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1N2D Lee Sugeun talks playing soccer, drinking, showering with a “flawless” Seunggi [ENG]

*** UPDATED with ENG-subbed video ***

Sugeun so cute and animated talking about “flawless” Seunggi on popular SBS radio program.  Aw,  Sugeun’s love for Seunggi!  He’s probably still feeling bad about not reciprocating Seunggi’s love for that 1N2D match game!  What he had to say…

(video: ENGrapport)

Aw Sugeun!  Always showing love for maknae Seunggi!  I loved when he gave a shout-out to Seunggi when receiving his award during the Baeksang Awards too!  He’s mentioned him on Win Win a few times too.

Love how their relationship has majorly evolved so much over the years on 1N2D…

BTS photos, 2008 1N2D.
Sugeun trying to woo a non-interested Seunggi with his soccer skills!~~ Hehehe.

2009 1N2D.  Aw~ Sugeun just wanted Seunggi to love him back, that’s all!!!

2011. Now, Seunggi meets up with Sugeun once a week to play soccer!~~ Yay!

Omg, Seunggi REALLY looks like a REAL soccer player!  Very haute!!!

(Images: DCLSG, As labeled)

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One Response

  1. I feel that Seung Gi oppa really is perfect and most importantly, he has perfect manners!!!
    If you had watched the shows that Seung Gi oppa had participated in before such as in X-Man, he was already very well mannered then.
    For example, when the participants are standing at their positions, usually most will fidget around or glance around feeling bored, however Seung Gi oppa will always stand fix on his spot and give the person who is speaking at the time his full attention and give his sincere reactions!!!
    Love you! Love everything about you!!!
    Seung Gi oppa FIGHTING!!! :)

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