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Seunggi, Sugeun, Na PD, entourage, and 1N2D cameramen at Incheon Korea airport and later arriving in Japan [7.29.11]

July 29, 2011.  Incheon Airport, Korea and arriving Kansai Airport, Japan.  Seunggi, Sugeun, Na PD, entourage, and 1N2D camermen who were filming throughout.  Looks to be promotion for the Japanese 1N2D DVD set?  (Hmph!  If someone burns all the Korean version 1n2d episodes in high quality, I’d totally pay like $500 for it or more!)  Can’t wait to see these clips aired on actual 1N2D broadcast.  Dear Na PD, we know how much you love Seunggi, so don’t let us down please…

FANCAM~ Incheon airport, Korea.  Funny Sugeun and Seunggi talking to little kids!

(video: weiweiairen)

More YT fancams from Korea:

FANCAM~ Kansai airport, Japan.  Cheering LSG fans + Sugeun gets shout-out!

(video: yusiwoni106)

More YT fancams from Japan:

Would’ve loved to see Sugeun-Seunggi in 1N2D Jejudo spring special fashion…

But that would’ve been too obvious!  Korean airport fashion style is to be totally dressed down. You know, casual but like planning way in advance to look very casual!  I’m not really feeling the glasses thing Seunggi seems to like doing just for the airport!  Would love to see him in sunglasses more but appreciate that he doesn’t wear them so he can make eye contact with fans! Aw.

Aw Seunggi-Sugeun = LOVE!  Even more fun because Sugeun is still very star-struck by Korean celebs in general, so it’s just too cute! Plus, Seunggi hearts hyung!

And everyone knows how Na PD feels about Seunggi!  Hahahaha.

And a few days later~ Seunggi arriving back at Incheon airport…

(Please no more of this tucked-in-oxford-shirt-airport-fashion please!!!!!)

Pink scribbles: LSGfan,  Images: DCLSG, Tryp96, As labeled

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11 Responses

  1. ?? what happened… this blog was privated for a while… I thought that was it but somehow decided to check it again today… I’m so glad it’s back up! XD
    He was so cute in that episode with sora… “i only mind of myself” XD Love seungi!
    Anyway, hope your blog is back up for real.

  2. actually, Seunggi said he wears glasses. i remember this photo when he was in school and he had glasses on.

    haha Sugeun is hilarious! if you think of it, he’s always the one who scolds/yells at Seunggi during 1N2D. they’re total contrasts. Seunggi is intelligent and calculating, but Sugeun is smart and practical. and Jiwon is just pure genius. hahaha.

    remember the trip when Seunggi and Sugeun were left behind? Seunggi was talking to the train dispatcher or something and asks about the different possible routes to take, while Sugeun was like, “we’re 1N2D and we need help asap”.


    • and LOL Sugeun was taking pictures/video of people who are taking pictures/videos of the two Lee brothers. hahaha.

      • Thx for sharing this 1n2d clip! Loved sword-swinging Seunggi! He looks SO young!

        Sugeun so hilarious these days! He is the IT comedian guy in Korea; very lovable… I think his shortness helps! it’s amazing to see how much he and Seunggi have become closer. the way he talks about Seunggi in interviews (esp now that he has little kids), you can really tell how much he adores him! He was totally name-dropping him during the Kim Jung Tae special on Win Win! Aw.

  3. I remember this epi but forget when was it? SeungGi so young and looks like a baby! He should do a sageuk. Sugeun so funny! I like him 2nd after uri SeungGi!

  4. I so love SG’s backpack! It looks leather and very well made (look at the way it conform to SG’s back). I would totally go for a smaller version.

  5. i love him in rolled up sleeves! Really, Na PD loves Seunggi? I didn’t realize that. Must watch more episodes of 1n2d!! That’s the crux of coming in late as a fan, I have a lot of catching up to do! 4 years worth of episodes oh my…

    Just now I realized too how crazy his schedule is. I mean how many times has he been to the airport just this week? He must be a permanent fixture in there! Plus he always seemed so friendly and accomodating to fans, always smiling, waving, if he can, signs autographs. He must be really nice.

    Also I agree, Sugeun too is my second favorite in the show. His face just have to pop onscreen and Im already laughing. Wish theyd have an episode with just the two of them stuck together, that would be hilarious!

    Thanks again for the updates!!!

    • they already did, when Seunggi and Sugeun were left behind. they had to work in a radio program and on Music Bank to get some allowance. XD

  6. Hahaha! Ann, your pink scribbles made me laugh. I’m so glad Su-geun went with Seung-gi to Japan. In the latter episodes of 2010 and this year, I sometimes notice Su-geun calling Seung-gi to see this or that. Like the view or something random. Just those tiny moments in between the shows.

  7. Am I the only one who idid not like Seunggi’s airport fashion this time around??? Sigh. Saw the ones on the way back to Korea too. Would it totally destroy his uhm-chin-ah image to have his shirt hanging out and not tucked in for once!

    • Hahaha! Cody, you’re two seconds away from starting a petition against you. Should I ready everything for your candidacy Ann?

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