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1N2D’s Jiwon, Jongmin, Seunggi~ fashionable travel looks

On last week’s 1 Night 2 Days waterfall special, the members displayed comfortable but fashionable travel looks that were distinctive and well-matched to their images. A smart casual look for Eun Jiwon, a color-matched summer look for Kim Jongmin, and a dandy (high-brow stylish) travel look for Lee Seunggi.  Which style do you go for?~~

Jiwon – Smart casual look

By wearing items suitable for the weather and the conditions at hand, Jiwon showed a practical but also charming style.  For a classic and polished look, try wearing a basic pique shirt.  And match it with cargo pants for a perfect comfortable and refreshing casual look.  Jiwon’s hip-hop style of cap and clean-cut black backpack is simple, yet gives off an edgy travel style.

Jongmin – Color matched summer look

Like that of his witty character, Jongmin’s backpack and Le Coq Sportif baggy pants were reminiscent of the blue seas, and his choice of blue color matching had a refreshing feel.  A simple white pique shirt matched with vibrant multi-colored shoes can give off a clean-cut, active, and charming summer look. 

Seunggi – dandy (high-brow stylish) travel look

True to his usual uhm-chin-ah and princely image, Seunggi portrayed an intellectual image through his dandy and luxurious travel look.  His sophisticated and fashionable travel style ensemble of trench coat, denim jeans, and fedora was particularly striking.  Seunggi’s trench coat travel look is good for when you want to differentiate your style from others during a trip.

Haha~ “True to his usual uhm-chin-ah and princely image!~”  Love it!  I’m definitely a fan of all the looks.  And like guys that can mix it up and wear different styles.  But if I had to choose one… of course it’s the dandy look for me!

The dandy look is really popular because it has that high-brow feel but also an equally casual-stylish, depending on how you piece together and accessorize.  This look and vibe is captured perfectly in MNET’s Seunggi is #2 most suitable guy for the Fall.

And can bntnews please start using some high-quality screencaps for the fashion sections please!  Seems like they’re always using blurry grainy images.  Can’t get the full effect of the great fashions.  And can we get some high-grade caps of Seunggi’s head-to-toe looks from this 1N2D ep please!  Loved the trench and the jeans!

(via bntnews)

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3 Responses

  1. I love Seung-gi’s pants! Although, I dunno, but I want to see him in shorts. It probably goes against that princely and polished image, but yeah. Sometimes I wonder what he has against shorts. It’s summer in Korea anyway.

  2. Seunggis is my favorite! Smart and intellectual and stylish.

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