  work as part of the stage and clean-up crew.  Poor Seunggi, having to swallow his pride and rough it when he’s used to being the one on stage singing!  And to do this in front of girlgoups Wondergirls and SNSD!  He looked so embarrassed when MC Tablo passed by!

SNSD’s Yoona feels honored to perform on stage cleaned by Seunggi oppa
(Thx Terry for finding this video!!!  Aw, Yoona’s so sweet.  And Seunggi loves it!  Ha.)

Aug 2008, SNSD excited to see Seunggi-Sugeun at Music Bank!

MC: SNSD gets ready for their performance stage but at that moment, filming for 1 Night 2 Days, Lee Seunggi and Lee Sugeun appear.
Sugeun: (mopping the stage! LOL!) Please be careful.
Tiffany: Uncle Sugeun!
MC: A happy Tiffany immediately goes to shake hands. The SNSD members were so intrigued by this 1N2D situation! There was a lot of excitement!
Yoona: (to Seunggi) So you will get money if you do this? Before our stage performance… to be able to perform on this clean stage that was cleaned by Lee Seunggi oppa is really an honor. Hahahaha. (Seunggi cracking up!)

Video: aspa5594, English: LSGfan

Awesome BTS photos of super diligent Seunggi working his butt off at Music Bank!

(Images:  blog.naver.com/neat24, As labeled, Naver)

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14 Responses

  1. Lee Seung Gi is very Sporting!

  2. are there eng subbed videos of these clips at youtube? haha, love the latest onslaught of the Lee brother’s love! Oh how i wish hodong and PD Na won’t leave! If they’re really lanning on these for a while then they should have let seunggi go before!! waaahh! I am so distressed with these news! I just discovered this show!!

  3. Would also like to know where can I watch the full episode with Eng sub? Do they sell DVD copies of previous shows like those of the US shows, “24”, “Lost, “Glee”, etc? Hope they do.

    Thanks for your reply and for posting this episode.

  4. Did SNSD greeting to them during Seung Gi going to mop the stage during 1:00 in the 2nd clip? I’m also hope to watch that BTS clip again since i just have chance to watch it one time.

  5. I don’t want to think about 1n2d ending, but if the show were to end in the future, maybe they’ll think about putting out a DVD set, like how they do here in the States. I would totally pay A LOT of money for it. Maybe they’ll do an ENG-subbed version since they did the japanese one.

    if someone comes across the BTS SNSD-Seunggi clip from this ep, please share. being a SNSD fan, I thought it was so cute!

    Majorly anticipating Sugeun-Seunggi’s trip in Japan next Sunday!!!!

    • Hi, finally i was able to find BTS SNSD-Seunggi clip from this ep but in chinese sub.
      Here is the youtube link:

  6. Terry~ Awesome! You found the vid! Loves it! I updated the post with the video and English translation! Aw, Yoona is so sweet to Seunggi. Omg, he was so loving it! hahaha. Can you believe that was July 2008? 3 years ago! I want to see Yoona on Strong Heart again. it might happen since Boom’s back!

  7. After i watched this week Strong Heart episode, it seems like SNSD come to be guests on next week broadcast. But I don’t know whether yoona will present on the show or not. But I also want to see them together on strong heart again.

  8. Hey, Would you mind please telling me what Lee Seung Gi’s song that played when Lee Seung Gi and Lee Su Geun sitting on the floor after cleaning the stage (on Music Bank)..?
    I really want to hear that song again..

  9. what episode is this from??

  10. where can i get the song mujukwon from, i tried but i dint get it . i want the audio version. can some one help.

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