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Seunggi for Chung Jung Won cooking classes, plus new models Jun Ji Hyun, Han Ga In follow up Lee Hyori [CF spam]

Love all the huge promo banners for the Chung Jung Won cooking classes.  Seunggi looks so cute!  I would definitely sign up for these luxurious lessons if I could…

The cooking classes look pretty amazing, and they seem to be held more often than not.  Being the upscale, reputable brand it is, I’m assuming the classes ain’t cheap!   But you get to make some gorgeous and tasty dishes, and get a goodie bag of top-of-the-line products too.

More cute event marketing recently posted on Chung Jung Won… LOL at the hat!

But OMG at this promo food truck wallpapered in Seunggi.  When I saw this a while back, I was thinking~ um, sort of tacky?  Like how could they do this to him?

But then I saw the Jun Ji Hyun version (for Chung Jung Won, Hong Cho vinaigrette) and didn’t feel as bad!  Like if glamorous Jun Ji Hyun could be plastered to a food truck then okay fine, I can live with the Seunggi version too!  Hee hee.

Chung Jung Won renewed its CF contract with Seunggi back in March, keeping him as the main endorsement model.  But the brand has a gazillion products, so the company typically has female celebs endorsing two of its products…

Recently, Han Ga In replaced Lee Hyori for the all-natural pepper paste line (my mom won’t use anything else!), and Jun Ji Hyun replaced Kim Hee Sun for the vinaigrette line (which supposedly gives you a similar looking S-line!)… talk about A-listers!

Jun Ji Hyun is so pretty!  Coincidentally~ On yesterday’s Knee Cap Guru interview with Best Love’s Gong Hyo Jin (Shin Minah’s best friend),  Hodong asked who she thought was most beautiful.  She said Jun Ji Hyun because she was naturally beautiful, not having had any surgery, and looked great without makeup!

She is definitely every Korean guy’s ideal girl!  Even Seunggi mentioned her in a radio show a while back (pre-My Girlfriend is a Gumiho) when asked who he wanted to act with in a romantic drama.  To think, she could’ve been Seunggi’s Gumiho~  I can totally see her playing the MiHo character!  But  Shin Minah was great and totally owned the role.  Plus, Jun Ji Hyun would’ve been like 8 years older than Seunggi, compared to only like 2-3 years older Minah.

And because I just love CFs…

Jun Ji Hyun, Chung Jung Won Hong-Cho CFs

(videos: jeonjihyunvids)

Han Ga In,  Chung Jung Won Gochujang CF

(video: kpopmadnessx3)

Another ideal woman/wife for Korean guys!  She’s so lovely and natural.

Aw, but I love Lee Hyori!  Will miss her cute Gochujang CFs~

(videos: seasonssummer, xaishines, dearyunaYT2)

Dear Chung Jung Won, this Seunggi is cute…

And the most recent I am a Singer-themed CF was okay…
But when will we see THIS Chung Jung Won Seunggi again?~~

Maybe they miss this Seunggi too~ they’re still using those images on the website!

Yeah, I know the Chung Jung Won fan event happened yesterday but I’m way too DEPRESSED and DISAPPOINTED at Cody’s choice of Seunggi fashion (again)!  But loved the fancams!

(Images: Chung Jung Won, Naver, As labeled;  Videos: As indicated)

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3 Responses

  1. You know, now that you mentioned it, I think Ji-hyun could also be a good gumiho. I can totally imagine her in Mi-ho’s white dress and wavy hair.

  2. I know right? Jun Ji hyun’s look + personality would’ve been a great fit. but i’m glad Minah played the role. she’s younger and more fresh and her chemistry with Seunggi was perfect!

    Shin Se Kyung (top contender for gumiho casting) would’ve been really good too. She was on Happy Together the other day (her first variety show appearance) and she was totally free-spirited and cool. Can’t believe she’s 21. she looks older. she was a hit! ppl who didn’t know much about her or didn’t see what the big deal about her are now like she’s awesome!

    was sort of hoping she might be paired with seunggi in next drama but she’s already filming that big sageuk with jang hyuk

    • Me, too. I’m totally glad that Minah got the role. I heard about Se-Kyung, and even Sandara for the Gumiho role. But Minah is definitely Miho. I wish they give them a season two. *sigh*

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