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Seunggi thanks 1N2D hyungs and radio requests Verandah Project song + Hodong’s touching message [UPDATED]

*** UPDATED with more radio board messages***

(Video: icaruspge; English lyrics at bottom of this post)

Verandah Project.  “Mountain Climbing.”  I’m totally into this song, requested by Seunggi and dedicated to Hodong during the July 15th 1N2D filming radio message mission.  So this is what went down per KBS radio DJ Yoo Young Suk…

1N2D radio broadcast message board mission.  During the first part of his program, DJ Yoo announced there would be a special event.  (Aw, he played Seunggi’s Will you Marry Me during the first part!)  Then during the second part, he said the 1N2D members would be participating from their individual remote filming locations!

He described the 1N2D members~ “Siberrian wild tiger Kang Hodong, Um Pose Um Taewoong, Nation’s Worker Lee Sugeun, New Husband Eun Choding Eun Jiwon, Uhlee-buhlee Kim Jongmin, and Heodang Prince Lee Seunggi.”  Loves this!!

The mission~ to post something about what happened that day on the program’s song request message board.  DJ Yoo would pick the most moving post and read it aloud at the end of the program and end with that person’s requested song.

And yay!~ our Seunggi ended up winning the mission with his sincere and touching words!  Jiwon even mentioned in his post earlier on~ “No choosing only Seunggi’s!”  Hahaha!  Jiwon’s always just one step ahead!

DJ Yoo said Seunggi’s writing was really great.  He read Seunggi’s message, thanked the 1N2D members, particularly Seunggi, and closed with his request song~ Verandah Project’s “Mountain Climbing.”

Would’ve loved to hear Seunggi read his own words but DJ Yoo did a great job of capturing the tone.  Really touching stuff…

Seunggi’s message

(Post #1010) up at Yoo Young Suk’s KBS radio program

Young Suk hyung! Hi this is Lee Seung Gi from Seoul.

Hi everyone, this is Seung Gi from 1 Night 2 Days. First of all, I enjoyed listening to “Will you Marry Me” during the first part of the program. I always sense this, but the song is really great… keke

We have a shoot for the show today. We started in Yeoido this morning, but when I opened my eyes a little later, we were somewhere in Jeju Island and now we are on a mountain top in Kangwon-do.

Something funny happened today. Kang Ho Dong, Lee Su Geun, and Kim Jong Min were grouped into a team and the three of them seemed inseparable and completely loyal to one another, but it seemed as though Hodong hyung and Jongmin hyung betrayed Sugeun hyung along the way. But later, I think Hodong hyung felt guilty about the whole situation. He kept telling us that on an entertainment program like ours, being completely honest and always playing by the rules is a dereliction of our duties as an entertainer. I thought about what he said, and I realized something.

Everything the hyungs do on the show, such as choosing to be the bad guy, being stubbornly insistent, or whatever else is them thinking about what’s best for the program itself, and what’s best for the younger guys like me. And the person who benefits the most from their sacrifices… is quite possibly myself.

I always try my hardest, but regardless of how good my best may or may not be, the hyungs are always so quick to encourage me. They say things like, “SeungGi, you’re the best. You work so hard.” And because of the encouragements I receive from them, I am able to receive more love and support that go beyond the results of my own efforts.”

They are the reason behind my success, because of everything they do on the show. It makes me think that the generous love I currently receive is perhaps due to these hyungs.

So through this radio broadcast, I would like to sincerely thank my hyungs who have been on the show with me for the past five years. I want to openly declare that I consider myself so lucky to have you guys in my life.

Perhaps sometime in the future, I will be able to one day share the love I received from all of you with other younger entertainers and colleagues to follow behind me. I want to be that beacon of light to others and offer them the same encouragement. I still have a long way to go before I become like my hyungs, but until that day, I ask for their continued love and support. Thank you.

P.S. Today all our members separated in order to share lovely parts of our country, so mountain climbing was unavoidable… Among all of us, even though he barely got any sleep because he [filmed a show] with me yesterday, Hodong hyung was the winner of the highest route. So my song request, so that he doesn’t lose courage and vigorously climbs the mountain, is one that I’ve always enjoyed listening to~ Verandah Project’s “Mountain Climbing.”

English: Allkpop; LSGfan (title, intro, ending excerpts, and translation edit)

I hope KBS reads all the messages. You can really tell a lot about a person by the WAY he writes and WHAT he chooses to write about. Like Seunggi’s post was sincere and beautiful (and a bit wordy per usual!) 

Jiwon, very comical with a touching shout-out to Sugeun.  Jongmin, typical sort of funny but not that funny!  Suguen, a sweet story about his grandmother.  Taewoong wrote a personal note to each of the members ending each with an I love you!

Sugeun’s message

This is Lee Sugeun here at Kyungbook Chungsong Joowang Mountain.

I used to really dislike white towels. The grimy white towel that my maternal grandmother used to always wear on her head.
Every time 8-year old Sugeun would eat, grandmother would always rip the kimchi with her hands and place the pieces atop my spoonful of rice.
She always wore the white towel on her head in order to wipe the kimchi liquid off the tips of her fingers. But for some reason, it just all seemed dirty and unlikeable back then. 8-year old Sugeun really disliked the white towel.

One month ago, my grandmother passed away.
Now I can no longer taste the kimchi from her hands nor see her with the kimchi liquid-stained white towel upon her head again. Unable to say thank you to her, not even once, Sugeun wants to say thank you to her now.

I have now become the head of a household, the father of two boys, Taejoon and Taeseo. I will work to live happily with a kind heart. I will never ever forget grandmother’s heart for me. I love you.
My song request is… “As Time Goes On” by Choi Ho Sup

Taewoong’s message

(Excerpt about Seunggi only)

Also to maknae dongseng Seunggi~~
Every time I see how sweet and deep-souled you are, so unlike your age, it completely surprises me and makes me self-reflect about myself~~
I’m so thankful a dongseng such as you has put a lot of care into a much older hyung~~
Hyung will work hard to become like a real hyung to you.
Seunggi-yah, thanks and I love you~~

And Nation’s MC Hodong wrote a super lovely, heartwarming and very self-reflecting message to the dongsengs. Awwww.

Hodong’s message

I am Kang Ho Dong from 1 Night 2 Days.
To my loving Taewoong, Sugeun, Jiwon, Jongmin, Seunggi-yah.

I hope you’ll generously understand a simple and an excuse-for-a-hyung that thinks constant loud shouting demonstrates charisma.

Just even thinking about today’s waterfall special, my heart feels heavy as I think a betraying hyung was not not necessarily created for the show but more like my real self.  I even feel sorry thinking that my dongsengs perhaps could have become greater broadcast persons if you had met a more awesome hyung.

However, the thoughts and loving heart I have for dongsengs, I don’t want to lose that to anyone.  Someone once said, if you draw on a paper it is a drawing, if you draw on the heart, it means longing.  So again tonight, as always, I will draw my dongsengs within my heart.

Astray and alone from Mount Sorak, Hodong requests this.
I would like to listen to this with everyone who has forgotten the evening.
Yeo Jin’s “Only Longing.”

The song requested by Seunggi is so perfect for their trip and so perfect for Hodong. I can only imagine how excited with glee Hodong was when he heard Seunggi’s dedication to him! The song has that sort of self-determination message going on (stuff Koreans love!) but can be really taken as a general song about the beauty and power of nature.  The song is beautiful but the lyrics make it even more awesome…

Mountain Climbing (English)

Artist: Verandah Project (Kim Dong Ryul, Lee Sang Soon)
Song: Mountain Climbing 산행(山行)

Ablum: Day Off (2010)
Management:  Music Farm

Whenever my mind feels complicated, I always seek you out
Silently climbing the steep path

I turn my head and gaze down
At the far-off small world I am living in

I close my two eyes, and stand still, listening carefully
The sounds of the wind sway my heart to sleep

This path that I walk
Tells me to now put down everything
“Welcome” It quietly beckons to me


The moist early morning
As I smell the scent of a fresh earth
I look to the sky, spread my two arms
And breathe it all in, filling my chest

All the countless and many questions I’ve inquired about
Although they will always echo back to me
You never know, so I call out my name again today

Over there, hidden by the clouds
Just as I set my final foot forward

Oh~ as my racing heart is about to burst
I call out my name again endlessly

My eyes at some point somewhere
You who have to go on with life again
I look to you

Oh~ I return back
having now buried and left behind all my lingering memories

Everything is fine
Returning to my world to go on with my life

English: LSGfan
(Korean lyrics from blog.naver.com/iamcari)

Some recent photos of the guys…  LOL at the dc1N2D fan image!

Been missing Kim C and MC Mong on 1N2D recently… and Sanggeunee the dog!  Taewoong seems like a really nice guy but I have yet to see him bring anything really new, different, or fun to the show.  I’m sure he knows it too since this has been pretty publicized, and probably feels bad about it.  Especially considering the CFs coming his way post-1N2D.  And honestly, I think bringing his dog out on the show doesn’t really help.  Like to me, it just reminds me that Kim C and Mong are no longer around, and neither is Sanggeunee.  Miss these episodes…

Awww!  Squealed when I saw this on Dramabeans!  Seriously… CAN.NOT.EVER.IMAGINE 1n2d without Seunggi!!!!!

(Images: dcLSG, dc1N2D, Dramabeans; English: LSGfan, AllKpop)

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16 Responses

  1. Wow, Ann! Thanks so much for this most beautiful post!
    Love your translations and envy you being a Korean speaker…
    I know you are super busy but I assure you this kind of effort is appreciated by more people than you can imagine!
    If ever there is a best blog entry award, I will nominate you and cast my vote every day diligently!!!
    Hope you are doing well in your study/work and please keep up with the good stuff like this…

  2. Agree! Lurker here. Thanks soooooo much for tranlsations and posts!

    And AnnMichelle, I’m a big fan of your comments. Love reading what you have to say!

    • Another vote from me for both of you! One great blogger and one great commentator (hope I use the right word – hehe!)

  3. thank you for this lovely post! I have read the part of seunggi’s letter through another blog, but it’s also nice to read a part of the other members letter. esp that of kang hodong.
    we can realy tell how close they are to each other, sad thing though that mc mong and kim c is not there with them now. I’ve been watching the past episodes of 1N2D and I’m missing these two. so saddened of what happened to mc mong.
    and I can’t imagine if seunggi would enter the military and leave 1N2D, that would be such a heart break for me and his many fans for sure.
    anyways thank you again for the lovely posts, keep it up!
    by the way I am following you on twitter, would love to get a follow back if you don’t mind (@cjgtorres) thanks! :)

  4. I can’t imagine 2Day1Night without Seung Gi oppa too… (Started watching shows like 2Day1Night & Strong Heart because of Seung Gi oppa… and honestly, I had been watching until now just for Seung Gi oppa…PS not that the show is not interesting but SUPER FANTASTIC with Seung Gi oppa!!!)
    But he would have to join the army sometimes… Seung Gi oppa FIGHTING!!!
    I would definitely wait for you!!! Love You!!! :)

  5. me too.. can’t imagine watching it without Seung-gi but sooner he might leave because of his military dutiesT_T.. that would be sad right..but for the moment, lets just all enjoy and indulge ourselves in watching him in the show^^

  6. Dear Ann, thank you so much for your dedication in translating korean into english.. thanks to you I could know a lot of information bout seunggi. Glad you are here.. Thank a lot, Ann.. Keep up the good work.. Saranghae.. and of coz saranghae, seunggi oppa…

  7. Ann unnie, thanks a LOT for the translations.
    Not only Seung Gi oppa’s but aso Ho Dongie ahjussi’s and Tae Woongie ahjussi’s messages also!! Daebak!!

    Seung Gi oppa’s writing is really interesting as usual.
    Felt really touched while I was reading it :)

    And the song he requested is really nice. Love it!
    And I’m sooo happy to have you translated it also <3
    Thank you so much.

    This post is really, super nice indeed! <3
    Thanks for posting. Good luck for you! Hwaiting!! :D

  8. Ann! Thanks for the translation. I’m so touched by Ho-dong’s message. I feel like his really sorry every time he has to do something bad to his dongsengs just to make this show interesting. That’s why I’ll always favor him over any other MC (well, except Seung-gi.) because he sacrifices his own image like that.

    1N2D FOREVER =)

  9. Aw, their messages really moved you girls! You know it’s bad when it’s only one day 1n2d didn’t air and I’m feeling sort of sad, like something’s missing! what am i going to do when Seunggi goes to military. boooohhooooooo.

    I really admire Hodong in that he has this sort of hardcore image but deep inside he’s such a softy. His aegyo on 1n2d’s been too cute and just seeing him work SO hard on all his shows (big Knee Cap guru fan!) makes me super admire him.

    And the way he treats Seunggi on 1n2d these days… I can’t put my finger on it, but it’s so natural, like how he he replies to him is so touching. like how a real hyung or dad or uncle would be. I think he may be more sad than all of us when Seunggi goes to military!

    Still loving this Verandah Project song. can’t wait for this ep to air! We miss you 1n2d!

    • He’ll really miss Seung-gi more than us, that’s for sure. Seung-gi in faraway Korea and it’ll hurt for me when that time comes, but Hodong’s been with him for so many years and I know it won’t be the same for him. And it’s two shows he must helm without Seung-gi for those two years. I just hope that Seung-gi will come back to 1N2D once he’s discharged. I mean, I know he ought to spread his wings and all that, but he’s like Kobe. Without him on the Lakers team, it’s just so wrong. I always pray that it’ll happen just like Su-geun says, that they’ll be able to do 1N2D until they’re too old to walk straight.

      • I know right? like 1n2d would go on and the show would evolve into missions and trips that the older ajusshi members can handle!

        Woah seunggi be so complimented that you compared him to Kobe! that’s high honor there! but sometimes i think Seunggi should also have the chance to do tv not always by Hodong’s side, only so they don’t get too dependent on each other. like how Kobe did it without Shaq… um, to continue the analogy! :)

        if he’s really going to do a drama and album this year, i think he’ll have to leave strong heart. maybe they’ll time it with when Boom comes back from military in September.

  10. Haha! I love how you continued my analogy. I know that feeling that he has to leave Hodong’s side and stand on his own. I know Ho-dong would like that, too. Like how a parent would feel proud of his son for being so independent. He’s Ho-dong’s protege in terms of entertainment skills, so I know he’ll feel so proud of Seung-gi. Though, please dear destiny, if separation is needed, please spare 1N2D. I’d cry for years if that happens! Haha! Strong Heart’s okay. I’m not as attached to it as I am with 1N2D. Hehe.

    • Hm funny thing~ I feel like Korean culture is to not have parents let you go! Ever! hahaha. def different from American way. Philippines? I feel like there’s always major co-dependency between parents and kids in korean fams and our parents like it that way! So actually I think Hodong would love to have Seunggi by his side forever.

      I think LSG leaving Strong heart is a given, esp since Hook didn’t come out against it like they did 1n2d in their press statement last year when he was rumored to be leaving both shows. so yeah, me too. i’ll take him on 1n2d over SH any day!

      • It’s the same here. Sometimes even when Filipinos have their own families they still stay with their parents. So I guess IF one thinks the American way, that’ll be how Ho-dong feels when Seung-gi goes out of the nest. Haha. On a side note, speaking of dependency, I suddenly remembered Su-geun saying on that Win Win episode with his wife, that he and the rest of the boys sleep more with each other than with their wives.

        You know, I didn’t expect Seung-gi to still be doing Strong Heart now. The way Hook answers any SH related questions makes me think it’s only a matter of time before he leaves that show. They always give this “he’ll be doing it until this month and so” answers. How hard must it be for Seung-gi when he does have to leave the show. But it’s unavoidable, I guess.

  11. this is the first time i listened to the song “mountain climbing” and just by listening to it without reading the translation, it gave me goosebumps. i felt kind of melancholy with thoughts of Hodong-ssi leaving the show. we were all talking about how he would feel if SeungGi-ya leaves for military, but now with the shocking news of KHD planning to leave, can’t help but wonder how SeungGi-ya and the rest of the group is feeling right now. this episode is just in time with the chaos going on.

    “Everything is fine
    Returning to my world to go on with my life”
    — surely, all is well, that ends well.

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