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Jo In Sung, Lee Seung Gi, Cha Seung Won invited and threatened to appear on the “Soo Mi Oak” show! [ENG]

*** UPDATED with ENG-subbed videos ***

A new promo clip for veteran film, musical actress Kim Soo Mi’s cooking and lifestyle talk show, Soo Mi Oak on cable channel QTV, featuring her 3 pets!  Her Jo Insung love is legendary; she even got a shout-out from him at his military release press event!  And she was totally unabashed about her love for Seunggi on the the Actress special, claiming Seunggi as untouchable!  And now add Cha Seung Won to her select list…

(video: ENGrapport)

Kim Soo Mi is not playing!  Very cute to feature these 3 guys in the promo for her show!  Maybe we’ll see these guys make a surprise appearance on her show?!  The new show started back in April.  And Happy Sunday members Kim Jong Min (1N2D) and Lee Yoon Suk (Qualifications of Man) are her co-hosts.

More Happy Sunday 1N2D love…

On August 8,  “Marrying the Mafia 4” had a special event for the opening of their movie as well as Kim Soo Mi’s upcoming 60th birthday (a very big event in Korean culture).  The actors came dressed in traditional Korean hanboks…

She also got video congrats from some of her celeb admirers…

Jo Insung, Kang Hodong, Lee Seunggi, Kim Hanuel, others send their congrats!

(video: ENGrapport)

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2 Responses

  1. MARRYING THE MAFIA! What a fun movie. And those sons of hers are hilarious. I remember her tiger tattoo from one of the movies. Super cool! Happy birthday, SooMi-sshi! And thanks Ann for the translations!

  2. May I ask what Insung said about SooMi-sshi during his military release?..thanks

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