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Seunggi’s #1 fangirl from drama “Manny” visits Strong Heart

*** UPDATED with ENG-subbed video ***

Strong Heart. July 19, 2011. 2nd-time guest Ryu Shi Won brought out a surprise guest~ precocious child actress Jung Dabin. She belongs to his entertainment company (he’s the president). She said she has a hard time addressing people as oppa, and felt bad towards Ryu Shi Won about that. But it was only because he’s the same age as her mother! Ha. So how about addressing Seunggi as oppa…

(video: Rapport2010)

Jung Dabin played Seunggi’s #1 fangirl on the cable drama “Manny.”  Looks like the writer and/or director is a big Seunggi fan! Using a Seunggi fangirl character versus your typical Kpop idol fangirl totally gives it away!  And Jung Dabin played it perfectly!~

EB: Hey Stupid! Don’t you know how to knock!
YD: Sorry. We’re going swimming so why don’t you come?
EB: Forget it. Get out! Get out!
MANNY: She’s not coming?
YD: No. She just keeps getting mad.

[Eunbi admires her Seunggi oppa posters in her room! LOL at her and the abs photo! Later she leaves her friend Yangdong and goes to the store to buy some more posters and overhears fans talking]…
FAN1: Lee Seunggi is so cute!  FAN2: I know! You have to register for the fanclub. I got to see Seunggi oppa for real last week! It was a fan signing just for fanclub members. I got to see him up close like this!

MANNY: Yangdong, what’s wrong? Where’s Eunbi?
YD: I don’t know. Eunbi’s been acting weird lately. After she joined the Lee Seunggi fanclub, she doesn’t even talk to me anymore.
[Eunbi cheering for Seunggi, giving evil eye to non-Seunggi fans! LOL!]

[Manny starts to think back about how Eunbi’s been acting.]
Kid: Ajusshi, noona’s been acting weird lately.
EB: Mom, I’m not a baby anymore!
YD: Ajusshi, seriously, why do girls act like that? Just because Lee Seunggi likes blue, she even changed her notebook and pencil case to a blue color!

[Upset mom brings a disheveled Eunbi into the room, and suddenly notices all the new Seunggi posters on the wall! OMG! Ha!]
GUARD: She said she was here involved in fanclub activities for singer Lee Seunggi, but then she got into a fight with some of the other singers’ fans.
EB: Mom, I’m sorry. I was wrong.
MOM: You like Lee Seunggi oppa that much?
EB: Mom, I’ve been feeling weird. I can’t fall asleep at night. I can only think about Seunggi oppa. I keep thinking about kissing him, and my heart feels all clenched and tight. Mom, am I crazy?

Video: Leeseunggiworld,  English: LSGfan

LOL at the collection of posters!  Someone had to go and buy them somewhere as props for the drama right?!  And they were all ones where Seunggi looked super handsome!  Hehehehe.  But OMG at the abs photo!

So Eunbi’s “acting weird” does have a happy ending.  Her mom gets super worried, but Manny reassures her it’s just typical teenage adolescence.   Eunbi is not crazy.  Just crazy for Seunggi oppa!  Ha.

4 Responses

  1. That abs poster!
    No, I don’t think you can buy it off the market. At least there’s no trace of it during my extensive search while in Seoul.
    How I would love (or kill) to have it! In the end, I had to settle for the two (biggish) Saem posters. I even framed the shopping bag as well (through my very careful & loving handling, there is not one crease on the bag)!
    Thanks Ann for the report on the cute girl fan.

    • *Sigh* All I have are some magazines and his socks. So you’re better than me. I would love that ABS poster. Maybe I should blow up a picture of him.

  2. LOL… seungi oppa must be happy ^^
    what a cute little girl. :)

  3. I think his abs look better than the one in the poster :) OMGawd his suuuper hot :)

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