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Seunggi-Minjung Kolon Sport CF news on Strong Heart

*** UPDATED with ENG-subbed video ***

Kolon Sport recently blitzed the news with the 2011 F/W Collection fashion show and now they get free publicity via Strong Heart!  Hodong tries to drag Seunggi into the Lee Jihoon loves Lee Minjung story, but Seunggi knows better now.  Strong Heart cut (7.12.2011)~ 30-year old singer Lee JiHoon had just gushed about what a big fan he is of Lee Minjung’s. Like a serious, I’m in love with her fan! And Hodong of course was now making him send a video message to Minjung, but he first wants to know how Seunggi feels about Minjung…

(video: Rapport2010)

Lee Jihoon was so earnest and totally real about his love for Lee Minjung!  And he’s never even met her!  If you guys saw the entire episode, it’s like he knew everything about her!  And Seunggi so smart and sweet not to make him feel jealous with envy!  Later on, Seunggi even said he would pass Jihoon’s message to Minjung the next time he sees her!

Dear Kolon Sport~ you’re getting all this free publicity via Seunggi, so we better see some good photographed angles, outfits, and poses for Seunggi for this upcoming fall/winter print ads and CF!  And, yes, I still want to see him walking the Kolon Sport fashion show runway next time…!

2011 F/W Kolon Sport fashion show + Celeb guests

(video: KolonSport)

BTS @2011 F/W Kolon Sport fashion show, Void’s Park Chul (hair/makeup)

(video: voidbyparkchul)

Hope Seunggi get some non-work fun during his upcoming trip abroad for the new Kolon Sport CF!  It’s summer~ he deserves a vacation!

My 4 fave shots from recently surfaced high-quality studio photos (based on black floor tapes) of the 2011 Sring/Summer collection posted previously.  See all the photos at dcLSG post.  (Didn’t post them all since I’m not that into the other looks!)

Something about the Kolon Sport print ads are always just a little off for me.  Even for photogenic Minjung!  Come on Kolon Sport, let’s see better shots this fall!

(Images: dcLSG, Kolon Sport)

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11 Responses

  1. omg.. i heard that they will film in NZ ( like the country where I am now) this july 17-21. but sadly, NZ is such a big place..where in New Zealand will he be cuz I’m really in the mode of stalking him hahhaha

    • D~ so have you seen LSG yet? hahahahaha. I’m assuming they’re filming the CF in some faraway mountain top or big green field. Be on the lookout for him, k? :)

  2. I always love when you post about his clothing endorsement, but this time it’s combining with strong heart so I love it double <3<3

    And further more you post that picture! The one with spectacle! *nose blood alert* Kolon sport is my Seunggi's clothing endorsement Favorite's. Because I love the casual look^^ Tough I love the Hwannie's sharp suites like you love. Am really miss those style now,hope he'll be appeared with suit again

  3. quick question: what does “mak-jang” mean?

  4. Please correct me if I’m wrong
    @Nisa: Mak-jang refer to the melo-romantic drama, which usually of triangle love, affir etc. Common in Korean and usually becomes favorite of household woman.

    • That’s right. It’s usually those series with birth secrets and full of revenge revenge revenge! They usually have longer episode counts like Temptation of Wife.

      • ahhh, gotcha! thanks for the explanations guys! :)

      • R and T~ you guys are SO on top of your K-drama knowledge! SO IMPRESSIVE! Yeah, it’s totally usually over-the-top stuff but people seem to love it.

  5. kkk… just wondering if you read this already?


    Cannot wait for it! Tuesdays…. I love tuesdays! ^^

    • sorry…. do you mind removing my email address from my name please? I think I mixed them up when I typed them. -_-”

  6. woah, great timing! Just got back from dinner. haven’t seen the SH ep yet. but i’m loving it already! Can’t get enough of Seunggi-Teuk-Eunhyuk! Seunggi MUST enlist in army at the same time as the 2 guys! :)

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