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Samsung renews Zipel CF contract for 3rd consecutive year with main model Lee Seunggi!~ Cha Seung Won will cameo

August 4, 2011.  Samsung, via press release, announced it had renewed its endorsement contract with Lee Seunggi for the third consecutive year as the main model for Samsung Zipel Assak kimchi refrigerators.  Since the latter part of 2009, Lee Seunggi has been active as the exclusive model for Samsung Zipel.  Seunggi is often credited for shattering the common, long-standing belief that kitchen appliance endorsements required female models.

According to Samsung, “Having captured the hearts of female consumers ranging from 20-40 years old, Lee Seunggi has been the driving force in Zipel refrigerators achieving first place in market shares for the past three years.  As Zipel’s main endorsement model for kitchen appliances, his active role has greatly contributed to the place premium refrigerators have come to occupy in the current marketplace.”

Following Samsung’s success with Seunggi as its model, the other big companies took notice and brought on established top male stars such as Won Bin, Jang Dong Gun, Jung Woo Sung, and So Ji Sup to endorse various kitchen appliances.

But I’m pretty sure Seunggi’s the only one with a consecutive 3-year contract!  His name has become SO synonymous with the Zipel refrigerator and appliance brand, that people commonly refer to the products as “Seunggi’s fridge!”

It’s already been a year since his previous 2nd year renewal contract with Zipel!  Congrats Seunggi! You’re still one of Korea’s darlings!  It’s one thing to be popular, it’s another thing to be popular for a sustained period.  And it’s whole another level to be beloved!  Aw, so proud to be a fan!  Ok, great news, but why SO giddy and happy?~~

Because of the super annoying leak from “someone” to Sports Seoul or the paper’s sheer incompetence…  Yesterday’s article stated Cha Seung Won was becoming a model for Zipel.  I won’t get into the obnoxious, self-promoting details!

But I was SO incredibly pissed off and mad yesterday that I had to do major extra yoga to calm down!  And omg, DCLSG was on fire with fans mad as hell!  Calling Samsung only to be told to wait for an official announcement.

Still I was most of all mad at the Hong Sisters for writing that totally unnecessary not-at-all-of-any-benefit-to-Seunggi storyline for the Best Love cameo!  And Captain Hook for being so incompetent in not being able to give Seunggi what he deserves!  Won’t rehash all my grievances again now.  Today is today!

And I like 41-year old veteran actor and doting dad/ husband Cha Seung Won and love that Seunggi can call him sunbae and can learn from him…

but everyone here knows one of my pet peeves are guys who are totally cocky and arrogant.  Because that’s very different from being confident and cool!  I’m assuming this was supposed to be Dokko Jin-esque funny, and maybe even referring to the upcoming fridge CF he’s filming with Seunggi, but just didn’t seem very amusing…

I’m in the middle of filming a CF for Samsung s-class card~ It is just one of three major CFs~ Car, Beer, Credit cards~~ I’ve done it all~^^ What should I do this time…??  Cha Seung Won, me2day. August 1, 2011

So anyway what was up with that stupid Sport Seoul article?~~  Well, we found out today that Cha Seung Won will CAMEO in Seunggi’s new Zipel kimchi fridge CF!  But honestly, I’m not looking forward to some Best Love parody that will probably of course benefit everyone else involved WAY more than Seunggi.  But it could be fun.

Actually, I’m surprised top star Seungwon agreed to cameo in Seunggi’s CF.  I’m sure Samsung offered his management a very appealing amount!  But I think he’s also a super nice guy and he’s like 20 years older than Seunggi so he doesn’t have anything to prove.  Love seeing the guys together.

Nevertheless, Samsung Zipel, please don’t go all annoying Hong Sisters on us!!!!

More BTS photos from the previous gorgeous Zipel CF shoot

Maybe I’m being too analytical(!), but the press release specifically states “Zipel Assak kimchi refrigerators” as do the logos in the press photo backdrop.  While the press release photos from March 2010 below when Samsung launched the new Zipel fridge line indicating Seunggi would be endorsing all Zipel products is against “Zipel” backdrop only.  Hope the contract renewal was for all Zipel products.  Still loved this look so much!  Please bring it back Samsung!~~

(via Newsen, Sports Chosun;  Images: As labeled)

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10 Responses

  1. Ann is firing MAD!

    Oh the ruckus that article caused. I somehow knew they won’t scratch off Seung-gi as the main CF, but I still questioned my comprehension of the advertising industry and the sanity of Samsung when I saw that article. Then I realized it’s from Sports Seoul which means it has potential to be hogwash.

    I’m really curious as to how the CF will work. I can’t imagine any scene that won’t refer to that Best Love cameo. For now, I’m just doing my happy dance because Seung-gi signed on to Zipel again. That, and the fact he’s in white. =)

    Thank you, Ann!

    • Ha. “firing MAD!” If only I was just that! I was more like 10 times that! I just really really hate incompetence and self-promoting in an unethical way people! Sports Seoul. Hook. Hong Sisters. All 3 on my ick list right now.

  2. Being a rational and mature person (if I may say so myself) I usually just try to love SG, not HATE anyone else who might in some negative way affect him. But I am really (really!) mad at CSW.

    Yes, Mr. Cha, you have a right to be cocky (I could not care less; never liked you and now never will), and your sleazy management company has a right to promote you, but, please do it on your own merits!!! It really looks bad when you have to lean on your juniors (esp. the one you professed lots of love and regards) to advance.

    And while I am in venting mood, Hook, please take the ball and do something. Your silence and complacency make me wonder if there’s any under the table dealings here. SG deserves far better than that. For once, stand up and protect your most precious asset!!!

    • “SG deserves far better than that. For once, stand up and protect your most precious asset!!!”

      Well said, AnnMichelle.

      • Hi Tishi and Ann,
        I really cannot believe how much I have been stressed by this stupid thing! My love for SG scares me!!!

        Did you see the latest 1N2D? That is a beauty indeed. They elevated a variety show to an exquisite drama, with all the raw emotions from love and loyalty to suspicion and betrayal in abundance. That, plus SG’s letter to HD, is the finest moment of 1N2D.

  3. Woah, it’s the unofficial 2 VIP commenters, AnnMichelle and Tishi! How did I “know” that we’d all be on the same page. Although AM you’re probably more annoyed with CSW than me. I have to admit, I was starting to feel ick toward him for a bit there.

    But seriously, to me it all boils down to Captain Hook. And please I’d really prefer it that she doesn’t attend VIP events like fashion shows and Best Love cameo filmings and the like with Seunggi! Like, when’s the last time you saw a company CEO tagging along with their client to those kinds of things!

    • I just realized that we’re all named Ann here. Haha. My second name is “Anne.” =)

      Ann: Captain Hook needs some training on CEO 101 and PR 1 thru 100. Her methods of keeping mum sometimes make things worse. Someone’s bound to end up shocked beyond belief first before they come up with a sensible PR material. And as for your question, Sidus HQ’s CEO has never shown his or her face, and I have followed a lot of its actors and actresses back then. Soooo, I dunno why she tags along.

      AnnMichelle: YES! Oh, wow! I can’t wait to watch part two. The best part for me was when Tae-woong gave Seung-gi his remaining 10,000. That was so sweet. And I do hope that them veering away from too much Bokbulbok games will pay off.

  4. AM~ LOL! omg, I asked myself the same thing! like am I really going to have a hissy fit and start spewing all sorts of words I don’t use on a regular basis because of this! hahaha. Fierce loyalty! but it can be such a flattering trait! plus, i think fans get even more riled up about this kind of stuff b/c Hook never freaking stands up to anything! Ugh!

    omg, i’ve never seen the dclsg fans so mad… that is, except when they are commenting on some Hook-related incident! totally talking trash and pissed off!

    again, it all goes back to the stupid CF stealing cameo storyline and general Hook incompetence. I mean CF models are replaced all the time with new ones. That’s life. But man, if CSW was going to let his management replace LSG with him, I would really lose mad respect for CSW!

  5. Ann, Tishi & Ann Michelle well said..thanks 3 of you

    Hook “SG deserves far better than that. For once, stand up and protect your most precious asset!!!” well said Ann Michelle..

    for me Seunggi is more like a Gem,, The only GEM that makes the world of Hook go round… I just hope Hook could go out on their shell & make a stand for their most precious gem..


    “but everyone here knows one of my pet peeves are guys who are totally cocky and arrogant. Because that’s very different from being confident and cool! ” -Ann

    i share the same sentiments regarding your above statement. it’s good to know I haven’t watched any CSW drama.. lol!

  6. Oh my god you guys are the coolest,let ‘s be seunggi’s fan forever:-!

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