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After School joins main CF model Lee Seunggi for The Saem

Last month, girlgroup After School signed with The Saem cosmetics company, joining main endorsement model Lee Seunggi.  The Saem launched its brand with Seunggi a year ago in 2010, implementing an ambitious growth plan, opening a new The Saem store/counter in Korea, on a what seemed to be like a weekly basis!  And looks like the brand is in the planning stages of expanding into other parts of Asia…

Not surprised The Saem signed a girl group.  Typically the main male endorsement models are featured for the skin-care products, but it’s hard to market make-up using guys.  Girls need to see other girls all dolled up and pretty!

Similar marketing concept used by other brands like Tony Moly, currently endorsed by Song Joong Ki and girlgroup Brown Eyed Girls.  Others such as the Face Shop use multiple male models for different lines, currently Kim Hyunjoong and Won Bin.

With After School (esp. Uee) being a hit in Korea and recently in Asia, plus Seunggi’s popularity in Korea and Japan, The Saem is in its brand expansion plan stage?  They introduced a men’s line, Mineral Homme.  Can we see the return of this look?~~~~

The company is going for a differentiated concept, thus the black and white versions.

I actually love that The Saem is incorporating a younger feel to the brand because it definitely had a more mature feel despite it being more of a mid-priced brand that’s typically targeted toward younger consumers.  Sure, at first, you’re thinking~ How dare they sign on additional people!  Haha.  But this sort of marketing seems to be pretty commonplace among similar grouped cosmetics brands.

I doubt After School and Seunggi will be doing CFs together, only because their images are so different.  Although, it might work for the soft, white concept…

I’ve always been obsessive about my skincare and makeup so I don’t think I could give up my current product stash.  Sorry Seunggi!  But it’s true~ the more expensive high-end products are like magic!  But when The Saem expands outside of Korea, I will definitely pick up a few products out of loyalty!

Still love After School’s “Because of You.”  The lyrics!  Brave Brothers = AMAZING!  He also did Seunggi’s “Losing My Mind.”  Love the choreography and the girls look great!

(video: AsienDream)

(via Naver, The Saem)

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One Response

  1. Ann, when I heard about the news first. I do things like: ‘What? They change Seung Gi??!!’ Fortunately it turn out not :)
    Actually I can’t imagine the afterschool to promote it, since their make up always seem err… May I honest? Heavy? Hope it won’t affect the sale-thus affect Seung Gi too-
    Any way, I miss the glamour clean image Seunggi’s do for the Saem, hope they release CF more

    Oh yea, btw, you probably typo there, KHJ and Won Bin endorse Face Shop, not Body Shop, sorry for being picky :p

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