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Ideal guys Taecyeon and Seunggi on Strong Heart, and actress from Seunggi’s 2007 White Lie music video guests

*** UPDATED with ENG-subbed videos ***

July 26, 2011. Strong Heart. Taecyeon was a guest and he was being his usual very cool but adorkable self! His Korean-American upbringing makes me feel connected to him. Like he acts and talks like most of the Korean guys I know. He and Seunggi are such stark contrasts in some ways, but they’re both so charming!  Taec’s like the football player in high school all my girlfriends and I wanted to go to parties with and date; and Seunggi’s like the soccer player, school president we all studied with, admired, and wanted to marry some day! Hahahaha.

Seunggi-Taecyeon brace themselves to be selected [ENG]

(vimeo video, no subs)

Seunggi-Taecyeon brace themselves to be selected  [07.26.2011]

KHD: I heard you decided to come on Strong Heart because of this person.
(Noona magnets Taec and Seunggi anticipate, brace themselves! LOL.)
KHD: Don’t be so cold-blooded. It’s not you…
LSG: It’s not me? Oh, okay. [To the veteran actress] Sunbaenim, I apologize.
(This was so obviously scripted by the writers! Hilarious. Aw, Seunggi!)

And I guess that would make Yoona my best friend and/or frenemy!  I think I probably like her the most among Seunggi fans!  Aw, still love that Yoona chose Seunggi!

Ok, back to Strong Heart.  The actress Wang Ji Hye, from Seunggi’s 2007 3rd album music videos, was also a guest.  I can’t believe she’s only one year older than Seunggi!  She looks way older.  Actually, maybe it’s just that Seunggi tends to look younger?  Anyway, she has AMAZING porcelain skin and looked very elegant…

Wang Ji Hye said since Seunggi was like 18 years old back then, he had chubbier cheeks and when carrying her, his hands were trembling!  He he.  Seunggi says the reason his arms were shaking was only because he couldn’t see the steps underneath while carrying her!~

Seunggi’s difficult acting in his music video [ENG]

(vimeo video, no subs)


Seunggi’s difficult acting in his music video [07.26.2011]

LSG: In dramatic movies like Romeo and Juliet, the guy comes out carrying her like this. But if you look carefully, it’s always on flat ground, never down steps! [Ha] I’m going down the steps but I can’t see the steps! And it’s not like I can peer over her to look down. It was actually quite difficult acting!
Everyone: We totally understand.
KHD: Couldn’t you turn sideways and go down the steps like this? [Ha]

Watch Wang Ji Hye and Seunggi in the official MVs [ENG] from his 2007 third album:

And Seunggi looked so perfect in this Strong Heart ep!  Omg, I can’t believe such words are coming out of my mouth either!  Cody, can’t you do this on a weekly basis?  Perfect stylish, breezy, preppy summer wear!  Seunggi looks like he just walked off the pages of my J.Crew catalog!

Blue gingham shirt, skinny tie, navy fitted pants, white belt.  And the hair looked great!  I was nomu nomu happy! Please let this NOT be a one time thing, pretty please!

Behind the scenes photos…

(Images:  SBS,  Videos: Rapport2010, Leeseunggiworld,  English: LSGfan)

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5 Responses

  1. I will take the soccer player/school president any day, hahaha!

    I also like his SH styles a lot, especially the recent ones. Even Hodong’s outfits look good and go together with SG’s.

  2. Marry me Marry me Lee Seung Gi! He looks so good.

  3. blue color looks good on seung gi… i like this too.!

    hope the cody does not let seung gi be the guinea pig in the future for their fashion testing…

    thanks ann for the explanation for their dialogue!

  4. count me in ..i love him in these get ups..hope cody will continue doing this to Seunggi ^___^

    Thanks ann for the translation

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